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"The Adventure Begins Part II"

  • In order to disguise themselves as ghosts while in the Netherworld, Pac and his friends are covered in goo by the Ghost Gang. Cylindria states that it smells like sewage and asks what exactly is the stuff. Cue Pinky revealing that the goo's flask is labeled sewage.
  • This following exchange.
    Blinky: You're delusional!
    Pinky Well sure but what does that have to do with anything?
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  • Pinky points out that Fluffy's middle head sends you a "get well soon" card after he's done mauling you. Gets a Call-Back at the end of the episode when it sends one to a bedridden Betrayus.
  • Pac and Spiral invoked a Are You Pondering What I'm Pondering? With what they must do at the beginning.
    Spiral: OH. I thought we were moving to a different planet.

"No Pets Allowed Especially Monsters Part I"

  • Pac-Man saying he should remember what berries do what but admitting it was fun half-guessing what power to get. Then admitting he should remember how long they last since he then humorously crashed.

"All You Can Eat"

President (to Pac-Man): Stop in the name of Pac-Manity!

President Frantically on the phone looking for pac Tell him he can eat whatever he wants! JUST GET HIM TO HELP US!
  • When Betrayus comes up with the idea to feed Pac-Man Netherworld food, he gets this reply:
    Pinky (to Betrayus): Have you smelled what's considered food down here?

"Is Zit You Or Is Zit Me?"

  • The whole episode in general.
    • Pac-Man accidentally eating the wrong Power Berry and balloons so much that his zit covered face can be seen by the whole city. It's so hilarious that it became an in-universe internet meme.
    • Betrayus and Skeebo's almost identical opinions on said ballooning moment. The situation is so funny that they both declare it is the best day of their lives, complete with both shedding a single sparkling tear of Joy.
    • At one point, an army of ghosts sent to heckle Pac get stuck from trying to all pass through the Netherworld portal at once. Betrayus beckons Buttler to flush them out, which results in Buttler performing a remarkably actiony, anime-eque leap through the air...that ends with him anticlimactically pushing them with a plunger a few times.
    • When Pac-Man is encouraged by his friends, he has several thought bubbles containing flashbacks of his friends saying encouraging things throughout the episode. When it comes to a thought bubble containing Spiral, thought bubble Spiral himself can't remember if he said anything on the situation but is nontheless supportive of Pac-Man.
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  • During one part of the episode, Pac asked his friends if they didn't care if he looked like a pepperoni pizza, ironically, Pac-Man's design is based on a pizza.

"Pac to the Future"

  • Pac baby-sitting his past self.
  • This:

    Betrayus: 2, 4, 6, 8, time for me to escalate!


  • Skeebo's attempts at stealing Pac's berry dispenser. When he tries swiping it from Cyli's backpack, the bell rings and his classmates stampede him. Then he tries taking it out of Spiral's locker only to have Spiral slam his locker shut and unknowingly trap Skeebo inside. Then he hangs from a light in the cafeteria and falls onto Pac's spaghetti plate and Pac tells him there's more food in the lunch line.

"Mission: Impacable"

  • The entire exchange wherein Betrayus decides to use Buttler to plant the chip.
    Betrayus: Now, I'll need a volunteer for this dangerous...and very painful mission.
    Buttler: *Begins frantically crawling away* No. Nie. Nyet. NEGATORY. NIX—
  • Betrayus calling Pac-Man a "Wakka Wakka Weenie."
  • Some of Pac's actions while Betrayus and Dr. Buttocks were fighting over the remote.
  • Betrayus telling Butt-ler to go and get his sleeping object.
  • When Betrayus talks in his sleep.
  • When Pac goes after the remote, he finds some type of Netherworld food. He tries to practice his self-control and not eat it, but he ends up eating it anyway.
    • In the background of said scene, the monitor also follows his shifting.
  • Buttler's completely justified payback for being the sacrifice prior.
    Buttler: ... *Picks up the remote* ...My, what an interesting turn of events.
    Betrayus: Buttler...! D-Don't you dare! I would punish and humiliate you if you do...!
    Buttler:: You'll do that anyway, sir. So why not savor the moment?

Seems Like Old Times

  • The first appearance of the suit Sir C. made to handle the underworld without berries.

"Betrayus Turns Up The Heat"

  • Sir Cumference's Demonstration of his "De Sliming Station"

"Nobody Knows"

  • If you pay close attention, Titanium Pac-Man's teeth are metal as well.

"Pac-Pong Fever"

  • Cylindria going into fangirl mode.
  • When the Ghost Gang arrives, they are waving what seems to be a white flag of truce, until a reporter realizes that it's a ghost on a stick!
    Inky: Hey, no white sheets down there, so we used Fred.
    (Fred, the white ghost, waves to them.)

"Driver's Pac"

  • Betrayus at one point begins seriously leaning into Dr. Buttocks for the slowness with which they are digging to the surface. Buttocks' heavy-handed comeback is hilarious.
    Dr. Buttocks: Oh, vat a supreme grasp of ze obvious, given ze antiquated technology you haff forced me to vork vith!
    *Camera pans to a monster slowly plodding on a treadmil.*
    *Cuts to a quartet of ghosts spinning at the drill's top, with drill bits stuck onto their heads.*
  • Spheria is shocked when she finds out Pac failed his driving test, and says she trained jet pilots, astronauts, and pizza delivery guys.

"Indiana Pac and the Temple of Slime"

  • "What IS it with you and mazes, Pac?"
  • Rock Pac-Man, full stop!
    • Rock Pac-Man accidentally running over the ghosts.
    Pinky: Packles, how could you?! I'm crushed!
  • Cylindria and Spiral disgust at getting in Rock Pac-Man's mouth.

"Planet Pac vs. the Ghosteroid"

  • When Dr. Buttocks rechecks his equations, he realizes when the Ghosteroid hits, not only will Pac-World be doomed, but the Netherworld all the same! It's even more funny if you saw that coming, since the Netherworld is directly below Pac-World.
    • Made even funnier due to his brother pointing out the equation wrong because 1+1 isn't three.
    • When Dr. Buttocks goes back over his math, he proclaims it rather proudly when he works out one plus one. Betrayus's face says it all. He then apologizes for the arithmatic error (he blames the schools).
  • Betrayus's reactions to having to help Pac are hilarious, with Butt-ler and the Ghost Gang rubbing it in every chance they get, and at the end the gang tells all of Pac-world that Betrayus had helped Pac, leaving the ghostly ruler so humiliated that he wanted to summon another Ghosteroid to wipe away his shame.
  • Grinder being left in space.
  • Spiral's plan to save Pac World from the Ghosteroid: have everyone eat bean sandwiches, fart in the same direction to change the earth's rotation and avoid getting hit by the asteroid.
  • Once Planet Pac eats the Ghosteroid, Spiral kisses Fuzzbitz, causing the little furball much disgust.
  • Spiral wonders if Planet Pac's nose is a mountain, he doesn't want to imagine what the boogers look like and a thought bubble appears, only to have Cyli destroy it before Spiral can even think about it.

"Stand By Your Pac-Man"


  • When leaving Paclantis at the end of the episode, Cyli and Spiral end up back in Sir Cumference's lab, Pac on the other hand, ends up in the President's bathtub when it's occupied.
  • Betrayus getting Singed by the water because he's a Fire ghost.
  • Buttocks and his latest Invention:
    Dr. Buttocks: Inside zis Chamber I invented-
    Buttler: Translation, Stolen from Sir Circumference (Blows Raspberry)
  • This Exchange Shortly after
    Dr Buttocks: With Zis contraption, you are safe from water
    Betrayus: (Inside a bubble where he can't hear) What?!
    Dr. Buttocks: You're Safe from Water!
    Betrayus: WHAAAT?!
    Dr. Buttocks & Buttler: YOUR SAFE FROM WATER!
    Betrayus: WHO IS WALTER?!
  • Betrayus acting like a Kid repeatedly saying "Are we there yet?"

"Jurrassic Pac"

  • Pac Kong has the Round House's dome on his head with the president inside. Cyli tries to tell him to take it off, but Pac Kong takes the dome off his head and then headbutts it over the horizon. At the end, Sir Cumference thinks he forgot something and the scene shows that the dome is stuck on a mountain wobbling around with the president still trapped inside.
  • The Buttocks clones rebelling against the original Buttocks.
  • Gotta admit the gross out look both Betrayus and Buttler had when Buttock try to kiss his brain was funny.

"A Berry Scary Night"

  • Betrayus awakens the ancient Count Pacula to attack the surface on the only night of the century he can in order to accomplish his goal of draiing the life of a Yellow One. The only problem is that Betrayus failed to mention that A) It's Halloween, B) Pac-Man's a celebrated hero, and C) Half of Pac-World is dressed up like him. Cue Pacula spending what's implied to be hours wandering the gigantic Maze 256, jumping kids simply dressed like Pac-Man, all the while passing the real one multiple times.

"The Great Chase"

  • Mrs. Spheros scolding Betrayus for hypnotizing President Stratos and possessing her and orders Betrayus back to his room for all eternity. Betrayus complies and heads back to the Netherworld sobbing while the eyeballs of his ghost minions laugh.
  • The President acting like a toddler throughout the episode after being hypnotized by Buttocks.
  • Mrs. Spheros adopting Pac as her grandson, much to both the President's and Betrayus' shock. Their reactions were priceless!

"Robo Woes"

  • Pac's singing may be terrible, but it saves everyone's lives at the very end of the episode.
  • Spheros being forgotten about near the end of the episode, AGAIN!
  • Cyli and Spiral being awed by Skeebo's angelic singing voice.
  • Thought bubble Skeebo indirectly telling Pac to use his horrible singing to destroy the alien robot and then tells Pac not to always expect this kind of help from him.

"Cave PAC-MAN"

  • Buttocks reused the dragon furnace to cause a volcano to erupt though suggest Betrayus leaves before it get to hot for even a fireghost. Betrayus (who was lounging in lava.) say how could it get that hot (Then both he and buttock got caught in the lava eruption.)
    • When Spiral translate for pac saying that the kid taste bad due to not taking a both for a LONG time. Cylindria say that the disgusting thing she heard pac did. (then they remember some of Pac earlier adventure and admitted that not the case.)

"Cosmic Contest"

  • When the ghost gang got ejected from the netherworld their eyes acted like slot machines (With Blinky getting double cherries and puking coins
    Pinkie: Wow, jackpot.

"The Pac Be With You"

  • When it was revealed that Blinky didn't reveal he was a pac-fu master was due to being a secret and a big part of humilty. the rest of the ghost gang snickered since that last part doesn't fit Blinky (His fieryredhead response does seal the scene abit.)

"Happy Holidays and a Merry Berry Day"

  • When Buttocks fails yet again, Betrayus uses his eyeballs along with some other ghosts' eyeballs as Berry Day (the Pac World equivalent of Christmas) ornaments.

"Peace Without Slime"

  • It's election day and President Spheros fells like he's forgetting something. When the results are announced and his opponent is declared winner by one vote, Spheros remembers he forgot to vote.

"The Spooka Bazooka"

  • Dr. Buttocks repeatedly breaks the fourth wall to argue with the narrator who keeps treating this episode like a fairy tale.

"Pac's Scary Halloween"

  • Some of the things that come out of Dr. Pacinstein mouth are HILARIOUS!

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