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Nightmare Fuel / JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: JoJolion

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Unmarked spoilers ahead!

  • Josuke taking away Joushuu's sight, leaving two blown out voids where his eyes used to be. It didn't stay that way, but still.
  • Ojiro Sasame booby-trapped Kira's apartment in order to get his revenge. This ranges from hiding pins and razor blades in various locations, to a live venomous snake ready to bite, with a hacksaw nearby so you can amputate your envenomed limb. This is all to set up his Stand's ability: Fun Fun Fun can control any limb that has an injury on it as long as its user is standing above its target. If it wasn't for a timely intervention from Yasuho, Josuke would have been forced to used the aforementioned saw to saw off his lower jaw.
  • Kira made someone eat his own fingers. How? He just told him to do it.
  • Daiya has the power to take away memories, which is already horrifying, but these memories manifest in the form of chess pieces that fall out of her target's body. Not to mention Daiya is a 16 year old immature girl.
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  • Rina's disease, which itself shares the same patterns as the male Higashikata's curse/disease. When she was sick, her skin became stiff and folded as if it was origami, and she seemed to not remember who she was. It gets healed by the Holy Corpse, but her son gets it due to Equivalent Exchange, yet Johnny sacrificed himself to save him. It's implied it's the same disease Holly has.
  • The discombobulating effects of Tsurugi's Paper Moon King Stand.
  • During the fight against Yagiyama, Josuke and Norisuke IV have to escape from chestnuts. Sounds boring, right? Well, the Stand they fight causes a center of gravity in their bodies, drawing in surrounding objects. The spines of the chestnuts fly off them, and into Josuke's fucking eyes. It gets worse when the same thing happens, but with jugs of pesticide instead.
  • When Tsurugi and Yasuho attempt to hunt down the disease-curing fruit, they see the man they're tailing drop his package near a heavily disfigured old man. The old man munches on the fruit and quickly grows his leg, teeth and toenails back. After he jumps into the car with his wife, his eyes turn to stone and break away into small pieces and has sex with her in the back seat while this occurs.
    • The duo are then almost crushed when the person they're tailing finds their Stands wrapped up in a frog origami figure and steps on them.
    • The Rokakaka fruit as a whole is terrifying due to its properties of Equivalent Exchange.
  • The Rock Humans. If the explanation is anything to go by, it would give Paranoia Fuel to anyone. They look like normal humans, but they grow in a different fashion than them (they sleep for longer periods—it could be at least 3 months, and they stay awake for another two), and even though they get normal activities as per any other human (however, they can't adopt regular business hours jobs because of their sleep patterns; suspect anyone who is an artist or even a mangaka), they are essentially unable to coexist peacefully with them (some live with them as parasites, and on the rare occasions they fall in love with a normal human, it always seems to end in one murdering the other). They are very nearly all Stand Users, as well.
  • Tamaki Damo is a very disturbing individual. His Stand, Vitamin C, turns your entire body into a near-amorphous, slippery mass. A mass that can be washed down drains, or else pulled and flattened onto a wall. Once his victims are incapacitated by this, he loves to torture them in creative ways, such as mutilating them with a folded 1000-yen bill or putting live fish in their liquefied body.
  • Josefumi's backstory begins with him as a child at the beach with his mother, only to fall in the water, drown, and nearly die at the hospital if it wasn't for Kira.
  • Dolomite in general, from his limbless body, his rotting teeth, and his Stand ability, which turns people into zombies who chase their target in a straight line. It caused a young boy to repeatedly ram his head into a sign until his eyeballs started to leak out! Seeing it used on a baby actually drives Josuke to utter despair and he all but surrenders to his pursuer out of sheer horror and disgust.
  • The flashback in Chapter 64 gives us the story of Kaato's child homicide and incarceration. Jobin unwillingly knocked a bully out with his Stand, and Kaato buried his body underground near the Joestar shrine. The boy was found 5 years later as a rotted corpse. And the worst part? Kaato said this was necessary to save her son from the family curse.
  • Urban Guerilla's stand, Brain Storm, melts the flesh off of anything it touches, and will enter the body if it makes holes, killing one from the inside as it is impossible to remove once inside. Rai ends up amputating his hand rather than dealing with certain doom.
  • By squeezing Doggy Style's tape with a knife's scabbard, Poor Tom fulfills the condition of a "room with an open door", inflicting extreme decompression sickness onto Rai. The result? His body basically falls apart, with one of his eyes popping out. In the end, he's reduced to a vaguely human-shaped pile of tape. Luckily, he's revealed to have survived using his Stand in the next chapter, but it's still a horrifying visual.


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