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     1992 Disney animated series 
Marsupilami: You almost cost me my nighthood, Bucky. Lucky those alarms aren't too touchy.
— From Royal Foil

Marsupilami: MAURICE!!! Snap out out of it! Say something! Speak to me! (Mind struck his head) Oh, He can't talk! Um, How about a burp? (Maurice squats Marsupilami, Marsupilami uses his tail as a crank to push Maurice back up) MOVE IT, MAURICE!
— From Normzan of the Jungle

Marsupilami: (As they see a toucan get hatched from the egg) Look, Maurice. It's a baby!
Baby Toucan: Mama! Mama! Mama!
Marsupilami: I am not your mother, I am Marsupilami.
— From Toucan Always Get What You Want

     2002 Marathon animated series 



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