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Happy Duck is a troper who lives in Redneckville, Virginia.

Things to plug shamelessly:
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This troper...

Troper Quotes
These are various things that I've said/thought, and subsequently found amusing.

The ablative ate the other cases!
No more Ms. Nice God!
Sewiously, Wobewt?
Laser-Mole, use Quaint Accent attack!
29 zombies seems about right.
The music video for Bring Me To Life has a moral: never go sleepwalking out of your apartment window with only a hot guy to save you, for he will most certainly drop you and leave you plummeting to your death, especially if you are both singing while this is going on. This goes double if you are Amy Lee.
Wait... Wind-Up releases Seether and 12 Stones too... Om gosh, it all makes sense now! Broken, Bring Me To Life, everything!

Other Quotes
Quotes that amuse me, from sources other than myself. A lot of them are probably going to come from Oo TS.

Here, check it out: Badass; -puts on crown- Really badass.
—Xykon, Order Of The Stick
lol you do realize lithium is a gas right?
—Someone on youtube failing chemistry forever.