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  • Kaiba's "You're a third-rate Duelist with a fourth-rate Deck!" is the most iconic line from the game for being the pure embodiment of "Stop Having Fun" Guys assholery, especially when he says it to little kids.
  • Several characters are completely incredulous about losing to Joey.
    Téa: I can't believe it! I lost to Joey? JOEY?!? This is gonna sting for a month...
    Kaiba: Heh. So this is what it feels like to be the worst duelist in the world.
  • Pegasus's interactions with just about everyone in his Toon World event are hilarious.
    • Joey is initially suspicious of him until he mentions rewards.
    Joey: Line your prizes up 'cause Joey’s snatchin' 'em all up! Pegsy, maybe you ain't so bad. Maybe you ain’t no down and dirty no good stinkin’ snake.
    • For Rex Raptor Pegasus pretends to forget his name, calling him "Rex Tractor" and "Rex Rapper." Rex rolls with the last one.
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    • Pegasus needles Bandit Keith about dropping him into the ocean in the anime, saying he hoped he had a nice swim.
  • Yami Bakura gets several funny moments in his event by giving Kaiba advice for dueling, insulting Ryou's dueling skills and calling him a thief, telling Keith to beat Pegasus up, and fanboying over Weevil throwing Yugi's Exodia cards in the ocean.
    Yami Bakura: Hahahaha... I know you. Aren't you the one who threw Yugi's Exodia into the ocean?
    Weevil: Wha... You got a problem with me!
    Yami Bakura: No no. I loved that you did something so horrible! You'll do anything to win. That’s great! I should learn from you! Hahahaha!
  • Some of Yami Bakura's decks focus on Zombies... one of which is Humpty Grumpty.
  • Kaiba has this quote when summoning Kaibaman.
    Kaiba: It's like looking in the mirror! Here comes Kaibaman!
  • Joey sees the Tour Guide from the Underworld's Duelist Challenges and fails at them, only to be told by Téa to read the fine print. The Tour Guide continues to say that anyone who fails the challenges is declared a defeated dog. Joey does not take it well.
    • Even more hilarious is that Téa uses dog-related puns when talking to Joey, which Joey doesn't understand until he reads the fine print. And the reason why it's Joey and not anyone else is because it's a reference to Duke Devlin's debut in the anime, where he defeated Joey in a duel and forced Joey to wear a dog costume as punishment.
  • When the sixth Duel Challenge was released, Joey and Rex bonded over finally having something in common—dueling by instinct, not book smarts—and when Weevil and Mako revealed that they were able to complete the last challenge, this exchange occured.
    Joey: Whaaa? You can't be serious! [sad] Aww man... I thought you were my friend. And friends stick together.
    Rex: That's right! We're all supposed to fail together! Like a pack of dogs! You traitors!
    Mako: [sad] .........I'm sorry... [angry] ...Wait, no I'm not! Why would I want to be a loser too?!?
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  • The Paradox Brothers, Mokuba, and Arkana were added to the game before Yami Marik, who was revealed out-of-game when it first came out.
  • Tea's interactions with Para and Dox consist of her calling them a bunch of lame-os and deliberately misnaming them as the Pairofcrocks and Pairofsocks Brothers.
  • By sheer coincidence, the first Yami Marik event began on the same day as Yami Yugi's birthday, July 26.
  • When Yami Marik is unlocked he gives a speech where he pretends to have a lifelong dream to become Duel World King... then points out that such things are beneath him and all he cares about is inflicting pain and suffering.
  • Yami Bakura and Yami Marik are notorious villains and threaten their opponents accordingly, but none of the Standard Duelists notice. Most of the time, they simply comment about having to do better at their game even though they're being threatened with a trip to the Shadow Realm, or wish them good luck or remind them to have fun.
  • In the Duelist Chronicles: Set Sail for the Kingdom event, instead of the featured duels using the manga/early anime's RPG-like ruleset, real cards are used whenever possible. This leads to moments like Yugi using Attack the Moon against Mako to win and Makiu the Magical Mist with Summoned Skull against Weevil, the latter of which was the only effect transplanted from the manga and anime to the card game—its in-manga text was literally "Rain falls on the battlefield."
  • In Rex Raptor's Dino Mayhem event, Rex went on a quest for a new ace monster after realizing more people attributed Red-Eyes Black Dragon to Joey then him. After gushing about how cool his new Dinosaur card had to be, with a caveat that it couldn't have wings as it'd be too similar to a dragon, he realized Two-Headed King Rex does have wings. Later, he gets completely confused about what makes a dino a dino and that Two-Mouth Darkruler couldn't have been a real dinosaur.
  • In the second Duelist Challenges event, Joey got stuck on the quizzes again, worried about being called a Dueling Dunce, and thought about asking Yami Yugi for help, leading to a hilarious Imagine Spot as he pictured what he'd say, especially if you imagine it in the booming voice of Dan Green.
    Yami Yugi: I believe in you, Joey! Because you are the true King of Games! Fo' sure!
    • Then later on Mai and Téa notice Joey begging Yugi for more hints.
  • In the third Duelist Challenges event, Rex tries to ask Ishizu and Odion for help on the quizzes. They promptly ignore him.
  • Mokuba's unlocking cutscene has him yell at Roland over thinking he wasn't good at Duel Monsters (as opposed to Capsule Monsters), then adds that he only borrowed one of Seto's Blue-Eyes. All despite poor Roland not saying a single thing.
  • Among the new Standard Duelists introduced in the GX World, Large Ham Smug Snake Zachary stands out in this regard. When his Life Points fall below 2000, his dialogue and facial expression become utterly hysterical.
    Zachary: This must be a joke! A cruel, cruel joke!
    • Notably, one of his pre-duel quotes has him smugly boasting "You must not know Obelisk Blue's reputation!" regardless of who challenged him, even if it's Alexis who is also an Obelisk Blue. Said dialogue also still can appear even if the character challenging him is Crowler. In other words, his own teacher.
    • He also has a post-duel quote when he lost that has him saying he never lost a Friend Duel - the funny bit is that considering his personality, it's very unlikely he even has a friend to begin with.
  • Ojama King's summoning animation. He stands atop the ruins, and then leaps into the air like a superhero, posing with a big goofy grin and a noticeable bulge in his underpants.
  • Bonz dueling Yami Bakura again is an exercise in Video Game Cruelty Potential, especially if Bakura wins.
  • Bastion, true to his Butt-Monkey status in the anime, nearly gets left out of the trailer for GX World, appearing only at the very end of it, as if even Konami forgot about him.
  • One of Bastion's introduction quotes when he's selected:
  • If Alexis beats Chazz, she'll tell him she's sorry, but her true love is... Dueling.
  • Chazz's introduction is ripe with troubles from the Ojamas.
  • Dr. Crowler's event has funny interactions with the cast, especially Jaden, where he asks if Crowler's on vacation and causes him to cover up that he is on vacation.
  • Espa Roba's introduction to the game had him vow not to cheat... then realizing he could see people's hands somehow, causing him to think he really was psychic and gloat about it. Bella then wonders how long his turn is going to take. Apparently we were introduced to the middle of his duel, of all times.
    • In Espa Roba's Duel Carnival event, this apparently happens again, and with Bella again.
    • The end of the Duel Carnival event revealed that Espa Roba really doesn't have any psychic power after all, as not only everyone knew the result of the event, but also, Espa Roba only knew the result because he closes his eyes all the time, forcing Bella to whisper the result to him. When Espa Roba mentioned he can see his opponent's hand, Bella shut him down AGAIN by noting that it was merely his Skill.
    • Additionally, during the event, Espa Roba "assigned" Joey to represent Beast-Warriors. Except Joey's deck actually has a lot more Warriors than Beast-Warriors.
    • The final phase of the second version of the event replaces "Machine vs Psychic" with "Winged Beast vs Fairy". Espa Roba thinks of Ishizu when thinking about Fairy, even though, just like many of the players, he's surprised to find out that Mudora is a Fairy-Type.
  • In his second event, there was quite a contrast between defeating Yami Marik at Level 30 and at Level 40.
    Level 30 Yami Marik: You defeated my Egyptian God? Well done!
    Level 40 Yami Marik: How dare you! I swear I'll annihilate you! You will regret angering my Egyptian God!
  • Beating Level 50 Yami Marik has him briefly freak out as he notices you have Ra, wondering if his Ra is a copy.
  • Bonz's second event has him scare Bella by sheer accident, with him trying to simply give her card back. Later in the event, Joey, Yugi and Tea are now on the hunt for him.
  • The Tag Duel Tournament allowed for wacky pairings that would never realistically happen, like Yami Yugi teamed up with Yami Bakura or Arkana, Seto teamed up with Pegasus or Joey, and Joey teamed up with Bandit Keith.
    Mai: No one on this planet can understand your moves!
    • Yami Marik and Yami Bakura put aside their differences for the sake of causing pain, and shrug off their defeat if they lose.
  • The June 2018 Tag Tournament included some unlikely teamups again, including Arkana with Yami Yugi and Kaiba with Pegasus. For the former, Yami Yugi is adamant about not trusting him at all, while if they lose Arkana is happy to drag Yugi down with him. For the latter, Pegasus is his usual self while Kaiba is willing to put up with him but becomes furious if they lose.
    • Standard Duelist Zachary smugly claimed to his partner that she doesn't have to worry, because he's an Obelisk Blue. The thing is, his partner, Standard Duelist Alyssa, is also an Obelisk Blue. And when they lose, as expected, Zachary blames her instead. Alyssa just laughs it off.
    • Joey gets Tristan as a partner, and will bicker if they lose. What's hilarious is their dialogue. Tristan has the same complaint as Mai in the previous Tag Team event, while Joey makes a wordplay.
    Tristan: What were you thinking? There's no way you can win with those cards!
    Joey: What about you with those strategies? I call them tragedies!
    • Chazz gets partnered with Syrus, when both have someone else in mind - Chazz wanted Alexis while Syrus wanted Jaden.
    • Mai gets partnered with Ishizu, and they get along quite well with each other, though they lampshade the hasty teamup if they lose.
  • The January 2019 Tag Tournament features even more funny moments.
    • Jack and Crow teams up, and when they lose and Crow complained, Jack responds with:
    Jack: I just want to see what was their Set card!
    • Alexis teams up with Genki Girl Kylie, and when they lose, Kylie apologized and scared because she heard Alexis is scary when she lost a duel. Alexis is fine with them losing.....until she realized the "scary" part. Who said she is scary? Jaden, Syrus, and Hassleberry.
    • Aster throws quite a sick burn to Chazz even before the duel began, by implying if they lose, it's gonna be Chazz's fault.
    Chazz: You better not be the reason we lose!
    Aster: Believe me, it won't be.
    • And then after the Duel as well. Chazz actually apologize to Aster and blamed himself, but Aster's response?
    Aster: We didn't lose because of you. It was me. You're not that special.
  • Serious Chazz's event had the final dialogue segment, where he realized how lost he was without the Ojamas and begged them to come back, be wishful thinking on the part of the Ojamas.
  • Syrus's introduction has him fawning over Tour Guide from the Underworld. When he tries to press his luck to meet other duel spirits like Thunder Nyan Nyan or Dark Magician Girl, she has him greet Gladiator Beast Andal for a big bear hug, which scares Syrus away.
    • Syrus' unlock event actually shows this again at the start.
  • When you unlock Crowler, he mentions that if he becomes Duel King, he hopes he’ll get prize money.
    • And at the end of his event, he learns he’s not getting paid for his "class" as it was not officially planned by the school.
  • Beating some of the other GX Legendary Duelists as Dr. Crowler have some funny reactions from the losers:
    Jaden: Detention?! Aw, come on, Teach! Show some heart!
    Chazz: What?! You're making me take remedial classes?! You can’t do this to The Chazz!
    Syrus: What? I gotta take extra classes?! But we’re not in school right now!
    Aster: No! I can’t believe I lost to a lowly lecturer!
  • Tour Guide's dialogues with Gladiator Beast Andal in the Gladiator event is usually filled with funny moments.
    Tour Guide: Hold your horses! .....Or bears, I guess.
    Tour Guide: Who the heck chose this furball as the guide for this event!?
  • When you defeat level 10 Karate Man in the D.D. Wind/Earth Tower, he directly references his own effect:
    Karate Man: You don't even gotta destroy Karate Man, 'cause Karate Man gonna destroy himself! HI-YAHH! KA-BOOM!
    • Karate Man is a full on Meta Guy in more ways than one - as well as referencing his own card effect, he references the Duel Links meta with its heavy use of backrow, and the card "Enemy Controller" in particular, as well as an OTK deck involving him that was popular in the early days of the game.
    • Karate Man also has an accidental funny moment - he has set dialogue, regardless of the mission he hands to you. This results in him claiming "you hide behind backrow" even if you successfully completed his mission to not use any Spell or Trap cards.
    • Level 40 Karate Man frequently mentions his Funny Afro, win or lose.
  • Superb Tea's event leaned on the fourth wall when Joey complained about her overuse of Spell cards, a complaint many players had against Tea Burn decks.
    • It also echoes the time Joey dueled Tea in the manga and anime, where he lost because Tea used a Spell card on his monster.
  • Jesse Anderson's Rainbow Dragon event has hilarious reactions from Jaden and Chazz. Jaden takes Jesse's comment about a duel to set them on fire literally, while Chazz complains about Jesse getting special treatment from the programmers and tries to stop it by dueling him, only to realize doing so would only help him out. Jesse even says he thinks like the Ojama trio.
    Chazz: Don't compare me to those losers!
    • Then there's Crowler's reaction, which makes it seems like he cares about his students... but only because his salary gets cut if he doesn't.
  • Jesse's Level 50 deck is designed to quickly summon Rainbow Dragon, but the way it does so can leave the amount of cards in the deck dangerously low. It can end up becoming hilariously anticlimactic as if you manage to stall Rainbow Dragon for just a couple of turns, you'll win the duel because Jesse decks out himself.
  • The April Fool's event featured multiple copies of Tristan appearing, who were all so weak the player defeated them just by interacting with them.
  • The Roaming Duelist Tristan event has him with a Level 30 deck that's actually stronger than his Level 40 deck, aside from the lack of Battleguard Howling and Battleguard Rage. His Level 40 deck also has Needlebug Nest, a card that sends 5 cards from his own Deck to the Graveyard, an attempt to make use of Feast of the Wild LV 5's ability to Special Summon from the Graveyard. This sometimes either leads to him decking out faster, or losing a duel because his only copy of Battleguard Howling or Battleguard Rage gets sent to the Graveyard in this way.
  • The game references Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series in Tristan's event profile. "Watch and be amazed by Tristan's Dueling skills...and voice."
    • And then one of Tristan's Skills is revealed to be named as.....Super Strength.
    Tristan (YGOTAS): My voice gives me super strength!
  • Syrus's second event continues his misfortunes, still being chased around by Andal and nearly getting on Alexis's bad side.
    • Later, you get to see Bastion laughing about how he finally got included in something before Syrus.
    • The reason for Syrus' long absence in-universe. Jaden was supposed to remind him to join, but got distracted dueling someone.
  • The D.D. Dark Tower event features Tour Guide as an opponent. At floor 21-30, her dialogues (especially if she won the duel) makes a reference at the fact that many players are too lazy and abuses Auto-Dueling feature for practically almost everything, that the players becomes essentially weaker than a mere guide as they never actually play their Deck, despite being Duelists.
  • Zane's first victim in his Cyberdark event was the entitled, elitist scrub Zachary, making Syrus's comment about treating his opponents with respect inadvertently funny given how much of a sore winner and loser Zachary is.
    • Zane's use of Power Wall can be inadvertently funny as it mills his Deck, sometimes resulting in him milling cards he should be playing instead, such as his Cyberdark Impact fusion spell card, or in case of his Level 60 deck, his single Attack and Receive trap card, which would've been fine if he actually has another copy in his deck. note 
  • Yubel's event, which invokes a Zombie Apocalypse, has this epic case of Tempting Fate from Chazz.
    Chazz: Hahahaha! You’re not good enough to step to the Chazz! Why don’t ya losers act like real zombies and attack me as a horde!
    Multiple Duel Ghouls: Duelllll...
    Chazz: Gulp! Me and my big mouth! They actually teamed up!
  • Zane's first interaction with Yubel is funny, especially since Zane is usually the rude one.
    Yubel: Where's Jaden?
    Zane: Hello to you too. That’s no way to greet your opponent.
  • Chazz's interactions with Yubel are a mix of hilariously casual and awesome, as he's annoyed with her instead of being afraid.
  • This exchange when Yubel level 50 appears.
    Jaden: I thought exposing you to the healing light of the universe would fix you.
  • 5Ds world Standard Duelist Chloe is a young girl from Topside, thus she acts like an Ojou, and may sometimes complain that you're being too harsh to a kid if she loses the Duel. Even if the one defeating her is Leo or Luna, both of them not only being kids as well, but are also from Top like her.
  • 5Ds world Standard Duelist Wild Dan is so much of a Riding/Turbo Duel fan, that he mistakes his Spells for Speed Spells, and may blame the lack of his motorbike when he loses the Duel. This becomes even funnier in January 2019 when an update does allow you to Riding/Turbo Duel, but not with him.
  • Leo proudly claims this is his chance to become a King of Games because in Duel Links, real life decks do not apply, everyone start at the same level. And then in his unlock scene, it is revealed he forgot "everyone" means the same thing also applies to him, so he doesn't have Power Tool Dragon with him in Duel Links.
    • And before that, he thinks of "King of Games" as an actual royalty kind of king, with scepter, crown, and a throne.
  • One of Sector Security's win quotes is "You're under arrest!" followed by saying he was joking.
  • The "Spunky Jaden" event starts with Syrus claiming Jaden trashed his Elemental Heroes. Later on, Chazz, who dueled him, complained that Jaden's deck theme doesn't change at all, and it is revealed he never trashed his Elemental Heroes, he merely updated it. When everyone stated it was Syrus who claimed it first, Syrus hastily denied ever saying such thing.
    • Jaden then points out that him trashing his Elemental Heroes will never happen... just like Chazz trashing his Ojamas. Chazz immediately refuses to agree with it.
    • Much like Zane with his Power Wall, Jaden's Card Trooper mills cards from its user's deck, and can lead to Jaden running out of options quickly, usually because he accidentally milled his important spells and traps that way.
  • Half of Akiza's phrases are of her believing in her friends and in the trust of their bonds... and the other half are of her time as the Black Rose Witch, reveling in violence and inflicting pain on others with a surprisingly creepy expression. It's hilarious to imagine Duel Links Akiza as schizophrenic.
  • Bastion's Super Mode is "Inglorious Bastion".
  • Officer Trudge's entrance into Duel Links has him complaining about investigating without any backup, and his dialogue with Leo has Leo ask if he was arresting computer viruses.
  • If you unlock all of Trudge's rewards, he apologizes for running out of stuff to give you, but then adds that money is the root of all evil and hopes you'll keep helping out of kindness. The fact that Trudge is Ushio in Japan, who was Yugi's first Shadow Game opponent and solely focused on money and greed, makes it even funnier.
  • If Leo loses to Crow, he'll say under his breath "Your Blackwings are so unfair," to which Crow responds "Huh? You say something, Leo?"
  • One of Tristan's quotes when being selected is "Am I confident in my dueling? Not at all!"
  • The minibox for Ancient Fairy Dragon has its tagline making a reference to Ancient Fairy Dragon's current Forbidden status in OCG/TCG.
  • The D.D. Light Tower had Gradius in a state of panic about obstacles from its game of origin, including Moai statues and volcanic activity. On Floor 41 and up, it becomes so desperate to win it resorts to the Konami Code.
    • The D.D. Light Tower also has Alien Grey, who at higher floors, when defeated, will claim that "the power creep of this planet is out of control," a meta reference to the inevitable power creep in card games, Yu-Gi-Oh in particular.
  • Tyranno Hassleberry's debut in the game features an argument between him and Syrus, which references Syrus' debut being late because Jaden forgot about him.
  • The fact that the item required for Jack's unlock event is Blue-Eyes Mountain coffee.
    Crow: Did you force us to gather them because you wanted to drink?
    Jack: Of course!
    Crow: (I am impressed and appalled at the same time...)
  • Jack's conversation with Trudge is all about Jack not wanting to deal with Sector Security, and only want Trudge to challenge him as a duelist. Trudge finds his attitude weird and bothersome, so this happens:
    Trudge: Fine! I'll challenge you as a duelist, ya former king!
    Jack: FORMER King?!?!?!?
  • Jack's conversation with Crow in his unlock event is entirely about how delicious Blue-Eyes Mountain coffee is, and how Jack regularly paid 30 dollars for individual cups of coffee that he drank in gallons despite not having a job.
    Crow: All I said in the past was to stop wasting money on coffee! You never had a job, but you spent $30 a cup! And you didn’t drink cups - you drank gallons!
    Jack: I never held a job because no job was qualified for me!
  • The conversation between Jack and Luna, who came to him after Leo ran off to try and duel Jack. She, without realizing it, burned him HARD.
    Jack: I see. It must be tough to constantly look after your brother.
    Luna: Yeah... But I learned how by watching Yusei and Crow look after you.
    Jack: ...Pardon? What do you mean by that?
    Jack: Ergghh.... (I know she means no disrespect, so the disrespect feels worse...)
  • The Paradox Brothers' unlocking cutscene has them proudly declaring that they'll defeat all competition with their Gate Guardian. Then Dox notices that they have the small problem of not actually possessing the cards needed to summon Gate Guardian, at which point Para curses out Kaiba for not programming the cards into their deck.
  • The Tour Guide Bingo Event's final reward is revealed to be a cute facial expression from Tour Guide. And then she orders you to scram afterwards.
  • Tyranno Hassleberry's unlock event has hilarious interactions with some of the characters.
    • Chazz boasts that he's going to beat Tyranno before both parties realize they've never actually dueled before, complete with Tyranno being snarky about Chazz's spotty win record.
    • Tyranno calls Crowler "ma'am" (although he also treats Crowler as a good teacher), and Crowler secretly admits again that he can't say to his student about him actually being there for a vacation.
    • Tyranno says to Aster that titles don't matter in Duel Links, but when Aster seemingly is about to decline the duel, Tyranno uses Aster's pro title as bait.
    • Bastion and Tyranno talk about both of them owning a Dinosaur deck. Tyranno wants to see the deck in a duel, but Bastion wants to explain his deck in extreme detail and keeps blabbering about it, to the point of even mistaking Tyranno's bond with his cards as card crushes.
    • Syrus is tricked into leaving Duel Links so that Tyranno can hang out with Jaden without getting annoyed by Syrus. It only lasts a few moments until Syrus realizes he's been tricked.
    • Alexis reveals she sent an invitation to Tyranno to join Duel Links.....through Jaden. Tyranno points out that it's her fault for thinking Jaden would remember, to which she agrees.
  • During the start of Tyranno's event, Tyranno boasts to Syrus that he would evolve into a dinosaur and beat everyone else in duels, to which Syrus points out that it would actually be a de-evolution.
  • During the Ultimate Tyranno Hassleberry portion of the event, everyone gets worried when Tyranno gets wild again, and Jesse suggested they simply duel him again to calm him down. The funny part is that during the conversation, Jaden of all people was the one who remember the details of why Tyranno turns wild, with Chazz questioning why Jaden suddenly is the smart one.
  • If you defeat Tea while playing as Tristan, Tea will make another jab at Joey's Butt-Monkey status, by noting that Tristan is better than Joey.
  • The "Battle City Begins" event has Yami Yugi as a Bonus Boss with a skill that automatically summons an Egyptian God on his fifth turn. Potentially troublesome with Obelisk and Slifer, not so much if he rolls a Winged Dragon of Ra, which hits the field with 0 ATK.
  • Sartorius's event has him extending a We Can Rule Together offer to Yubel. It doesn't go well.
    Sartorius: Let us fill the universe with our light together.
    Yubel: No.
    Sartorius: What!?
    Yubel: I don't care about the light. I don't care about you. I only care about Jaden.
  • Due to an error, a card sleeve of Chazz and Alexis in the Society of Light outfits was labeled "Mokuba Kaiba".
  • May 2019 Tag Tournament event has a few funny moments.
    • Tristan gets paired with Mako, and Mako thought Tristan must be an awesome duelist because he hangs out a lot with Yugi and Joey.
    • Mai refers to Rex as her minion. It took a few seconds for Rex to realize it. Also, after you won the duel:
    Mai: Sheesh, we could have won if my minion acted more minion-esque!
    Rex: This minion doesn't need your opinion!
    • Jesse and Yubel get partnered together, with the latter commenting that she didn’t agree to this partnership.
    • Literally all of Lumis and Umbra's dialogues when they lost the duel.
  • In Kalin’s event, he displays a notable grudge against Trudge for taking his cards away while he was in the facility. Trudge sheepishly points out that he wasn’t responsible for that.
  • In "Leo & Luna's Duel Carnival" event, during the 4th round dialogue, Leo almost called Jack's dragon as a dog before correcting himself.
    • In the same dialogue, Luna says Blue-Eyes White Dragon feels kind, a reference to Kisara, whose Ka Spirit is Blue-Eyes White Dragon. Leo, obviously unaware of this, says Luna has weird taste.
  • The August 2019 Tag Tournament has the following funny moments:
    • Espa Roba and Tristan paired up, with Tristan awkwardly saying hi and Espa having no idea who he is. When they lose, Espa is distraught that he brought down someone good enough to be Joey's friend, and Tristan says he's making him feel bad.
    • Bastion is paired with the standard duelist Logan, who is a fan of Bastion. And once again, when Logan lost a duel, he forgot Bastion's name despite being a fan of him.
  • When Dark Signer Carly meets Crow, she doesn't know who he is, and she thinks that he is a stalker.
  • The DSOD world began with a recreation of the Ceremonial Duel and its aftermath. However, the game blanked out the Pharaoh's name, rendering it as "My name is... ———!!"
  • Scud is cemented as a Joke Character right away. As soon as you unlock his unlock missions you're greeted with the message "Detecting weak brain wave frequencies... Adjusting levels...".
  • Aigami and Sera's plan in the first Transcend Game event is to wreck Duel Links, with their plan in part 2 to kill Kaiba seeming like Plan B.
  • Scheming Weevil's event had him rebrand himself as Evil Underwood, to which Rex comments that there was no real difference and besides being short on letters, Weevil was also short on brain cells.
  • In the November 2019 Tag Tournament, there are the following funny moments:
    • When Chazz and Hassleberry team up, Chazz thought Hassleberry wants to be his partner because he wants to learn from him. Hassleberry says he only teamed up with him because he was the only one left.
    • When Bastion teams up with Syrus, Bastion is happy to be paired with another Ra Yellow, only for Syrus to point out he's actually in Obelisk Blue now, and he's back in Ra Yellow just for "practice".
      • And when you defeat them, Bastion admitted he lacks training due to helping with experiments, and Syrus admits that he.....doesn't notice Bastion is missing at all.
    • Para is teamed up with Strings instead of Dox, without realizing it until the duel is over.
  • DSOD Kaiba has two generic lose quotes against the original cast - for context, DSOD Kaiba treats them as just mere copies of the major duelists of the DM era, as obviously only the older ones exist in DSOD. His first quote expresses his frustration losing to a copy of the duelist, and the second one expresses that he's so good at programming that character's deck and strategies, that Kaiba impresses himself at how good he is at that. In other words, Kaiba says that he only lost to himself.
    • DSOD Kaiba also has generic quotes when he wins against those same DM characters, for the same reason. One of the quotes being "You're a copy as weak as the original." Thing is, this is even true if he were to beat DM Kaiba. Resulting in him sometimes insulting himself.
  • During Blair's event she makes a special lunch that is better than the eggwiches for Jaden as an attempt to get close to him. It fails when every duelist including Aster, Chazz, and even Dr. Crowler wants to duel her by getting it and/or eating it, which Jaden/Yubel lampshades when facing her.
    • Yubel is The Comically Serious and takes offense to Blair's lunch for Jaden, tossing it away while Blair wonders if love is this complicated for everyone. In addition, she adds that now she has to worry about Alexis and Yubel as love rivals for Jaden.
    • Sartorius approaches her and asks to tell her future, but Blair shocks and annoys him by asking about her future with Jaden.
    • At the end of the event, Chazz and Syrus thanked Blair for a fun event she put together, intended or not, but only because the two boys were allowed to Tag Duel with Alexis on their side.
  • The April 2020 Tag Duel event has Alyssa lampshade her terrible luck with partners after being stuck with Evan, who wanted her to win the duel for him.
    • Pegasus teams up with Nick this time, and just like when he was with Mickey, Pegasus calls the young boy Tom, which was the name of the kid that beat Bandit Keith in the manga and Japanese anime. So now he thinks two separate kids with different names and looks are the same boy.
    • If you lose against Jack Atlas and Officer Trudge's team, they will bicker like two kids about whose strategy won them the game.
  • Characters noting DSOD Mokuba’s new suit and haircut has become a Running Gag.
  • The end of the D.D. Castle Siege event had a death fakeout from the Tour Guide, who turned out to be Too Kinky to Torture and secretly liked Vampire Hunter whipping her, and also referenced the Mario series when the Hunter entered the wrong castle.
  • After beating DSOD Kaiba in Aigami's unlock event, Joey, Tristan, and Téa all did the infamous 'creepy chin' face.


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