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Mythology Gag / Kamen Rider Wizard

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  • Wizard's forms are nearly similar to Kamen Rider Kuuga. With some having the same color scheme and having upgrade version of their standard form. It helps that the guy who gave him the WizarDriver has a white/gold motif with an orange visor, similar to Kuuga's Growing Form.
  • His mask is even reminiscent of Kuuga's logo.
  • Wizard's origin being somehow related to a solar eclipse.
  • The rider kick in Flame Style bears some similarity to the Crimson Smash.
    • Untransformed, Haruto does a classic version of the Rider Kick in #16.
  • His flying through three circles also makes it very much like a Kamen Rider OOO finisher.
    • Water Dragon style's finisher is rather similar to Putotyra's finisher, what with freezing the enemy and smashing them with a giant tail.
  • Also, the catchphrase "It's showtime" similar with the Kamen Rider Decade version of Psyga (though he said it in Gratuitous English, as the original Psyga spoke only English.)
  • The transformation scene is reminiscent to the three Kamen Riders that are present in Kamen Rider Blade (the "Turn Up System" of Blade and Garren for Wizard, and the "Open Up System" of Leangle and the Missing Ace Riders for Beast).
  • The use of the Rider Machine with a kick finisher is similar to a finisher Gatack did.
  • Several to Faiz (apart from the obvious number "5" motif):
    • Kick Strike's actual kick (after all the fanciful flips and at the point of crashing down) resembles the Crimson Smash. It even ends the same way: Kick through energy (Triple Rings for Wizard, Large energy cone for Faiz), appear on the other side, pose, and the Rider's sign appears.
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    • All mobile phones used thus far are flip phones, just like Faiz's.
    • Both Riders' powers can only be used if they are biologically similar to their enemies.
  • Beast consuming mana has the exact same sound as OOO PuToTyra's Medagabryu consuming cell medals.
  • Beast in general. Powered by a Bond Creature that must be fed Monster of the Week energies lest you find yourself on the menu? You don't say.
  • Beast's origin also mimics Kuuga in that he found the belt in an archaeological dig.
  • In #24, when Wizard was fighting Weretiger, Wizard dodges an attack from the Phantom, which destroys a certain statue of a hand holding a football, then Weretiger throws the statue remains at Wizard, who slashed it apart. The statue greatly resembles the one in Kamen Rider Fourze that was made as a symbol of pride in Amanogawa High School (and destroyed by Shun in the Powerdizer). Guess they did Amanogawa High a favor.
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  • Episode #26, which takes place at a high school, has a Fourze-style title, consisting of four symbols.
  • Spriggan Phantom from #28-29 is not only two-colored down the middle, and uses a sword and shield but he will count up your... errors in judgement.
  • Wizardragon turning into the Axcalibur for Infinity States evokes Zeronos' Zero Form or New Den-O.
  • One of the Phantoms' secret meeting places has huge colored cloths draped all over.
  • One of the protagonist's female friends is related to the Big Bad, whose actions in his desire to save her kick-starts the entire series' plot. Sound familiar?
    • The major difference is that while the Big Bad is unable to accept the death, it's the hero that accepts it.
  • The villain of episodes #52-3 (the Crossover with the other Heisei Riders) is named Amadam, which is the name of the stone that powers Kamen Rider Kuuga's Transformation Trinket.