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Ace Monsters

    Duel Monsters 
Yami Yugi: My ever-faithful companion, Dark Magician!
Yami Yugi: I summon an Egyptian God! I call forth Slifer the Sky Dragon!
Yami Yugi: I call forth, Obelisk the Tormentor!
Yami Yugi: I call forth the Winged Dragon of Ra!
Yami Yugi: The forces of light and darkness intertwine! I open the gates of chaos! Bring forth Black Luster Soldier!
Yami Yugi: The great Dark Magician has a disciple who can more than hold her own! Say hello to Dark Magician Girl!
Yami Yugi: In the name of the Pharaoh, the three Egyptian Gods become one! Holactie, the Creator of Light! Darkness begone!

Seto Kaiba: Not a single card can stand up to this! I call on Blue-Eyes White Dragon!
Seto Kaiba: Witness the incredible creature of unsurpassed power! Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon!
Seto Kaiba: Here's Vampire Lord!
Seto Kaiba: Prepare to cower before my Egyptian God! An almighty creature that knows no equal! Show yourself, Obelisk the Tormentor!

Joey Wheeler: Red-Eyes Black Dragon! This pal o' mine's a super rare monster!
Joey Wheeler: Wait till you see this! Jinzo!
Joey Wheeler: Mako trusted me to use dis card right, so I'm gonna! The Legendary Fisherman!

Mai Valentine: Witness the trio of terror! Harpie Lady Sisters!
Mai Valentine: Allow me to introduce the ever-faithful servant of Harpie Lady! Harpie's Pet Dragon!

Tea Gardner: Join me, Dark Magician Girl!

Yugi Muto: Here's Gandora the Dragon of Destruction!
Yugi Muto: I Summon Silent Magician!
Yugi Muto: I Summon Silent Swordsman!
Yugi Muto: Come, my all-powerful Buster Blader!
Yugi Muto: I Special Summon Valkyrion the Magna Warrior!
Yugi Muto: I summon Dark Magician!

Weevil Underwood: Heeheehee... Here comes the ruler of the entire insect kingdom! I summon Insect Queen!

Rex Raptor: You've never seen a rare card like this before! Red-Eyes Black Dragon!

Mako Tsunami: This card is near and dear to my heart. I summon The Legendary Fisherman!
Mako Tsunami: I Summon the most powerful monster in the seven seas! Fortress Whale!

Yami Marik: Behold my great beast! Rise from the ashes as an immortal phoenix! The Winged Dragon of Ra!
Yami Marik: By tributing two monsters on your side of the field, I'm gifting you this powerful monster! Lava Golem!

Yami Bakura: I summon the one who will cause your demise... Dark Necrofear!
Yami Bakura: Dark Master Zorc's resurrection is at hand! Aaahahahahaha!
Yami Bakura: The fiend from the village of Kul Elna is here! Tragoedia!
Yami Bakura: Join me, Diabound Kernel!
Yami Bakura: The conqueror of the afterlife, Curse Necrofear!

Bandit Keith: You won't be able to survive this kind of firepower! Here comes Barrel Dragon!

Ishizu Ishtar: I caught you! I activate my Trap Card, Blast Held by a Tribute! The Tribute Summoned monster is destroyed the instant it attacks!

Odion: There's no escaping from its rage! I activate my Trap, Embodiment of Apophis!

Maximillion Pegasus: Here's my monster that's quite the looker! Relinquished!

Mokuba Kaiba: Not anyone can wield my big bro's best card! Blue-Eyes White Dragon!

Para: Sanga of the Thunder, let's take 'em under!
Dox: I summon Kazejin, God of Wind!
Dox: Here comes Suijin! The Water God!

Dox: Elements of thunder, water, and wind! Sanga, Suijin, Kazejin begin!
Para: Meld your powers in eternal light! Show these fools your unstoppable might!
Paradox Brothers: Gate Guardian!

Arkana: Hahahaha! Here comes the greatest magician of all!

Bonz: Mwahaha! Here comes the king of all my ghosts! Pumpking the King of Ghosts!

Espa Roba: I summon the mighty Jinzo! And Jinzo is gifted with incredible scanning abilities! Trap Search!

Lumis: The end is near! I Special Summon Masked Beast Des Gardius!
Umbra: Behold the almighty power of the Masked Beast!

Duke Devlin: This is D.D.M.'s strongest monster! I dimension the dice! Emerge, Orgoth the Relentless!

    Dark Side of Dimensions 
Seto Kaiba: Join me! Blue-Eyes White Dragon!
Seto Kaiba: Destroy the darkness! Blue-Eyes White Dragon!
Seto Kaiba: The light from my dragon erases the shadows! Let's go, Blue-Eyes!
Seto Kaiba: I merge my three Blue-Eyes together! Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon!
Seto Kaiba: It's no monster... It's a god! Obelisk the Tormentor!
Seto Kaiba: This dragon will make you feel the fury of my other dragons! Deep-Eyes White Dragon!
Seto Kaiba: Watch as the relentless arrives, seeking vengeance! Deep-Eyes White Dragon!
Seto Kaiba: There's no preparing for this! I Fusion Summon! Behold Neo Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon!
Seto Kaiba: The souls of my Dragons guide a new one to me! Come on out! Blue-Eyes Alternative White Dragon!

Mokuba Kaiba: Here comes the mightiest dragon! Blue-Eyes White Dragon!
Mokuba Kaiba: Help me like you help my big bro! Blue-Eyes White Dragon!
Mokuba Kaiba: Three of my strongest dragons fuse together! Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon!

Yugi Muto: Bear witness to my ardent ally, Dark Magician!
Yugi Muto: Join the Duel, Dark Magician Girl!
Yugi Muto: I'll use this monster to defeat your deck! Join me, Gandora the Dragon of Destruction!
Yugi Muto: Break free from your iron prison! Gandora-X the Dragon of Demolition!
Yugi Muto: That's right! Silent Magician is now Level 8!
Yugi Muto: Descend! Magician of Chaos!

Prana/Sera: Duza the Meteoric Cubic Vessel!

Joey Wheeler: Let's go, Red-Eyes B. Dragon!
Joey Wheeler: We're gonna fight together 'til we're champions! Red-Eyes B. Dragon!
Joey Wheeler: Espa Roba gave me dis card! Heeeere's Jinzo!
Joey Wheeler: Mako trusted me to use dis card right, so I'm gonna! The Legendary Fisherman!

Tea Gardner: I can always count on you, Dark Magician Girl!
Tea Gardner: I can sure use your help, Dark Magician Girl!

Aigami: Emerge, Buster Gundil the Cubic Behemoth!
Aigami: Witness a form that is grander than a mere king! Behold, Indiora Doom Volt the Cubic Emperor!

Bakura: I Special Summon Dark Necrofear!
Bakura: I Special Summon Curse Necrofear!


Jaden Yuki: Neo Space has a new hero! And his name is Elemental HERO Neos!
Jaden Yuki: Here comes the hero to both you and me! Elemental HERO Flame Wingman!

Zane Truesdale: Heh heh heh... It's over for you! Come, Cyber End Dragon!
Zane Truesdale: Welcome, Cyberdark Dragon!
Zane Truesdale: Meet the last monster you'll ever see! Chimeratech Overdragon!

Aster Phoenix: I'll end your destiny with the life force of all things! The unstoppable Destiny HERO - Plasma!
Aster Phoenix: I release my Destiny HERO from his prison! Come on out, Destiny HERO - Dreadmaster!
Aster Phoenix: My destiny still keeps going! Come here! Destiny End Dragoon!

Jesse Anderson: When I gather all seven Crystal Beasts, the greatest light in history resurrects! Meet the all-powerful Rainbow Dragon!

Chazz Princeton: Join me in welcoming Armed Dragon LV7!
Chazz Princeton: Go Ojamas! Fuse and form Ojama King!
Chazz Princeton: Behold! VWXYZ-Dragon Catapult Cannon!

Alexis Rhodes: A true star never avoids the spotlight! Cyber Blader, wow the crowd!
Alexis Rhodes: Here's Cyber Angel Dakini!
Alexis Rhodes: Light up the world with your eternal power! Here's Cyber Angel Vrash!

Dr. Vellian Crowler: Step forward, Ancient Gear Golem!
Dr. Vellian Crowler: Come on out, Ancient Gear Golem - Ultimate Pound!
Dr. Vellian Crowler: I never expected to use THIS monster against a student. Feel the wrath of Ultimate Ancient Gear Golem!

Yubel: Hahaha... I'll show you who I am, the true me! Yubel!
Yubel: Yubel - Terror Incarnate!
Yubel: When Yubel - Terror Incarnate leaves this dimension, a stronger form descends. Yubel - The Ultimate Nightmare is upon you! In my ultimate form I cannot be destroyed by battle!
Yubel: Rise up, Uria, Lord of Searing Flames!
Yubel: Rise up, Hamon, Lord of Striking Thunder!
Yubel: Rise up, Raviel, Lord of Phantasms!
Yubel: Hahaha... Rise up, Armityle the Chaos Phantom!

Bastion Misawa: The waters often appear serene, but sudden riptides swallow the earth whole! Come forth, Water Dragon!

Syrus Truesdale: Super Vehicroid Jumbo Drill is digging this way!

Tyranno Hassleberry: Ultimate Tyranno! Join the front lines!

Sartorius Kumar: Hahahaha! With this card, your existence is over! The final major arcana! Arcana Force XXI - The World!
Sartorius Kumar: I shall call forth the great conqueror to end your destiny! I tribute these three pillars of light! Behold! Arcana Force EX - The Light Ruler!
Sartorius Kumar: Witness the power that rules over fate! Arcana Force EX - The Dark Ruler!

Jaden/Yubel: Here comes my favorite HERO of all time! Elemental HERO Flame Wingman!
Jaden/Yubel: Let's go! Elemental HERO Neos!
Jaden/Yubel: We went through a lot, so that we could stand here together. Let's go! Yubel!
Jaden/Yubel: Ultimate Contact Fusion! Elemental HERO Divine Neos arrives on the scene!

Blair Flannigan: Get ready to fall head over heels! Because here's Maiden in Love!

Axel Brodie: Witness the full power of my Volcanic Burn Deck! Go! Volcanic Doomfire!

Supreme King Jaden: Witness darkness itself! Evil HERO Malicious Fiend!
Supreme King Jaden: Show yourself! Evil HERO Dark Gaia!

Jim "Crocodile" Cook: I bring out Fossil Warrior Skull King!
Jim "Crocodile" Cook: Rise from the magma! Gaia Plate the Earth Giant!
Jim "Crocodile" Cook: Here's the one and only Fossil Dragon Skullgios!
Jim "Crocodile" Cook: This beaut's got plenty a' drive! Fossil Machine Skull Convoy!

Yusei Fudo: The hopes of the world coalesce into a single star! Let's rev it up! Synchro Summon! Take flight, Stardust Dragon!
Yusei Fudo: Even the tiniest scrap has value! And this monster will prove it! Synchro Summon! Appear, Junk Warrior!
Yusei Fudo: Fill this world with the tracks of shooting stars! Accel Synchro! Stardust Chronicle Spark Dragon!
Yusei Fudo: Let's rev it up! Spread your wings and soar to new heights! Be transformed by the winds of destiny! Accel Synchro! Appear, Shooting Star Dragon!
Yusei Fudo: Steike with the fist that crushes the strongest steel! Accel Synchro! Appear! Stardust Warrior!

Jack Atlas: Witness why I am known as the true King! Synchro Summon! My soul, Red Dragon Archfiend!
Jack Atlas: The star of doom comes to judge all living things! Synchro Summon! Descend! Dark Highlander!
Jack Atlas: My crimson dragon shines upon the infernal path! Synchro Summon! Fly, Red Rising Dragon!
Jack Atlas: Scorch the earth and stand at the apex of creation! Synchro Summon! Hot Red Dragon Archfiend!
Jack Atlas: Mountains will crumble as the land is engulfed in flames! Synchro Summon! Hot Red Dragon Archfiend Bane!
Jack Atlas: Behold as the stars high above in the sky... And the fire deep down below in the earth... Collide in a cosmic explosion to Synchro Summon! Rise! Red Nova Dragon!

Crow Hogan: Prepare for some shock and awe! Synchro Summon! Soar to power, Black-Winged Dragon!
Crow Hogan: I'm hatching a whole new bird of prey! Synchro Summon! Blackwing Armor Master!

Akiza Izinski: A cold flame envelops the world! Black flower, bloom! Synchro Summon! Come forth, Black Rose Dragon!

Leo: Machine and might combine to bring peace to the world! Synchro Summon! The monster with some major motor, Power Tool Dragon!
Leo: Courage and power lead to a revolution for peace! Synchro Summon! Evolve! Life Stream Dragon!

Luna: The magic that lives in each creature, merge and become one! Synchro Summon! The mighty, the majestic, Ancient Fairy Dragon!

Tetsu Trudge: I'll arrest you with this! Synchro Summon! Join the ranks, Goyo Guardian!

Dark Signer Kalin Kessler: Descend upon this world! Earthbound Immortal Ccapac Apu!
Dark Signer Kalin Kessler: When the shadows are devoured by even darker shadows... A world without light is revealed! Dark Synchro! The Shadows of the Netherworld! Hundred-Eyes Dragon!

Dark Signer Carly Carmine: After 5000 years, the door to the Netherworld opens again! Earthbound Immortal Aslla piscu arrives to feed on you!
Dark Signer Carly Carmine: Dark Synchro! Fortune Lady Every! Join the fight!

Dark Signer Rex Goodwin: The Mightiest Earthbound Immortal will rain down destruction! Rise, Wiraqocha Rasca!
Dark Signer Rex Goodwin: Souls are a small sacrifice to ensure its arrival! Earthbound Immortal Aslla piscu!
Dark Signer Rex Goodwin: Every sacrifice brings a new dawn! Earthbound Immortal Ccapac Apu!
Dark Signer Rex Goodwin: As the Sun Rises, it erases all the darkness! I Synchro Summon! Emerge, Sun Dragon Inti!
Dark Signer Rex Goodwin: As the Moon Rises, it's whispers invite you to the end! I Dark Synchro! Come Forth, Moon Dragon Quilla!
Dark Signer Rex Goodwin: Fate and destiny are no longer a mystery! When millennia of knowledge comes to light! I Synchro Summon! Ascension Sky Dragon!
Dark Signer Rex Goodwin: The beginning and the end are both under it's control! Watch as chaos materializes into it's true form! Phantasmal Lord Ultimitl Bishbaalkin!

Kalin Kessler: The sinister spirits that inhabit these creatures combine! I Synchro Summon! I call forth Infernity Doom Dragon!
Kalin Kessler: Let the spear shatter the frozen wastes! I Synchro Summon! Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier!

Carly Carmine: As Jack roars, feel the crushing blow of victory! Synchrooooo Summon! ...Yay! I got to say it! Spread your wings! Exploder Dragonwing!

Antinomy: Clear Mind! Remove level 10 limiter! Main booster controls are a go! Step out of the shadows and into the light! Accel Synchro! Go, T.G. Blade Blaster!
Antinomy: Top Clear Mind! Remove max limiter! Open regulators! All systems are go! Infinite power will create a new future! Go! Delta Accel! C'mon T.G. Halberd Cannon!

Primo: Combine into one! Meklord Emperor Wisel!
Primo: Do you feel a dark shadow of doom closing around you? It's the shadow cast by my Meklord Emperor Wisel!

Aporia: Anguish, hopelessness, and pain give rise to a new power! The embodiment of despair, Meklord Astro Mekanikle!

Paradox: Witness how the darkness pools together to create pure evil! Synchro Summon! Malefic Paradox Dragon!
Paradox: Clear the way for the all mighty! Malefic Truth Dragon!

Yuma Tsukumo: Rise on up, Number 39: Utopia!
Yuma Tsukumo: Chaos Xyz Evolution! The protector who changes chaos into light! Number C39: Utopia Ray!
Yuma Tsukumo: The most noble of knights is clad in light! Heroic Champion-Excalibur!
ZEXAL: The cloth clad in fighting spirit. The thundering roar shakes the earth. Surging thunderclaps crush even gods! Beast-Equipped Union - Lio Hope Ray!

Bronk Stone: Appear, Tin Archduke!

Tori Meadows: Here's Fairy Cheer Girl!

Reginald Kastle: Be born, Number 17: Leviathan Dragon!
Reginald Kastle: This denizen of the deep is thirsting for a feeding frenzy! Here's Number 32: Shark Drake!
Reginald Kastle: Chaos Xyz Evolution! Swimming through the abyss is Number C32! Shark Drake Veiss!
Reginald Kastle: Let your roar create tidal waves in every ocean! I Xyz Summon! Bahamut Shark!
Reginald Kastle: The land and the sea merge into a new life form! I Xyz Summon! Number 37: Hope-Woven Dragon Spider Shark!
Reginald Kastle: Full-Armored Xyz! Dress for battle! Full-Armored Black Ray Lancer!

Kite Tenjo: From the darkness of the universe comes a ray of hope! The true embodiment of the light! Say hello to Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon!
Kite Tenjo: The universe coalesces into the light of chaos! Emerge before me! Neo Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon!
Kite Tenjo: The galaxy thirsts for revenge! I Xyz summon! Rank 8 Galaxy-Eyes Cipher Dragon!
Kite Tenjo: The radiance of the solar system guides me to a new world! Armored Xyz Summon! The new embodiment of pure light! Galaxy-Eyes Full Armor Photon Dragon!
Kite Tenjo: Rank Up Xyz Evolution! Come on out, Rank 9 Galaxy-Eyes Cipher Blade Dragon!

Trey: Reveal yourself! Number 6: Chronomaly Atlandis!

Quattro: Appear, Number 15! Raise the curtain of darkness! Gimmick Puppet Giant Grinder!

Anna Kaboom: Make way for the train that’ll derail your chance to win! Chug on in! Superdreadnought Rail Cannon Gustav Max!
Anna Kaboom: Let's go! Superdreadnought Rail Cannon Juggernaut Liebe!

Rio Kastle: Descend from the sky! Ice Beast Zerofyne!
Rio Kastle: Full Armored Xyz! Clad in black armor! Full Armored Crystalzero Lancer!

Yuya Sakaki: Turn up the heat! Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon!
Yuya Sakaki: Look to the skies and feast your eyes! Beast-Eyes Pendulum Dragon!
Yuya Sakaki: Put your hands together and welcome our main attraction! The spectacular Odd-Eyes Dragon!
Yuya Sakaki: This Duel's showstopper is here to light up the dark! Odd-Eyes Saber Dragon!
Yuya Sakaki: Dragon with raging eyes, conquer all that stand against you! Rise up with fury! Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon!

Zuzu Boyle: Sing together a sensational duet! I Fusion Summon! Blossom in the spotlight, Bloom Diva the Melodious Choir!
Zuzu Boyle: My monsters harmonize to become more melodic! Fusion Summon! My showstopping songstress! Bloom Prima the Melodious Choir!
Zuzu Boyle: She's here to blow you away with her music! Harmonize to form a perfect musical blend! I Fusion Summon! Make your entrance, Schuberta the Melodious Maestra!

Gong Strong: Gong's bringing out the biggest, baddest samurai of them all! Big Benkei’s the foundation of Gong’s Heavystrong Style!/Level 8 Superheavy Samurai Big Benkei!

Sylvio Sawatari: Behold a beast born form the howls of the wind! I give you Mayosenju Daibak!
Sylvio Sawatari: Allow me to introduce Abyss Actor-Superstar!

Declan Akaba: The fearsome immortal who commands the obedience of all! D/D/D Doom King Armageddon!
Declan Akaba: Cut through the darkness like a blade of lightning! I Synchro Summon! Begin your reign! D/D/D Gust King Alexander!
Declan Akaba: Let rise a monster that burns bright with blazing power! I Fusion Summon! Come forth and conquer all! D/D/D Flame King Genghis!
Declan Akaba: You have never faced a monster as commanding as this one! I Xyz Summon! Rise! Rank 4 D/D/D Wave King Caesar!
Declan Akaba: Combine together into a noble hero that even dragons fear! I Fusion Summon! Be born! D/D/D Dragonbane King Beowulf!
Declan Akaba: I will create a monster that will seal your fate! I Fusion Summon! The ruler of legend is here! D/D/D Oracle King D'Arc!
Declan Akaba: I'm forming a force that will bring you to your knees! Fusion Summon! The true tyrant! D/D/D Wave Oblivion King Caesar Ragnarok!

Yuto: Cloaked in shadows and relentless in its objective! I Xyz Summon! Rise up! Rank 4 Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon!
Yuto: The souls of the fallen rise to fight again! I Xyz Summon! Rank 3 The Phantom Knights of Break Sword!
Yuto: Presenting a warrior who's bad to the bone! I Xyz Summon! Come on out! Rank 2 The Phantom Knights of Cursed Javelin!
Yuto: Dragon with raging eyes, conquer all that stand against you! Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon!

Sora Perse: Edge of sharpness and fury of bear! When the two come together, you had better beware! Here it comes! The most unbearable monster you've ever seen! Frightfur Bear!
Sora Perse: When my monsters become one, you're more than done! Stalking and shredding the jungle! Frightfur Tiger!
Sora Perse: When my monsters become one, you're more than done! I Fusion Summon! Here's the wild, wicked cat that's all paws, claws, and jaws! Frightfur Sabre-Tooth!

Playmaker: Appear! Link 3 Decode Talker!
Playmaker: Soar! Link 4 Firewall Dragon!

Soulburner: The swirling flames awaken Heatleo's true strength! Reincarnation Link Summon! Rise again from the valley of flames! Salamangreat Heatleo!

The Gore: Link 3 Gouki the Great Ogre is ready to tussle! Let 'em hear your battle cry, Shrieking Howl!

Blue Angel: Gooooo! Link 2 Trickstar Holly Angel!