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Recap / Kamen Rider Wizard

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TV series

  1. The Ringed Wizard
  2. I Want to Be a Wizard
  3. Transform! Live Broadcast
  4. The Doll and the Pianist
  5. The Deciding Match of the Contest
  6. To a Beautiful Flower
  7. Buying Memories
  8. A New Magic Stone
  9. The Dragon's Cry
  10. National Security Bureau Section Zero
  11. The Promise to Defend
  12. The Wagashi of Hope
  13. The Heir to the Dream
  14. The Return of the Film Director
  15. After the Last Scene is...
  16. The Christmas Miracle
  17. Another Wizard
  18. Magical Power Eating
  19. Today's Life, Tomorrow's Life
  20. Learning the Truth
  21. The Crazed Dance of the Dragons
  22. The Phoenix's Rampage
  23. Deathmatch
  24. The Wizard's Grandmother
  25. Life Choices
  26. Campus Infiltration
  27. Bit and Little Sisters
  28. The Stolen Belt
  29. The Evolving Wild Beast
  30. The Day Magic Disappeared
  31. Tears
  32. Part-Time Danger
  33. What Money Can't Buy
  34. The Other Side of the Popular Model
  35. The Other Side of Sora
  36. The Myna Bird Speaks
  37. Wanted: Despair
  38. Stolen Hope
  39. What Was Forgotten On The Pitch
  40. I Want to Ride a Bike
  41. A Wizard's Fate
  42. The Ringed Novelist
  43. The White Wizard's Secret
  44. The Son's Keepsake
  45. The Smile in My Heart
  46. The Cracked Memory
  47. The Truth About Wiseman
  48. The Philosopher's Stone
  49. The Beginning of the Sabbath
  50. What Is Important?
  51. The Last Hope
  52. The Kamen Rider Rings
  53. The Endless Story




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