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"Does this contain enough sodium chloride for your tastes?" "It could use another 0.6 milligrams." – Seven and Chakotay’s flirtatious dialogue.

"You’re beautiful when you’re chopping..." – Chakotay comes onto Seven as they chop a carrot together.
Doc Oho on Star Trek: Voyager, "Human Error"

As far as I know, George didn’t drool out yet another stream of praise about the love of his life at today’s premiere. I’m surprised he didn’t really go for it by singing Chicago’s “You’re The Inspiration” to her as dancers in cherub costumes twirled around them and threw heart-shaped glitter confetti at their heads. He’s probably saving that for the Hong Kong premiere.
Michael K., "The Greatest Love Story of Our Time Goes to Tokyo"

T-Boz: They would get on our nerves with that! It was always "Baby! Baby! Baby..."
Chill: (in a separate interview) "...Baby! Baby! Baby!" And he'd be like [deep voice] "Yeah baby. Baby! Baby!" His name was not Andre and her name was not Lisa, it was "Baby".
T-Boz and Chilli, two thirds of the girl group TLC on the band's VH-1 Behind The Music episode, discussing third member Left Eye's romance with football player Andre Rison.


Love Bunnies
Advantages: Bliss, intimacy, joy, satisfaction, fulfillment.
Drawbacks: Sickening, isn't it?
— "The 9 Types of Relationships", Life in Hell

Beryl: No, no, no! You two aren't allowed to get lost in your own little world!
Kohak: It's not just for us though. We're going to save everyone... right, Shing?
Shing: Yeah! ...Kohak?
Beryl: You're doing it right now! I told you to stop that!

That's so sweet I could hurl.

I think I'm gonna be sick from the sweetness overload.

Toph: "Sweetie?" Seriously?
Sokka: I know, right? Sooo oogie.

Leela: You have got to be kidding!
Leela: ... I mean, ahh, that's so sweet!
Leela: ... I mean, awwww! dat's sho shweet!
Futurama, "Love and Rocket"

"You two need to hide your love, or else you'll end up making the whole world throw up!"
Finn, Adventure Time

''Can I be blind too?"
Xander Harris, Buffy the Vampire Slayer

''Stop that right now! I can hear the smacking."
Giles (hearing Spike and Buffy kissing), Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Ash: She never drinks, isn't that right Chloe?
Chloe: It's true. And nothing could give me more of a high that being with Ash...
Freddie: Have you tried cocaine?

Therkla's Father: Come here, my snuggly green cutie-pie!
Therkla's Mother: *giggle* me so in love!
Chief Grukgruk: chief grukgruk frankly not want dwell on that very much.
Therkla: Try growing up with it.

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