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Cypecore is a German Industial/Melodic Death Metal band formed in 2007 in Baden-Württemberg. They are notably characterized by their elaborate costumes and theatrical live shows. Carrying a clear Cyberpunk theme, their lyrics usually revolve around themes of destruction, despair and the possibility of new light being found in the darkness.

Cypecore provides examples of:

  • Cybernetics Eat Your Soul: A common theme in their lyrics.

  • Cyberpunk: Their aesthetic of choice.

  • Desolation Shot: "The Moment of Impact".

  • Epic Rocking: "And The Sun Will Never Rise Again" on Take The Consequence, "Dreamsmasher" and "Remembrance" on The Alliance.
    • Several other songs are just a tad too short to invoke this trope; "... And Death Was Nothing To Him" (5:34), "The Origin of Hate" (5:48), "The Void" (5:39), "The Hills Have Eyes" (5:41), "Dissatisfactory" (5:37), "Leviathan" (5:35) and "Spirals" (5:43).

  • Genre-Busting: Industrial Metal with Melodic Death Metal understones and a splash of Alternative Metal for good measure.

  • "I Am" Song: "Saint of Sion". The title track on The Alliance as well, albeit in plural form.

  • I Am the Band: Following bassist Christoph Heckel's death in 2018 guitarist Nils Lesser is the only founding member still in the band.

  • Idiosyncratic Album Theming: Each album so far has always had an intro and outro track merely titled "Intro" and "Outro", respectively.

  • Important Haircut: By the time of the release of the single "Chosen Chaos" Nils Lesser's chest-length hair had been changed to a mohawk.

  • Music for Courage: The title track on The Alliance.

  • New Sound Album: From Identity onward the band's sound started to shift away from Melodic Death Metal and more towards Industrial Metal a la Fear Factory. However, the Melodeath influences still show up here and there on some songs on both Identity (e.g. "Drive") and The Alliance (e.g. "Values of Death").

  • Portmantitle: "Dissatisfactory" ("dissatisfaction" + "factory")

  • Revolving Door Band: So far, they've had two different vocalists, three drummers and four guitarists. Following bassist and founding member Christoph Heckel's death, guitarist Nils Lesser remains the only founding member still in the band.

  • Subdued Section: Pops up here and there, notable examples being "The Origin of Hate" and "Remembrance".

  • Title Track: Played straight on Innocent, Indentity and The Alliance, averted on Take The Consequence, although the phrases "take the consequence" and "taking the consequence" appear on the tracks "Sick Sad Little World" and "The Moment of Impact", respectively.