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Nightmare Fuel / Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links

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  • Unlike most dueling themes, which tend to be upbeat, the Rare Hunters' theme is low-key and creepy, starting on a Scare Chord and continuing with ambient noises and an Ominous Music Box Tune.
  • Yami Bakura's Destiny Board event turned the sky into Dark Sanctuary, covering it in red clouds full of eyes and teeth.
  • Should Syrus challenge Zane, Zane makes it plenty clear that in his broken state of mind, Zane's going to maim his little brother in a duel. The Cyberdark Impact event on July 23 introduced electrodes. Three reductions to your LP and you automatically lose the duel because the pain of the collars knocks out your character.
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  • Yubel's event replaced the music with a low, melancholy string and piano piece, and the sky turns purple, complete with a Giant Eye of Doom looming over the skyline. Duel Ghouls of standards duelists appear, with distorted smiles and deck names depicting their Horror Hunger.
  • The English dub of Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dark Side of Dimensions downplayed the sexual harassment element of Scud/Kudaragi filming his bullying of Aigami by omitting his comments calling him cute. The English version of Duel Links dives right back into that territory with Tag Duel Tournament X, where Scud’s reluctant partner is the NPC Nick (who is a child), and not only is Nick clearly uncomfortable with who he has to team up with, the name of their Deck pair is "NSFW: The Most Terrifying Stream Ever.”
  • Everything regarding the Supreme King's arrival into the world of Duel Links. It's clear the events of Season 3 are still a major Trauma Button for a lot of the GX cast, and now they get to relive that nightmare all over again. Several characters who didn't get to witness just how terrifying Jaden was during his absolute lowest point now do, and they're both shocked and saddened upon seeing that side of him.
    • His dialogue is even more malicious and imposing than before thanks to Vocal Evolution, particularly in the Japanese audio track. KENN is clearly channeling Phinks and roars at the top of his lungs whenever the Supreme King activates a skill or uses Super Polymerization, as if he were a frenzied Blood Knight on a killing spree.
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  • Varis/Revolver's arrival into Duel Links presents him as just as serious a threat as he was in Season 1, with all the experiences he's gained from the later seasons of VRAINS. He makes it very clear that he still believes the Ignis are a threat, and fully intends to kill them all, declaring no one will stand in his way.