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Nightmare Fuel / Cinderella

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"Oh, Crap!" is right!

  • This scene in Tremaine's bedroom. There is no music, Cinderella speaks low and Tremaine suddenly shouts giving her Death Glares.
    • Lady Tremaine overall is a rare case of a Domestic Abuser played disturbingly straight in a family film. And because of it, she's considered one of the most frightening villains in Disney's library, right up there with freaking Maleficent.
  • The scene where the stepsisters viciously rip Cinderella's homemade ball gown to shreds, with disorienting closeups and music as Cinderella tries in vain to protect herself. Said dress was also one of her last mementos of her biological mother's.
    • Earlier in the scene, Lady Tremaine slowly approaches Cinderella and agrees to let her go to the ball, all while politely talking about how she always keeps her word. As she does, Cinderella's eyes go wide and fearful for the first time—as if she knows what's coming. As the insincerity of her words is quite clear to both her and to anyone watching the film, it just makes the coming threat behind them feel even more insidious.
  • The scene when Cinderella is leaving the ball at the stroke of midnight, when she is chased by those scary-looking palace guards on those black horses. The music really makes the scene scary, with For Doom the Bell Tolls as the clock chimes faster and faster.
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  • Lady Tremaine's Death Glare when she finds out that it was Cinderella who attended the ball. The shadows make it more scary than it should have. While it was originally simply supposed to be menacing, the animators managed to make Lady Tremaine's trip up the shadowy stairs after Cinderella scary.
  • When Lady Tremaine locks Cinderella in her room. The smirk Tremaine gives for half a second before she slams and locks the door is quite disturbing.
  • Gus' point of view of Lucifer roaring at him forces the viewers to see how much of a monster this cat can be to someone so little.
  • Bruno chasing after Lucifer in the climax. Just by looking at his face when he saw the cat, it almost looked like he was ready to kill him. Even if he was chasing the cat away to free Cinderella, it does make you think about how dark the concept was.


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