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Welcome to EFAP

Every Frame A Pause, otherwise known as "EFAP", is a podcast hosted by MauLer, Rags, and Fringy (formerly co-hosted by The Dishonored Wolf). The main purpose of EFAP is media discussion and analysis, whether that be discussing movies, reacting to video essays, discussing movies while reacting to video essays, and more. It is primarily known for the length of its episodes, with episodes frequently reaching 11-12 hours long.

To watch the podcast, go here. For the website dedicated to the podcast, go here.

Tropes present in the podcast.

  • Beat: Discussed in regards to The Nostalgia Critic. MauLer and Fringy note that Critic has a tendency to leave a pause after making a joke to let it sink in, which they argue only makes the comedic timing awkward.
  • The Bus Came Back: Logicked, who hadn't been on EFAP since #18, returns in EFAP #100-2
  • Color-Coded for Your Convenience: The color scheme of the stream background changes depending on the type of stream; normal EFAP is Red, EFAP minis are green, EFAP movies are blue, and EFAP gaming is orange.
  • Crossover: Episodes of EFAP have featured various other guests from different channels, such as Fringy, E;R, and Shadiversity.
  • Death of the Author:invoked Discussed in episode 127; "Why YOU are wrong about Batman V Superman". When debating the film, and Man of Steel with youtuber Twin Perfect, they discuss how the director/author's intent behind a film or scene ultimately is irrelevant when looking at the final product. If a film shows a character doing something, only for the author to say otherwise outside of the film, it shouldn't matter what Word of Godinvoked says, because it creates massive issues with the story, and brings up a lot of Fridge Logic or writing problems to just handwave it away like that.
    Fringy: The point that were making is this whole idea of Death of the Authorinvoked is lets say that, in a hypothetical situation that if the writer says something that's just like, absurd, it's ridiculous and shouldn't even be considered at all because it's totally incongruous with what is actually like in the media.
  • Freudian Trio: Of the original hosts, MauLer is the Superego, Rags is the Ego, and DishonoredWolf is the Id. Of the current hosts, MauLer is still the Superego, but with Fringy as the Ego and Rags as the Id.
  • Here We Go Again!: Upon seeing TheNostalgiaCritic's outfit, Fringy and Rags get into a debate about the fashionability of wearing a blazer with a t-shirt, much to Metal's chagrin as Rags had gotten into similar debates several times before.
  • Holiday Mode: EFAP has specialized stream backgrounds for when they stream during Halloween and Christmas.
  • Massive Multiplayer Crossover: EFAP #50 features nearly every guest from past EFAP episodes, from regulars like Fringy and Jay Exci, to other less frequent guests like JLongbone and E;R.
  • The Nicknamer: They have given nicknames to many different people, both mockingly and affectionately.
    • Writer Barb Goffman was given the nickname “Bob” after a mishearing of her first name in their rebuttal to Pillar of Garbage’s response to The Critical Drinker's Glass Onion review.
  • Overly-Long Gag: The EFAP viewing of Donal T. Delay's videos deliberately slow them down as much as possible for comedic effect due to his already slow voice.
  • Political Correctness Is Evil: Varies depending on who's hosting (most exensuated whenever The Critical Drinker is a guest), but a general running theme is that modern Hollywood, especially Disney, has abandoned a majority of their originality in favor of simply pandering to liberal talking points without actually putting any thought or care into their representation. Rather than having a gay character factor in as a major player, for example, they're relegated to only having a passing line or kiss thrown in that can be easily edited out for foreign releases in less progressive countries.
  • Running Gag: After the EFAP Mini reaction to the 4th episode of the CW's Batwoman, each Mini's stinger ends with Jacob Kane slamming his laptop and demanding, "What'ya bring me?!"
  • Salvaged Story: Discussed with Harley Quinn in The Suicide Squad. The crew wasn't impressed with her character since she lacks a throughline after three films, and no writer seems to know what do with her after separating her from The Joker. They passionately push back against the sentiment in chat that it's impossible to tell a story about Harley without the Joker, making it very clear that the possibilities for a good Harley story are near limitless and Margot Robbie is already great in the role. They argue it's far more constructive to come up with story ideas that would flesh Harley out and give her chemistry with the rest of the Squad than to give up and accept the character as she is.
  • Self-Deprecation: The title of their podcast "EFAP" (Every Frame A Pause) is a jab at themselves for how they often take hours responding to a video that’s just ten minutes long, frequently pausing the video so they can respond to and discuss what was said in the video. Infamously, a "response" video to Jenny Nicholson's half hour video about "Joker" was almost 12 hours long, and most of that was random tangents unrelated to her video. And the circlejerk connotations of the title's abbreviation go without saying.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot:invoked A common point in their coverage of the DC Extended Universe is how much wasted story potential each film had with regards to the setting and characters. In particular, they cite Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice as being especially bad at this, because they present many interesting plotlines and angles to take the setting, and yet just flat out don't, such as having a Batman who becoming just like the man who killed his parents, or having Clark question his people and their history after having an ideal view of them shattered in the film.
  • Unbuilt Trope: It's commonly known among the community that it's a Running Gag to include a "Hi Rags" in a superchat. Less commonly known is that the very first "Hi Rags" was a superchat from a very drunk Rags to himself.
  • Unintentionally Unsympathetic:invoked
    • MauLer, along with Rags, Fringy, and MetalCommander, generally finds Kate Kane of the CW's Batwoman contemptible because she continually lets Alice go because she's her sister, Beth, in spite of Alice's growing list of crimes, including multiple murders and the attempted murder of their father, Jacob Kane. Only after Alice poisons both her stepmother Catherine and stepsister Mary, with Catherine dying after giving Mary the antidote, and frames Jacob for Catherine's death does Kate finally realize that Alice has become an irredeemable monster who must be stopped, but any sympathy they might have had for Kate and her plight is long gone by now.
    • All of them find Jonathan Kent from Man of Steel to be this. The film presents him as a more "realistic" mentor to Clark by having him be more honest about not being sure what to do, in an attempt to help Clark find his own way. All of them find this, and his death, to be not deserved because of how bad his advice is, since he basically suggested Clark should have let a bunch of kids die to hide his powers, and argue that his death failed to make him a sympathetic character.
  • Worthy Opponent: Jim Sterling of the Jimquisition. Rags and MauLer feel that, much like H.Bomberguy, Jim's refusal to honestly engage with viewpoints they disagree with, along with what Rags and MauLer view to be underlying contempt towards gamers (who are Jim's primary audience) that permeates certain videos, can make them rather difficult to watch sometimes. That said, they've both admitted that they respect Jim for their commitment to fighting the games industry’s many shady business practices (such as loot boxes and workplace crunch).


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