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The parents of this continutity's Pac-Man are indeed the Original Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man

Even though they were only shown in a flashback this Troper noticed they kinda look like the original Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man, and it could also explain why there isn't a version of Ms. Pac-Man as one of the main characters. So therefore this series is a Continuity Reboot and a Spin-Offspring... then that would mean this version of Pac-Man is might be a grown up version of Baby Pac-Man or Pac-Jr!

  • Seems that way and it seems Pac-Man might be a title or milestone.
  • "Pac to the Future" feels like it supports this idea.
  • That'd mean this continuity's Pac-Man has a little brother, since the original Pac-Man and Mrs. Pac-Man had a baby son in that cartoon.
    • Baby Pac-Man is portrayed in some versions as Pac Jr.'s younger sister, so it's just as likely that this show's Pac-Man may actually have a younger sister. Either way, if Pac-Man in this show does have a younger sibling, this 'Baby-Pac' would likely have been born years after Pacster and his parents got separated.
  • It was actually confirmed by Namco Bandai themselves that "Pac" is the son of Pac-Man and Ms. least, they claim it to be. As for the other stuff, who can say?...
  • Pac was given the title 'Pac-Man' by the president so perhaps it's a title and Pac's the latest one, a Legacy Hero.

Skeebo the school bully will get jealous of Pac-Man
  • He will see how everyone treats Pac and try to emulate him and at one point he'll paint himself yellow which will cause ghosts to confuse him with Pac-Man and kidnap him.
    • Happened in "Heebo Skeebo" though instead of painting himself yellow he steals Pac's power berries.

Cylindria is an Expy of Ms. Pac Man.
  • How?
    • I think the WMG is based on the fact that Cylindria is a girl and a possible love interest. Ms. Pac-Man on the other hand was basically a female Pac-Man and Pac-Man's wife in the old cartoon and the games hence the WMG. Not much to go on though unfortunately based those criteria.

The Ghost Gang will eventually get their bodies back at some point.
  • But not until later in the series like one of the season finales.
    • Or series finale.

There will be a crossover with this show and Pac-Man in 2015.
  • Alternate theory: This show is a Stealth Sequel Series to the 80's cartoon. This is related to the first theory above with Pac-Man himself being a teenage Pac-Baby and his parents are the original Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man/Pepper. Some time after the original Pac-Man defeated Mezmaron for good, Betrayus and his militia began the Pac-War. As for the Ghost Gang, we can assume they were originally Mezmaron's henchmen and somehow became "younger" (Sue changed her name to Pinky and the old male Pinky is gone), or this series' Ghost Gang were the previous Ghost Gang's children (female Pinky being the daughter of Clyde and Sue) or they just share the same names. And Sue/Pinky has a crush on Pac-Man because he's just like his father.
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  • The crossover will feature a time-travel. Betrayus will go back in time to steal the legendary power peelets (which became extinct in sometime between the series) in hopes their power could be used to conter the berries. It'll be revealed to be the reason power peelets became extinct in the first place and his actions would have allowed Mezmaron to triumph over the Pac-Worlders had they not discovered the berries.
  • The crossover will portray the two series as alternate realities just like "Turtles Forever" did with the already known Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles verses.

Bad Boxart Mega Man was somehow involved in the death of Pac-Man's parents.
  • The PS3 version of Street Fighter X Tekken does have him afraid of Pac-Man, after all.
    • While that version of Pac-man is described to be very creepy anyway.

Yellow Pac-People aren't necessarily genetic, and can be created through other means
So that Pink Pac-Miko from Transformers Prime eventually becomes Ms. Pac-man in the future. Or...

Another, female, Yellow Pac-Person will show up
And Pac-Man will kind of resent it.
  • Although there
appears to be a yellow pac-girl in the background of several Season 2 episodes, and can even be seen near Pacma

Betrayus is the real hero of the series
Consider: President Spheros' brother rose up against him in a grand coup years ago, and Spheros not only took away his body and sent him to a hellword, but in effect murdered countless rebels, including innocent children. He refuses to let even his bodyguards in on the location of perhaps the largest mass grave in Pac-World. The bodies of untold thousands are kept preserved in a Bag of Holding, not even allowed a decent burial. Pinky, the spirit of one of the slain little girls, pines eternally for Packie...but alas, her gelationous body shall never know true love. Betrayus may be a freedom fighter, and Spheros the true monster here.
But there is definitely something more sinister going on in Pac-World. The aforementioned eternal damnation punishment, all the kids seen are in some kind of boarding school (and doubt the existence of ghosts or the Ghost War, despite at least one classmate being an orphan of said war!) with no mention of parents, and in a recent episode the main characters automatically salute when they see Pac-World's flag. I know it would be weird to have kids questioning the Big Good of the series and the government's sometimes unusual actions, but the more you think about it the more unsettling little details get. Including that the ghosts seem more like a different species than disembodied souls, needing to eat and fart, and feeling pain.
  • More specifically, Betrayus and Stratos both seem to have a deeply ingrained need for their mother's approval. It is more evident in Betrayus, calling up the Round House to beg for her to visit him, crying in his sleep about Stratos hitting him, how he goes from screaming at his incompetent minions to skulking in terror when he runs into Pac-Man face-to-face. He needs to win, he needs to be right all the time, and being stripped of his body and confined to the Netherworld has only exacerbated his negative qualities, because at least as a mortal general he seemed menacingly competent.

Mezmaron was the one who hired The Pacinator to "ice" the yellow pac-worlders

Ghoulasha belonged to the same species (human?) as Mezmaron.

Pac-Man will eventually visit Earth.

Ms. Pac-Man will appear in season 2.
  • And she might go under the name of Pac-Girl as a nod to Pac 'n Roll.
    • Partially Jossed.
    • Seconded on the Jossed part, but only just. A new female character named Elli was recently introduced as a love interest for Pac. She may not be Pac-Girl or Ms. Pac-Man, but she is a total Expy.
Butts are revered in the Netherworld

Butt-ler will make a Heel–Face Turn.

The "random stranger" whose body Inky, Pinky, Blinky and Clyde shared in "No Body Home" will have a big role in one episode.
Or a small role with a big impact.

The President has no intention to allow Inky, Pinky, Blinky and Clyde to recover their bodies.
He's just willing to let them think otherwise for as long as they're useful.

Betrayus will figure out Inky, Pinky, Blinky and Clyde are spying on him.
He'll just pretend otherwise to trick them (probably on Buttocks' idea albeit he'll claim credit) into passing false news to Pac-Man.

Pac-Man will meet the Haros.
Since Gundam and Pac-Man were owned by Namco Bandai, and the mascots are ball-shaped. There could be a Short Film starring Pac-Man and Haro meeting each other.

Tip from Cosmic Contest is some kind of artificial biological.
Considering he has super strength, and the other pointy heads seem to be physically weak, he could of been created as a super soldier. And given the pointy heads' advanced technology, (although it isn't that advanced compared to Pacworld's) I could see them pulling something like this off.

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