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Don't you know
It's getting kinda strange
Mars needs woman
Can that be arranged?
Novastar, Mars Needs Woman

Colonel: Well? When did you decipher?
Technician: At exactly 0400.
Colonel: Let's have it!
Technician: It's...just three words.
Colonel: I didn't ask for a word count. Give me the message.
Technician: You won't believe it. We've checked and double-checked. It keeps coming up the same thing. Colonel, the message is: Mars. Needs. Women.
Mars Needs Women (1967)

"Everyone wants to get into Thumbelina's tiny cotton panties. Frogs, beatles, fleas, lican, the Dark Lord Zenu, dark matter... everyone. And she's a pretty passive player in all of this."

"You do realise the core mission of X-COM is to keep you damn aliens off our fine Earth Women?"
Commander Russell Sharp, XSGCOM

Alien influence has been blamed for the mysterious pregnancy of every woman in the town of Midwich, England. When asked why extraterrestrials might be involved, a spokesman for Torchwood replied: "Every case we investigate involves aliens shagging — why should this be any different?"
Plan 7 of 9 from Outer Space

"If your planet desperately needs women, chances are you can get them without invasion by simply offering job and pay equity."

"This planet is now property of the Sontaran Empire! Surrender your women and intellectuals!"
Strax, Doctor Who, "The Name of the Doctor"


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