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Quotes / Overshadowed by Controversy

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So let us start with a game everyone loves: Super Monaco GP. I have actually never played or even heard of this game. All I know is that it is a racing game and that it has a controversy surrounding it.

... Only Konami, only Konami could have arguably the biggest release of the year, certainly among the hardcore crowd, and still manage to make the conversation be about how fucking shit they are. The talk of the Hideo Kojima fallout. The fucking microtransactions. The review boot camps, and now this. What is wrong with you, you bunch of incompetent fucking boobs?
Jim Sterling, Review Events And Boot Campsnote 

Social media is a great way to market and certainly not a massive time sink. Authors should always share their controversial political views on their marketing social media profiles, as well as become embroiled into constant arguments over trivial personal affairs. That won't alienate large potential audiences! (Shows title card of Environmentalism episode) After all, important opinions on things unrelated to the author's artistic work and field of expertise must be heard! (Caption pops up saying "Just like the jerk who made this video"!)

... when you start responding to negative reviews, the trolls always follow. Once you show everyone you have thin-skin, it makes you a target and people love drama. Regardless of how well written your story is, people will always care more about author drama than whatever drama they have written about. Just look at all of the tabloids.

The whole internet loves Milkshake Duck, a lovely duck that drinks milkshakes! *5 seconds later* We regret to inform you the duck is racist

Also, if you were looking for a non-controversial holiday, why the hell would your go to example be Columbus Day!?

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