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"Anyone got raped and speaks English?!"
Apparently a true story about a British reporter asking this a group of Belgian tourists after they were taken hostage by rebels in Africa.

Charlie Brooker: "Anyway, I guess what I'm saying is, there's generally more good than bad in the world. Unless you're watching the news, which likes to Accentuate the Negative at every turn."

Dr. Park Dietz, forensic psychiatrist: "We've had twenty years of mass murderers, throughout which I have repeatedly told CNN and our other media, if you don't want to propagate more mass murders, don't start the story with sirens blaring.note  Don't have photographs of the killer.note  Don't make this 24/7 coverage.note  Do everything you can not to make the body count the lead story,note  not to make the killer some kind of Anti-Hero.note  Do localize this story to the affected community, and make it as boring as possible in every other market. Because every time we have intense saturation coverage of a mass murder, we expect to see one or two more within a week.
Charlie Brooker: In summary, then, not only does bad news always trump good news, but that bad news might itself actually help create more bad news. Which is good news, if you're the news.

"Officials say there are still no reported casualties, which is truly unfortunate, as it makes for incredibly boring news."
Richard Burns, WCTR

"Suicides, assassinations, mad bombers, Mafia hitmen, murder in the barbershop, human sacrifices in witches' covens, automobile smashups. The Death Hour! A great Sunday night show for the whole family."
Max, Network

You know I watched that rotten box until my head begin to hurt
From checkin' out the way the newsman say they get the dirt
Before the guys on channel so-and-so and further they assert
That any show they'll interrupt! To bring you news if it comes up!
They say that if the place blows up they will be the first to tell
Because the boys they got downtown are workin' hard and doin' swell
And if anybody gets the news before it hits the street
They say that no one blabs it faster, their coverage can't be beat
And if another woman driver gets machine-gunned from her seat
They'll send some joker with a brownie and you'll see it all complete
Frank Zappa, "Trouble Every Day"

"I don't really watch the news any more. I just have two old men sitting at the end of my room, staring at each other. On the hour, every hour, one of them shouts at the other one 'Terrorist!' And the other one shouts 'Paedophile!' And then a woman walks between them and says 'Rain expected.'"
Dylan Moran, Off The Hook

"Seems the more people you kill, the more you're in the limelight."
— American mass murderer Christopher Harper-Mercer

"It suddenly hit me. That's what people want to see. That's what I'll give them, blood and gore."
Generoso Pope, Jr., creator of the National Enquirer tabloid, describing his reaction to a gruesome traffic accident

The more wonderful the means of communications, the more trivial, tawdry, or depressing its contents seemed to be. Accidents, crimes, natural and man-made disasters, threats of conflict, gloomy editorials - these still seemed to be the main concern of the million of words being sprayed into the ether. Yet Floyd also wondered if this was altogether a bad thing: the newspapers of Utopia, he had long ago decided, would be terribly dull.

"It's a shame that this is one of the only things I've seen mainstream media pick up in terms of Roblox, at least for a lot of cases, is when there's been stuff like this that's been going on despite the fact that the Roblox platform has had awesome, amazing things that has came from it. And hey, negativity gets click, that's why you're watching this video."

"There's no news.... like bad news."
Elliot Carver, Tomorrow Never Dies

"The best and clearest way that I can phrase it for you, to capture the spirit of what we air, is think of our news cast as a screaming woman running down the street with her throat cut."
Nina Romina, Nightcrawler


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