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Heartwarming / Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures

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"Pac to the Future"

  • Pac finally meeting his parents will bring a smile to your face.
    • Even better is when they find out in the end that Pac is their son from the future.

"Nobody Knows"

  • Inky, Blinky, Pinky and Clyde have what may have been their only chance to get their bodies back. But they give it up to save Pac and the others. It shows how much their friendship has grown, even over the course of eleven episodes.

"Pac-Pong Fever"

  • Pac's aunt assuring him that he won't lose her.

Meanie Genie

  • Pac is given a genie and what's the first thing he wishes for? His parents. Too bad that wasn't a wish she could grant.

"Cosmic Contest

  • Pac 's friendly rivalry of sorts with Tip, a large muscular Pointy-Head (and possibly their champion, making him a counterpart of Pac) convincing the cosmic overlord (Who combine with them wanting to go back to sleep) admitting that sight gives hope of better relation between the two species.

"The Pac Be With You"

  • Blinky assuring his friend he would never use pac-fu on them.

"Peace Without Slime"

  • In a Class President election, Cylindria promotes her campaign manager, who had contributed so many great ideas, for candinancy

"Nerd Is the Word"

  • Butt-ler is sent to infiltrate Pac's school as a nerdy foreign exchange student. It turns out that Pac figures out this ruse, but doesn't eat Butt-ler and continues to act nice to him, because he knows Butt-ler is just doing a job for his abusive brother and boss. Butt-ler gets touched by this and helps Pacman in stopping an oncoming ghost attack. To drive this point home, this is one of the rare episodes that actually leaves Butt-ler on a happy note.

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