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Nightmare Fuel / Yu-Gi-Oh! Capsule Monster Coliseum

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  • Tristan's stage is a condemned warehouse full of poisonous traps and a huge plant-looking... thing lurking in the background, pulsating heavily. The manual elaborates that that stage is being eaten inside-out by a mysterious life form. The music fits the mood, with "Psycho" Strings and unsettling ambiance.
  • Rex Raptor's stage music starts out upbeat, with drums reminiscent of dinosaurs marching around. Then, out of nowhere, there's loud, discordant notes. On subsequent playthroughs it's not so bad, but you will jump your first time through.
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  • Ryou Bakura can get a creepy line if you're losing to him.
    Ryou: Ha ha! You're a single breath from defeat!
  • Yami Bakura's stage is a wicked ceremonial site. Landing on the skull in the middle triggers blue fire to appear and powers up Dark-type monsters. The music is also very scary.
    • One of his dummied-out quotes, apparently when using a monster's ability, is quite creepy.
    Yami Bakura: This will burn you to your very bones!
  • Marik's battle banter is pretty creepy at points.
    Marik: Nice... it's no fun if you don't fight back...
  • Yami Marik's first stage is called "Corridors of Madness" and its gimmick is symmetry; landing on a tile on one side lowers the corresponding tile on the opposite side, making it poisonous. The music for the stage is ominous and somber, and if Yami Marik goes first he says that the duel is a deadly Shadow Game.
    • His second stage is set near a volcano that erupts after eight turns. There's a special cutscene where he tells Yugi he can hear the shadows calling his name as it begins to erupt.
    • When you defeat Yami Marik the second time, Yami Yugi banishes him to the shadows. His sprite fades to black, shakes, and disappears.
    • Yami Marik's battle banter is even worse than normal Marik's.
    Yami Marik: I will destroy your five senses until all you can feel is the doom in your heart!
  • After you defeat Bandit Keith, the stage you were fighting on crumbles apart.
  • Shadi's second stage appears to be a peaceful sanctuary. Then the dragon statues on the sides of the stage come to life and attack. The music punctuates the change by turning into a frantic remix of the first, quieter tune.