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Nightmare Fuel / Hardcore Henry

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  • Henry waking up in a laboratory to find that he is literally missing An Arm and a Leg. In fact, the damage done to his body is terrifying.
  • Akan's entrance, which involves him telekinetically crushing a scientist with a steel door, emphasizes how Ax-Crazy he is. And then he asks the other Scientist to describe Henry's injuries.
    Akan: Would you please be so kind to describe them to better Henry's understanding of how good he looks now?
    Scientist: His arm was shot off below the... below the elbow and the... the leg shot off below the knee. And there was a football-sized dent...
    Akan: Did you happen to see his head?
    Scientist: Yes.
    Akan: Do tell.
    Scientist: Um, the skull was dented in and there was this, um... his eyes were missing and, um, the bottom half of his jaw was shred to pieces.
    • And then Akan does the practically the same thing to him, with his psychic powers, holding him in midair and rendering him helpless.
  • Moments after meeting up with Jimmy... for a second time. We've already seen his brains get blown out and now he's just fine. Starts out as a confusing Hope Spot... then the guy with the flamethrower appears. And he fires at them on a crowded bus. Jimmy gets set on fire and burns to death right in front of Henry (and the audience) while everyone screams. Partially Nightmare Retardant when Jimmy says he'll see him later.
    • What makes this really scary is that Akan's thugs are not even trying to be discreet. They are attacking in public, in broad daylight not caring who gets in the way. And apparently the entire Moscow police force is on his payroll!
    • When Henry finally catches up with the agent in the middle of a Moscow tourist spout. Henry snaps his knee with a horrible crunch. The agent starts to beg for his life using information as a bartering chip, only for his head to explode from the jaw up. The crowd scatters and Henry ducks for cover. He then sees a dog trotting away, with it's owner's hand still wrapped around it's leash. Not only are they're firing into the crowd, but with calibers large enough to dismember easily.
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    • The attack on the brothel, where the thugs indiscriminately open fire on the prostitutes, customers, and staff, even a bartender who puts his hands up and says he's not with Henry and Jimmy.
  • Henry and Jimmy getting attacked in the forest by a TANK. What's scary is the abruptness of it. One moment, they're resting, then Jimmy explodes and a huge bit of shrapnel kills his dominatrix girlfriend instantly.
  • Throughout the film, Akan follows Henry everywhere. Every time they meet, Henry is beaten to hell and then tossed aside like trash. For Akan this is all an elaborate game that Henry has no choice but to play. And it gets worse when we learn that Henry's memories of Estelle are all a ruse.
  • The reveal that the real Jimmy is actually a crippled scientist who originally developed the cyborgs which Akan now intends to use as an army. Unfortunately, he was unable to get them to function properly as they lacked any intelligence. Akan promptly crushed his spine via telekinesis and locked him in the room with mindless droids to be beaten to a pulp.
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  • The Reveal that Akan has a camera implanted within Henry, explaining how he always knew where he'd be. This also makes Jimmy that Henry is a traitor, and tries to shut him down!
  • After finally reaching Akan's compound, having just lost Jimmy, Henry learns that he and Estelle were not married after all. This is merely a story that Akan has Estelle give to every one of his soldiers. He was just one of a lost list of cyborgs who were fed the same lie and then driven to do whatever it takes to save her. The video shows Estelle repeating the words: I love you then saying a different name each time. All those memories were implanted.
  • Henry having to rip open his own chest to insert the chip that he took from the big thug he just killed. There is no Gory Discretion Shot, just a clear image of Henry's guts and organs
  • Henry's final battle against the other cyborgs. This fight is more brutal than the others. Henry tears through each and every one of them with ease using guns, grenades and even his bare hands. In fact, it makes Henry a walking example of Nightmare Fuel to anyone who faces him.
    • Then Akan steps up and freezes Henry in place, before subjecting him to a brutal No-Holds-Barred Beatdown which all but destroys his face. He then tells Henry that he was just the beginning:
    Akan: "We'll have a hundred of you tomorrow, a thousand next week. Each one's first memory will be his wife slipping a cheap brass ring on his finger. Every single one of my soldiers will awake willing to do anything my brilliant wife tells him, whether it's marching on Paris or the White House lawn. I would like to pretend you understand the part you played. You didn't make history, Henry. You helped end it."
  • Akan's death. After having a flashback to his childhood where his father encouraged him to fight back against those who deserved it, Henry wraps barbed wire around his hand and jumps Akan from behind. In desperation, Akan floats up some corpses into the sky to block him. Undeterred, Henry leaps off the levitating bodies, grabs Akan by the leg, proceeds to pound his face to a pulp, AND THEN FUCKING RIPS OUT HIS OWN EYE, still connected to its socket, wraps his eyestalk around Akan's head, and rips through it sideways, leaving the bottom half of his face attached to his body, which falls into into the rotating helicopter blades.
    • He then shows Akan's head to Estelle, who shoots at him only for Henry to deflect the bullet with his robotic hand, sending it back at her. She falls out of the helicopter, but grabs the edge of the door and begs Henry to save her. Instead Henry slams the door shut, severing her fingers and sending her plummeting towards the streets of Moscow.

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