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Nightmare Fuel / Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures

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  • Lord Betrayus can be creepy when he wants to be. Generally, this is helped by his sharp teeth and fiery eyes. It also doesn't help that he has a Hair-Trigger Temper.
    • The initial reveal of his physical form in "Pac to the Future" also qualifies, with a slow pan of the camera up to his face, framed in shadow while an ominous chord plays.
    • Come second season, and Betrayus has had close chances with taking over Pac-world thanks to having been out of the Netherworld more often than the first. The fact that he's actually developing to be a more competent villain (Dirty Coward aside) is something to be feared by everyone...and astonishingly behold in the series.
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  • Some of the ghost and monsters are a bit unsettling in appearance. Such as the Cerberus-esque Fluffy's incredibly feral form.
  • It's can also be a bit unsettling for some any time Clyde splits himself in two.

"Planet Pac vs. the Ghosteroid"

"Stand by your Pac Man"

"A Berry Scary Night"

  • Count Pacula has the ability to hypnotize both Pac Worlders and ghosts and he specifically craves the life force of a yellow pac worlder.
    • More specifically, his mannerisms and eyes are what tend to creep people out.

"The Spy Who Slimed Me"

  • This episode is kinda scary, with the Ghost of the episode able to take over anyone, and it isn't easy for Pac to find him after a while, and then the ghost REALLY turns things up taking over both Spiral and Cyli, kinda going a little far when you realize this is the first ghost to do that!

"Meanie Genie"

  • Jean, the titular "Meanie Genie" is this, showing that even though she was counting on Pac to make three wishes she still tried to kill by one GIANT sandwich. and when she was free she LITERALLY flip the building upside down and look ready to literally kill pac when she catches him. There's a reason why they launched her bottle to space. Unfortunately at the end, it shows a pointy headed catching the bottle...


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