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The music in Duel Links helps keep the excitement of the anime duels by integrating either a simple theme to get the mind going or an epic song that makes the duel you are playing that much more intense. Character themes especially take cues from their music in the anime. Note that with the exception of event themes and menu music, the dueling songs are usually based on the character you are playing against.


Miscellaneous Tracks

  • The music that plays when a player is at 1000 or less life points, can win the game on the current turn, or when a character summons their Ace Monster is exciting, especially if you are on the receiving end and proceed to make a comeback.
    • When fighting against some of the more story driven duelists in both the DM and GX eras, you get this music instead for a more epic finale.
    • When fighting as or against Jaden (or Jaden/Yubel) and an action he performs causes the music to change, it switches to this theme showing his more fun-loving personality.
    • Same thing with Yusei, it switches to this music, an epic theme for the savior of Neo Domino. As for the rest of the 5D's cast, they get this instead, just as epic for the duelists of Neo Domino city.
    • If you are on the brink of losing in the 5D's world, this music will play to rally the player to stage a comeback. Note that if you turn over this losing situation into a winning one, it will switch to the player's victory theme.
    • As befitting of Kaiba's ego, the near victory/desperation theme for The Dark Side of Dimensions world is a triumphant orchestral score reminiscent of Hans Zimmer.
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    • Yuma and Astral's victory theme is a triumphant and heroic theme while some of Yuma's friends like Bronk and Tori get a much softer theme, both feeling like you're about to reach the climax of a roller coaster ride. With more serious rivals like Shark and Kite, this theme plays when you're nearing the end of the hunt.
    • Just like with the 5D's World, this theme plays for Yuma and Astral if they are are on the brink of defeat and this song plays in the same vein for everyone else.
  • The D.D. Tower music is an orchestral piece with a lot of violins, sounding ambient and cool at the same time.
  • Battling Regular Duelists, Bastion, or the Vagabond, you'll be treated to great music, a simple track for just a quick, fun duel.
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  • The music that plays when you finish the unlock objectives for Legendary duelists. It is especially satisfying when you finally manage to unlock duelists that had extremely difficult objectives like Arkana, Crowler, and Pegasus.

Duel Monsters World

  • Yami Yugi's theme is highly reminiscent of his original theme, an epic theme mixed with Egyptian motifs.
  • Joey, Tristan, and Mai's theme is full of guitars, perfectly fitting of their spirit to never back down.
  • Mako's theme, as opposed to the other rivals' themes, has a more oriental feel with an intense guitar riff, like a fisherman braving the ocean.
  • Ishizu and Odion's theme is appropriately very Egyptian and very menacing.
  • Yami Bakura and Yami Marik's theme is particularly good, featuring eerie strings and bass guitar.
  • Téa and Yugi Moto's theme is very casual, yet gives off the impression that they're not holding back.
  • Kaiba's theme really captures the feeling of an intense battle, complete with violin.
  • The music in the final Duelist Chronicles matches, and Yami Marik's Ra theme, is ridiculously epic, with choir and strings to give it an all-or-nothing vibe.
  • Arkana's theme is spooky and intimidating, appropriate for a self proclaimed master of magicians.
  • Pegasus's theme is cartoon like and elegant, which fits perfectly for the creator of Duel Monsters.
  • This theme makes you feel like you want to punch your opponent. Which is appropriate because this theme is for many of the delinquent duelists Yugi and Joey have faced and defeated, such as Weevil, Bandit Keith, Rex, and Bonz.

GX World

  • This theme is full of rockin' electric guitars, giving the impression of a serious but fun fight. Perfect for Jaden's greatest rivals like Chazz, Zane, Aster, Syrus, Hasselberry, and Axel.
  • Doctor Crowler's theme is full of orchestral instruments and has the beat of an Italian song, which slowly, but constantly, swings between "You're doing well student, you might even win this time" and "I have machinated the absolute counter for your entire deck!", and knowing Crowler's personality, it wouldn't be surprising for us to hear these from his mouth.
  • The Tag Duel arena music is upbeat and tense and exciting.
  • Alexis's theme is elegant and ripe with a piano medley, befitting of the Queen of Duel Academy.
  • Jaden and Jesse's theme gives off an easy going vibe, which plays perfectly into their idea of dueling for fun.
  • Yubel's event theme is a mournful, melancholy string and piano piece, while her dueling theme sounds epic and desperate.
  • Jaden/Yubel's theme keeps the fun vibe of Jaden's original song but one backed by experience and wisdom that Jaden had during his final year at Duel Academy.
  • Blair's theme is a cute simple theme matching the young maiden's lovey dovey personality.
  • Sartorius's theme is intense and haunting, meshing the fact that he can seemingly control destiny and make you feel like if you lose... you lose everything.
  • Supreme King Jaden's theme is a theme that evokes feelings similar to that of the Sad Duel soundtrack from GX, and considering this song is reflective of Jaden's darkest moments, the tragic feelings are quite fitting... It feels less like an epic tune, and more of a ballad of a hero who completely lost his way to the darkness.

5D's World

  • Yusei's theme is a very simple but easy theme making you feel like you're having a fun Turbo Duel.
  • Akiza's theme is similar to Alexis's theme, elegant with a heavy emphasis on the piano, but with a more tragic and sinister edge befitting the Black Rose Witch.
  • Crow's theme, like Yusei's, is a simple theme for the laid back, easy-going Crow Hogan as if you were in the garage working on your motorcycles.
  • Leo and Luna's theme is an exciting track showing how the twins favor the fun of dueling above all else.
  • Jack’s theme blends his techno theme from the series with something that also flows fast, making it sound like you are actually Turbo Dueling with Jack.
  • Trudge's theme is a hot blooded track making it feel like a police chase with Sector Security.
  • The Dark Signers theme is a dark and haunting theme that emphasizes the dread of facing them.
  • Kalin's theme feels like a wild west shootout as you duel in the quiet sunrise of Crash Town.
  • The Turbo Dueling theme is a fast, heart pounding song that makes you feel like you are actually on the track dueling at high speeds. The Dark Signer version keeps the high tempo of the Turbo Duels but with a strong sense of dread and danger.
  • Even the Turbo Duel event song gives you the feeling of being in the pit stop preparing for the duel.

Dark Side of Dimensions World

  • Atem and Yugi's ceremonial duel is played out to a remix of Atem's theme befitting the finale to the original series. This track would be repurposed as Yugi's dueling theme.
  • Seto Kaiba's new theme is much more epic in tone to his original theme but slower to match his more motivated personality seen in the movie.
  • Mokuba Kaiba's new theme is interesting as it's a remix of Joey/Mai's theme instead of his own befitting his role as The Lancer to Seto's status as main character of the movie. Fittingly, this theme would soon go to Joey and Téa as well.
  • Sera's theme offers up a strong sense of mystery with this character but with a sort of elegant tone.

Zexal World

  • Similar to Jaden and Jaden/Yubel's theme, Yuma and Astral's theme feels like a fun duel against Yuma as if you were really feeling the flow.
  • Bronk and Tori's theme are similar to Yuma and Astral's as a fun duel against friends.
  • Shark's theme in opposition is a lot more serious and dramatic feeling like a predator while you're dueling.
  • Kite's theme is heart pumping and intense befitting the Number Hunter.
  • IV/Quattro's theme is a dramatic orchestral piece that wouldn't sound out of place in a puppet theater, which fits his Gimmick Puppet deck very well. III/Trey would also use this theme, making it the dueling theme for the Arclight brothers.


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