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Where do you go to read the latest about new tropes?
What about old tropes with new names?
How can you find the best but least linked tropes out there?
Worry no more: Trope Report is here.

Good day, Tropers. Thank you for taking time to read the third edition of Trope Report. We hope to reward you with all the latest information on the ins and outs of TV Tropes. In addition to our regular articles, today we bring you our first edition of Work Of The Week, a section devoted to reviewing one of the many works found here on this very wiki. Read it! And if you like the review, play it! Anywho, enjoy your read.


First things first, let us give a warm welcome to the newest members of our forum community! If you haven’t already done so, please give a big hello to: Blissey1, Blue Ink Alchemist, Mandew, The Yeti, Fhthd, Girl Washing Silk, Knighted (Good for nothing liar, you owe me a kidney!,) Midnight Velvet, Thy-Robocop, Parakaitz, Senator Awesome Pants, Unobtainable Cheese, Kuro Fox, Nonsensical Lyric, and DJ Atomika! Welcome to the forum you guys!

As you many of you have no doubt already noticed, the JBM [bugs] icon has undergone a metamorphosis. No longer is it a frog with giant eyebrows which had absolutely nothing to do with the phrase “It Just Bugs Me!”, now it is a full fledged bug! A June bug to be precise! And the Fandom Rejoiced!

It seems last week drained people out. The changes to mention are down by a third! Oh well, less work for me. Here are the changes to be mentioned. Remember, if you wish to have a say in these matters, please go to the Trope Repair Shop subforum.


  • The game series Monkey Island has been split into separate pages according to individual games. Examples for any specific game of that series go on the specific page.

  • Tropers, please note that Exactly What It Says on the Tin means Exactly What It Says on the Tin! If it can not be figured out just by looking at it then it doesn’t belong there.

  • Pair Apparent, where two characters are more or less considered a couple even with no exact confirmation has been cut. Most of its examples have been merged with Official Couple.

  • Heroic Animals has been cut on account of nobody being able to figure out what it was trying to describe. Launcher, if you are reading this; give it a better description next time!

  • Norma Bates has been renamed Mummies at the Dinner Table since nobody knew who Norma Bates was.

  • Baka will soon be cut, but will be included in the new and upcoming Japanese Words The Anime Fandom Expects You To Know (Bets are being made to see how long that title lasts).

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  • Informed Equipment is the new name for Fight In The Nude. Who on earth thought Fight In The Nude was a good name anyway? Really?

  • After much deliberation, it has been decided that Pettanko will be split into two tropes: A-Cup Angst for flat-chested girls who hate being flat-chested, and Petite Pride for girls for whom a flat chest is a STATUS SYMBOL!

  • Eagleland has been soft split into two three four subgroups. Type one is the Make-You-Want-to-Immigrate-to-California Type. Type two is the Evil-Jerks-Portrayal type. Type three is the Good-Average-Joe-But-Nixon’s-In-Charge type, and the Mixed category is a mixture of the three.

Spotlight Stealing Trope:
Editor’s Note: We apologize to our readers for any incoherency in this article. To assure it never happens again the Trope Report staff has pledge to dunk krrackknut’s head into a tub of cold ice before he writes anything ever again. Thank you for understanding. – Scholastica Parable

...Tchoday, we *hic!* turn vour atten-shun ta de Alcohol Hic trope.

Ya know, it's dat soun' dat *hic*! a...wossat...ah! a drunk pwerson...makes when...totally wasted! HOORAY! *hic!*

Eets a beet of a *hic!* shortcut when ya wanna' sho' some'on drunk and...stuff. Beer...hey, beer! Awesome! *gulps* Where wuz eye? Awright, yeah. Beer'cn *hic!* make everythin' fonny, an' makin' tings fonny makes ya laff! An' *hic!* when yer laff so much, ya get de hiccups! Ain't *hic!* that a riot? 'course, it don't work so *hic!* well when ya tryin' ta drown yer sorros', but *hic!* we can steel do it wen we cry! *hic!*

So Yeah. *hic!* Alzo, dis is Truth in Television *hic!* for som' drinkers, so take dat in mind. *hic!*

Anyways, eet's happy hour! WOO-HOO! *gulps down entire glass* HELLS YEAH! MORE! MORE! MORE! MOR~... *collapses*

- (Taken from krrackknut’s voice recorder)

Needs More Wiki Love:
Today's call for Wiki Magic love comes from the direction of the Pickup Hierarchy, a trope which describes those ever-present collectables in Video Games, and the different values the game assigns to them. More than it needs examples, it needs wicks—it's not even linked on things like 100% Completion! Let's get the word out!

-Written by Freezair For A Limited Time

Edits From The Editor:
Fast Eddie has recently revealed the existence of psychic Tropers. They can read minds and bend spoons and all that jazz. Who they are remains a mystery however, as Fast Eddie also informed us:

“All the psychic tropers are concealing their powers from the general public. Out of a fear of being hunted as witches, no doubt.”

Psychic Tropers, stay sharp! We can’t protect you all the time!

Add More Here:
Work of the Week
Iron Gaia is a freeware Science Fiction RPG series for the PC. Please note that I haven't finished either of these games, as they both are rather difficult due to deliberate challenges and bad game mechanics.

It concerns the events on board a massive Space Station (possibly a Generation Ship) named Iron Gaia. In Where Angels Fear to Tread, an engineer named Armand Carter wakes up into an utterly hellish situation on board the station. The Gaia CPU [1] has gone insane, and psionically-gifted humans calling themselves Celestials are roaming about the space station with their own agenda.

In Iron Gaia: Virus, a trenchcoated Tommy gun-slinging psychic cyborg named Dietrich Slade is trying to make his way off of Iron Gaia before it impacts into a nearby planet. Along the way, expository flashbacks occur, many horrible mutants are fought, many computers are h4xx0red, and many swear words are emitted by the player at the myriad security cameras placed around the levels.

Ya know, I WANT to like these games, but it rubbed off on me the wrong way. Many of the tile sets are rather unapologetically taken from other games, such as many elements of the 2300 A.D. maps from Chrono Trigger (although given that most tile sets for RPG Maker are typical fantasy, this is probably the best they could get). And while it's possible to get used to the security cameras in Virus, I can't help but think there was probably a less frustrating way to implement that mechanic. Also, lots of RealSongThemeTunes in MIDI format are used for background music, and it's jarring walking into a room and hearing plingy (totally a word) versions of "Engel" or 'Angel Attack' play. The fact that Dietrich is a one-man party through much of Virus also makes some battles extremely frustrating (here's a hint: don't get paralyzed).

The Teal-Deer version: System Shock plus Final Fantasy with a bit less fine-tuning than either.

Seen worse. But could have been better. Especially since there's lots of other RPG Maker games these days with less things from other games and with more interesting mechanics, more balance, and more polish.


- Written by Charlatan

That’s all folks. Thanks again for reading through this weeks addition of Trope Report. Feel free to praise us after all this hard work! Remember, we’re just the information providers. Its up to you to do something with it. Get involved, give the tropes more love, you are the wiki! The Power Is Yours!


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