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Heartwarming / Alice in Wonderland

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  • In the 1951 film, the March Hare and the Mad Hatter's joyous reactions when Alice tells them that she liked their singing. The Mad Hatter even reveals that she's the first person to compliment them (although she quickly finds out why they never get compliments, with the two of them being stark raven mad and all).
  • The Doorknob, despite being an original creation for the movie and about as kooky as the rest, is one of the nicer characters that Alice comes across in Wonderland. He even helps her realize that it's All Just A Dream.
    The Doorknob: (after Alice grabs his knob) Doh! Still locked, you know!
    Alice: But the Queen! I simply MUST get out!
    The Doorknob: Oh, but you ARE outside!
    Alice: What?
    The Doorknob: See for yourself! (opens his mouth to reveal Alice sleeping underneath a tree)
    Alice: Why... Why, it's me! I'm asleep!
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  • Alice's love for her pet cat, Dinah.
  • This involves an Alice performer at Disneyland, read the first two stories on this page. [1] (WARNING: the first one contains a Tear Jerker)
  • The cards who are painting the roses red are also quite decent to Alice. In fact, despite her growing frustration with Wonderland, the second she hears they'll get in trouble for planting white roses by mistake she grabs a brush and offers to help. And when they're carried off to be executed, she tries to appeal to the Queen.

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