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A Country Music duo consisting of Wynonna Judd (born Christina Claire Ciminella, May 30, 1964) and her mother Naomi (born Diana Ellen Judd, January 11, 1946 - April 30, 2022), the Judds were one of the biggest duos in the genre for most of The '80s.

The Judds started performing in Nashville, and by 1983, they had been signed to RCA Records. The label issued a six-song EP titled Wynonna & Naomi. Released as singles from it were "Had a Dream (For the Heart)", a cover of a Elvis Presley B-Side, and "Mama He's Crazy", their first #1 hit and the 1984 winner of the Grammy Award for Best Country Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal.

Their first full-length album Why Not Me came out later in 1984, and between then and 1990, the two had recorded a total of five albums, one EP, and one Greatest Hits Album. They also dominated the ACM and CMA Duo of the Year awards, in addition to racking up a myriad of Grammy Awards through hit songs such as "Why Not Me", "Grandpa (Tell Me 'bout the Good Ol' Days)", "Give a Little Love", and "Love Can Build a Bridge". Most of these songs put Wynonna's throaty voice to the front, delivering twangy traditional country with a modern polish.

Due to a combination of Creative Differences and Naomi coming down with hepatitis, the Judds broke up amicably in 1991 following a second greatest-hits album. Wynonna spent the rest of her career recording as a solo artist, although she occasionally reunited with her mother for the occasional tour and single. Naomi meanwhile did various television work including sporadic acting roles.

Naomi's other daughter is actress Ashley Judd.


  • Wynonna & Naomi (EP) (1984)
  • Why Not Me (1984)
  • Rockin' with the Rhythm (1985)
  • Heatland (1987)
  • Greatest Hits (1988)
  • River of Time (1989)
  • Love Can Build a Bridge (1990)
  • Greatest Hits Volume Two (1991)
  • Big Bang Boogie (EP) (2000)note 
  • I Will Stand by You: The Essential Collection (2011)

Tropes present:

  • Band of Relatives: Mother and daughter.
  • Christmas Songs: They recorded a Christmas song titled "Light of the Stable" in 1984, and a rendition of "Silver Bells" which was originally issued on their Christmas album in 1987 but did not chart until 1998.
  • Hymn to Music: "Turn It Loose," about country music specifically.
  • Lipstick Mark: Occurs in "Have Mercy": "The lipstick on your collar gives your game away / It's strawberry red and mine's pink rosè."
  • Nostalgia Filter: "Grandpa (Tell Me 'Bout The Good Old Days)," in which the singer asks her grandfather to tell her about how uncomplicated and straightforward the world used to be.
  • Record Producer: All of their material was produced by Brent Maher.
  • Re-release the Song: "Change of Heart" and "John Deere Tractor" were originally recorded on their debut album but were reissued in 1988 off a Greatest Hits Album, and in 1990 off their last studio album respectively.
  • Romantic Hyperbole: "Love Can Build a Bridge" uses over-the-top romantic imagery which provides the page quote.
  • Singer Name Drop: Carl Perkins plays lead guitar on "Let Me Tell You About Love", and Wynonna says "Pick it, Perkins" before one of his solos.
  • 6 Is 9: One of their reunion songs was titled "The '90s Was the '60s Turned Upside Down".
  • Song Style Shift: The first 1:05 of "Born to Be Blue" is a slow, bluesy piano intro (which was cut from the radio edit), while the rest of the song is more upbeat.
  • Stage Names: Diana became Naomi feeling she was like Ruth's mother-in-law from The Bible (who also travelled to a foreign country where she eventually had to raise two women by herself), and Wynonna took Naomi's surname and homaged the city of Winona, Arizona given it's namedropped in "Route 66".