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Where do you go to read the latest about new tropes?
What about old tropes with new names?
How can you find the best but least linked tropes out there?
Worry no more: Trope Report is here.

Hello readers! Thank you for picking up the second edition of Trope Report. We’ve had a busy week so far, haven’t we? Fear not though! The writers of Trope Report are dedicated to bringing you the best analyisis and latest information. Read on and you will know everything you need to know!


First off, let us welcome the newest members of our community! Please give a big hello to Malkyrian, heartnibbler, NightFire, 42 Zombies, Incomplete Dani, Happy Duck, Princessof Punk, Atomic Nut. Welcome to the Forum, you guys! Hope you have lots of fun!

Cut... Cut... Merge... Cut… This sections should be renamed C-C-C-Cutlist! As you can see, a rather large number of items were cut this week. It seems for every good trope we have there is also a superfluous one. Take note, Tropers. Not everything is Tropable (Is that a word?) and you don’t need to take every aspect of a trope and make it a separate trope.

  • Obligatory Trope Overdosed Reference has been cut on account of being pointless.

  • As has Likeable Sue. Remember kids, It defeats the purpose of calling someone a Mary Sue if everyone actually likes them.

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  • Cloning Gold also has been cut since it’s basically Follow the Leader. All examples have been moved to that page.

  • While The Silent Bob has not been merged, cut, or renamed it has had is description cleaned up to better differentiate it from other tropes.

  • Just to clear this up; Spectacled Sadist and Four Eyes Zero Soul, are different tropes. Read and learn, Tropers!

  • Screaming CG (Which was when bad CG effects were inserted into a Live Action production, has been merged with Conspicuous CG (Same but was supposed to only for animation), the differences were not considered enough to keep them apart. Apparently this actually happened a awhile ago but was only recently brought up.

  • The Aragon, no, not The Aragorn, has been cut and sent into YKTTW for clean-up. It was supposed to be a Spear Counterpart for Rebellious Princess but was made rather poorly.

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  • Mistaken for Subculture (A Trope than really needs more love by the way) has had its Real Life examples cut. Save them for Troper Tales, folks.

  • Metal Slime has had a make-over concerning its description.

  • Off-the-Shelf FX has been soft split to differentiate between the two main flavors it comes out as. See the trope itself for further details.

  • Long and complicated but basically anything with involved with Big Brother Complex (No, not the 1984 one) has been or will be split or moved or merged.

  • A number of Japanese named tropes have been renamed for the sake of clarity. Enjo Kosai has been renamed to Compensated Dating. Hachimaki is now Martial Art Headband.

  • The Okona, which was described as Informed Ability meets Mary Sue, has been cut.

  • Giant Microbes is in the process of being split. In an unusual case it seems we found a trope growing out of a works page and there are steps being taken to properly separate the two. The Work Page will keep the name so whatever named the trope will have is currently under debate.

Spotlight Stealing Trope:
Today, we focus the limelight on Clone Degeneration, a speculative trope and a rather debilitating disease. Clone Degeneration is what happens when one clones something: a copy is simply not as good or as effective as the original. As such, clones seem to break down quickly or tend to suffer illnesses that the original wouldn't as they lack the defenses.

What would be much worse are clones of clones, or even a recurring system of copies, each one more degraded than the last.

Sometimes the trope is even justified, as the clone degradation is due to a "kill-switch" or a timed shelf-life that the clone's creator implemented.

So, yes. Clone Degeneration is a bad thing.



-Written by krrackknut

Needs More Wiki Love:
* Alternate Animal Affection is a trope that was launched recently by—er, well. While it has a description, it's severely lacking in examples! Surely you've all seen this one—especially you children of The '90s who grew up with a ridiculous number of Funny Animal cartoons.

  • Metal Detector Puzzle is a fine trope, but its examples could use some sorting, and its description could use a little beefing out.

  • And Never Split The Party is a trope page that's needed some beefing-up with examples for a long time! It's not in a wholly unhealthy state, as it stands, but the Wiki Magic has long passed it by for its more well-known and flashier cousin, Let's Split Up, Gang.

-Written by Freezair For A Limited Time

Edits From The Editor:
Sometimes things go wrong. Hey, it happens. Fact of life. But here at tvTropes things should always be operating smoothly. If something goes wrong there is someone to blame and Fast Eddie has discovered the source of our problems:

"Everything is Matrix' fault. The reason that we blame everything on Matrix is because it actually is his fault."

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Fun Fact: Gilligan Cut, was Tv Tropes very first article.

Well that wraps up this weeks edition of Trope Report. Hope you enjoyed reading it as much as we did writing it. That’s right, we. Today’s edition was brought to you by Scholastica Parable and the new writers krrackknut and Freezair For A Limited Time. If you liked this weeks issue, feel free to PM me with praise for having such a keen eye and hiring the best talent out there. If you didn’t like it feel free to spam the PM boxes of the other two with hatemail! Thanks for reading and see you next week!


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