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Heya! I'm a pokemon, a Blissey to be exact, if that wasn't already obvious. Yes, I do work at a pokècenter. I'm always getting transferred around to different locations, but for some reason, things are always really quite while I'm there, so I spend a lot of time on the Internets.

One of the most interesting patients I ever had was and anorexic Snorlax. We did all sorts of physical tests on him and couldn't find a problem(besides, ya know, the anorexia). He wouldn't even take one of my eggs! We eventually called in a team consisting of a Hypno and an Alakazam to see if it was a mental thing. Turns out, Something had traumatized him to stop eating. Some further digging revealed the truth: during one of his typical binge eating sessions, this Snoralx had somehow managed to swallow a Ditto. Which then used Transform. While inside him. Yeah.


Fun stuff, innit?


What? You want something more than that?

I'm helping create the Pokèdex, extended Fanon edition. I'm also fairly active in discussing pokèmon in general on the forums.

I've recently discovered that I am also a Brony.

Still want more? Fancy formatting? more links? Forgetaboutit!

Vandalize our favorite egg-making, special-walling big pile of pink here!!

  • Jcruz uses Ultimate Decimation. Blissey's HP went from 1340 to 1206!)
  • My Scyther and Bisharp thank you for patching them up. They take their sparring a little too seriously sometimes. ~Wanderlust Warrior

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