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Headscratchers / Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures

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  • The ghost wars are said to have happened in the previous century. Nonetheless, no one really believes in ghosts anymore despite the recent historical records. Betrayus, who was present during that war, is the brother of the current president. There is also a prophecy from the "ancient" ones that the ghosts would return one day. Did we mention that Pac-Man's parents were also present in this war? The writing staff evidently didn't spend a lot of effort on a coherent timeline.
    • One theory is that because they know about the war, but the bit that gain PacWorld War One other name, the ghost war, was mostly dismiss due to the punishment of the traitors, plus the fact no one saw the machine that caused it, or the hidden off official gate to the nether-realm, the younger generation dismissed that bit as some form of metaphor.
    • Flat Earth Atheists and Older Than They Look might be a possible explanation for most of these except for the ancient prophecy part. Either the ancient Pac-Worlders foresaw Betrayus and his minions becoming ghosts and returning, the prophecy is actually talking about some other ghosts and people are mistaking them, the prophecy is something that has happened before and that people refer to it whenever something similar happens, or the writers really didn't care.
      • Or, we could just say the war occurred near the turn of the century. Given how unchanged technology appeared in the flashbacks, even before Pac To The Future, it doesn't seem it could have been so long ago as-is.
  • Pac is supposed to be a big hero, with amazing powers unlike anything else, yet the Plasma-sucking Cannons in the series can do exactly what Pac can, except better (they don't allow the ghosts to regenerate).
    • In the second episode, the cannons are susceptible to being broken and the ghosts trapped by them are capable of escaping from said broken equipment completely intact.
  • In Mission Im-Pac-able why didn't Pac eat Betrayus while he was hovering over him because it would a lot easier to break the remote when the only obstacle is a pair of eyeballs or still in his stomach (depending how long it would take Pac to burp him up.)
    • Wasn't the episode about Pac learning to control his uncontrollable eating habits and not eat everything willy nilly. Sure Aesop Amnesia in the end I guess but doesn't eating defenseless ghosts count as being irresponsible. I mean he did try not to eat Butt-ler in the beginning.
    • Well yeah but I think when an evil ghost overlord is controlling your body it's time to forget today's lesson for a second.
      • Betrayus maybe a Coward, but he still consider the STRONGEST of the fireghost and is the leader of the ghost army.
      • Considering Buttler (A previous victim of said remote) had it, andwanted revenge i'm sure pac decided to pet the dog as it were. and it was show in that pac ong that even in eyeball form the ghost aren't completely defenseless.
  • A big plot point in the series is that Pac-Man is the only yellow orb left, but there's one female yellow orb background character who appears in multiple episodes.
    • Really she look more like a light green.
  • How does Betrayus still not know Inky, Blinky, Pinky and Clyde are traitors when he's spying on Pac-Man all the time?
    • Well, judging from how the ghosts show up to him sometimes (out in the open or hiding somewhere) they know when they're not being watched. Also, Betrayus has slug-cams all over Pac-World and he could be switching channels in which Pac-Man or the ghosts aren't in them.
  • Is there a reason why President Spheros and Sir Cumferance hasn't given Inky, Blinky, Pinky, and Clyde access to the respository even though they are on Pac-Man's side?
    • They're probably under strict surveillance. Remember, Betrayus may be spending his whole days watching Pac-World from below, especially his brother and Sir C, so one of them spilling the beans about the ever-changing location of the repository would be a really risky move.
    • Once Inky, Blinky, Pinky and Clyde regain their bodies, they'll no longer be able to spy on Betrayus. The President wants to delay this for as long as possible.
  • Am I missing sometimes, or did making Betrayus and his followers into ghosts make them more of a threat? Now that they're ghosts, no prison can contain and their attacks are much more frequent now.
    • They were contained in the Netherealm for a long while before Pac let them out accidentally. Additionally, they all want their bodies since it's implied their ghostly forms are pretty much a lesser existence.


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