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Nightmare Fuel / Alice in Wonderland

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"Somebody's head is going to roll for this! YOURS!!!"
  • The "Walrus and the Carpenter" sequence (which is actually from the original book, and it's no less creepy than what Disney came up with).
  • The "mad watch" scene is quite intense, with all the screaming and half-crazed profile shots...until the March Hare applies Percussive Maintenance. The slow dying of the watch is one of the funniest bits in the movie.
  • The Queen of Hearts, specifically the "Painting the Roses Red/Off with their heads!" scene.
    • The Queen of Hearts, period. Her temper, the screaming...honestly, good luck sleeping after watching her.
      • Either from the laughs you'll get from remembering her funny scenes or being on watch for her so you can save your head from rolling.
  • The entire ending sequence, with Alice trying to escape as Wonderland seemingly unravels around her, as she backtracks through the hedge maze, onto the beach and rejoins the Caucus Race where the Walrus, Carpenter and the oysters have now appeared despite only appearing in Tweedledee and Tweedledum's story before, through the Tea Party where the Hatter and Hare drags her into a giant cup of tea that bottoms out into the Pool of Tears. There she finds the Caterpillar, floating on his mushroom. After she begs for help, he just blows smoke in her face, which suddenly transforms into a long swirling vortex. Alice runs through it, pursued by the Queen and seemingly all of Wonderland. She finally returns to the Doorknob, running towards it in slow motion (and the door is suddenly no longer attached to a wall), only for the Doorknob to tell her he's still locked, and she's trapped. When she begs him that she has to get out... he tells her she already IS out.
    Alice: What?
    Doorknob: See for yourself *gapes and shows the real Alice outside, still asleep under the tree where the story began*
    Alice: It's me! I'm asleep! *cue Alice begging herself to wake up as the maddened Wonderland residents rushes towards her, only to dissolve into a maddened swirl of colors*
  • The drugged-up, blue caterpillar... They're just talking and then "I am exacicitually three inches HIGH, and THAT IS A VERY GOOD HEIGHT, INDEED!!!" *flashes psychedelic colors and explodes*
    Alice: Well, I'm not used to it! And you needn't... SHOUT! (the way she says this causes the smoke from the explosion to disappear, revealing the remains of the caterpillar, now turned into a butterfly)
    • The caterpillar-turned-butterfly getting angry when explaining which sides of what exactly will make Alice grow taller or shorter: "THE MUSHROOM, OF COURSE!!"
  • Tweedledum and Tweedledee sneaking up on Alice, and the flowers turning on her and chasing her away.
  • That cage-bird-thing in the Tulgey Wood.
    • Of all the weirdness there, that's one of the weirdest. It (a cage with bird legs, neck, and head) keeps a couple of songbirds in it. When they get out (which naturally happens), it chases them down, snaps them up and swallows them alive - back down into the cage. And they're happy about it. More Nightmare Retardant then nightmare fuel, but it will still melt your brain if you think about it too long.
      • It's really not that complicated. It's just a bird cage, after all. Compared to the book-canon bread-and-butterflies (who subsist on weak tea with cream in it, and are stated to die a lot because they can't find any), really not that disturbing.
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  • Alice, a terrified little girl, has magically been made too big to escape a surreal underground chamber. This by itself is terrifying, so naturally, she bursts into tears. Then it gets worse - her tears have become proportionately bigger, causing her to literally flood the room in the process. Alice, drinking what's left of the "Drink Me" bottle in a last-ditch effort to escape, nearly drowns in her own tears. These are, on the whole, a lot of scary things to happen in about a two-minute span.
  • The umbrella birds which are revealed to be vultures.
    • Early concept art reveals that they were going to be Jub-Jub Birds.
  • This mostly counts as a tearjerker, but during "Very Good Advice", everything around Alice, including, not only all the Ugly Cute Tulgey Wood creatures crying along with her, but the ENTIRE forest as well, begins fading away in the process, leaving her in complete darkness.
    • The one that tends to lean the most towards the Uncanny Valley is one of the umbrella birds bawling streams of tears all over its coat, all while making no sound at all. Plus, being the first creature to fade away, it FREEZES mid-cry while doing so.
    • Even creepier, the mirror bird is not only crying without any visible eyes, but is SMILING.
  • David Hall's early concept art for Alice in Wonderland shown in various books and the DVD documentary Reflections On Alice. The Cheshire Cat has a mouth of pointy shark-like teeth and horrifically staring eyes, the baby's morph into the pig is horrific, the Mad Hatter and March Hare chase Alice with a large pair of scissors and a knife respectively, there’s a creepy dungeon complete with a few hanging corpses, Alice is about to be decapitated by the Queen of Hearts who is riding the blade, and it's all drawn in a horribly grotesquely realistic, ghastly style.
    • Not to mention the Knave of Hearts being executed, a member of the Queens entourage is her executioner, and the disturbing ending scene where the Queen's castle turns into playing cards just as Alice is about to be executed. Seriously, this concept art would fit better for a horror movie.
    • Another early concept featured an alternate version of the Cheshire Cat's famous disappearing act; instead of that funny unraveling thing he did in the finalized film, he takes his tail, sticks it in his mouth, starts eating himself and eventually, nothing is left but the grin.
  • As funny and cutely animated as he is, the Cheshire Cat and his general craziness can be pretty scary, particularly the way he always appears at first as nothing but a large set of smiling teeth.
  • Originally, there was supposed to be a sequence featuring the Jabberwock along with a song. It was never used in the final film. A demo from the late 40's was recorded. The vinyl noise dated from the 1940s gives an even scarier sound, along with the sketches of the Jabberwock.
  • The Cheshire Cat's Cut Song, "I'm Odd," sounds downright sinister.
  • Disneyland's original Alice in Wonderland ride featured a large figure of the Cheshire Cat that laughed manically at riders as they rode by.
  • There is a theory that Alice was high on drugs throughout the entire movie, which explains the many trippy imagery and constant drug references. It’s speculated that the flowerbed Alice wanders into at the beginning of the film has infected her brain with it’s supposed toxins, thus everything from Wonderland was just an illusion and she somehow made it back to the tree when the drug was taking affect and she completely passed out when she arrived at the tree. Keep in mind that Alice is a pre-teen girl who is too young to know about drugs and the effects they have on your health, so to actually know that a young girl has just been doped on toxins thoughout the movie is a chilling thought and it took at least an hour and twelve minutes for her to sober up.
    • Unlikely, there are very few plants that can cause that kind of effect in an unrefined state, especially in Victorian Britain where this takes place (if it was in a rainforest somewhere, maybe...). However, it's not completely implausible, considering what was considered common medicine at the time. Cocaine and opium were common treatments for almost anything back then.


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