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  • In Air Pressure, Leigh is this to the PC. This is not portrayed as healthy in the slightest, as Leigh turns out to be most likely a metaphor/stand-in for drug addiction and "getting closer" to her results in the PC waking up in the hospital and being told that he nearly died but choosing to stay with Leigh anyway because he can't imagine living without her.
  • In Fate/stay night Shirou is a crutch for Sakura, though this is not immediately evident. He's the only one she'll let kill her, even after she loses it completely.
  • When They Cry:
  • Katawa Shoujo:
    • Shizune is one for Misha, as seen in Shizune's route. Misha has unrequited feelings towards her best friend Shizune. When Hisao begins dating Shizune, Misha becomes overcome with the fear that Shizune'll leave her. It's implied she ends up suicidal due to that combined with her own self-consciousness. It's explict in an earlier version of the arc. In it, Misha outright kills herself at the end of Act 2.
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    • Hisao becomes one for more than one of the girls in their respective routes. Also viceversa, as in Lilly's route he comes to emotionally rely on her. Deconstructed in Hanako's route: he aims to become this to Hanako so he can protect her, which will end up alienating her if you keep it up.
    • Emi keeps people at arm's reach to avert having someone become this. And specially, to not suffer if she loses someone else she loves, as happened with her father...who died few days after the accident that took her legs.
  • Little Busters!: Kyousuke (and to a lesser extent, Kengo and Masato) are this for Rin and Riki, who are so shy and fearful of strangers or so passive and worried about the outside world respectively that they are very dependent on them. In fact, the main driver of the plot is Kyousuke's attempts to break them away from this, as a bus they were travelling in crashed, leaving everyone but Riki and Rin with fatal injuries, and Kyousuke knew they couldn't survive on their own.
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  • Ryo serves as this for Hibiki in Lux-Pain. Hibiki crossed the Despair Event Horizon in his backstory and it was Ryo (and the nurse Honoka that brought him back to almost complete health...only for it to shatter when Ryo gets a new, beautiful assistant who Hibiki gets jealous of as she serves as a better caretaker of his best friend than him. And of course, Ryo being unaware of his best friend's feelings also makes him completely lose it. Once you beat the game again and you get the cutscene where Ryo tells him not to disappear on him again, you can see that Ryo is what keeps Hibiki from completely going insane. Ironically the normal ending implies that they serve as an emotional crutch to each other as in the normal ending when Hibiki is killed by a crazed Honoka, you don't get to talk to Ryo anymore as the game implies he locked himself in the library shocked that he lost the last person that was important to him.
  • Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Justice for All. Adrian Andrews suffers from an intentionally overcompensated for and totally-played-straight Dependent Personality Disorder. Initially appearing as a self-contained narcissist who needs no one and prefers being by herself, it is later revealed she is actually the exact opposite in hiding and willing to do literally anything to not be found out. Her codependent pathology is so severe, in fact, that it is eventually discovered that she attempted suicide after the death of the person she pathologically idolized and lived exclusively for: Celeste Inpax. In an attempt to hide this fact, she forms a relationship with Franziska von Karma to protect herself from needing to reveal her true nature. Andrews, naturally, clings to Franziska like a terrified and helpless child, doing everything she says without any thought of her own needs.
  • Played very darkly in Saya no Uta. The main character suffers from a severe case of agnosia which causes everything he sees, hears, touches, etc. to be utterly repulsive (everything's covered in or made out of Meat Moss, people are disgusting amorphous creatures who bellow nigh-unintelligibly at him, etc.) Saya, the only person who appears normal to him, quickly becomes his only reason to keep living. Unfortunately, having an Eldritch Abomination as an emotional crutch doesn't exactly do wonders to your sanity, and while he may be happy in his madness, he also ruins the lives of everyone around him in spectacularly horrific ways. The lives of every human, anyway. From the Eldritch Abomination's point of view, he's a godsend.
  • Like its anime adaptation listed above, School Days has multiple examples. Makoto becomes this for Kotonoha, to the point that she is homicidally insane if they're not together. On a less batshit crazy level, Setsuna fills this role for Sekai; the reason Setsuna is pushing Makoto towards Sekai so hard is to get him to fulfill this role for Sekai, since Setsuna is about to move to France.
  • In Ikemen Sengoku, Nobunaga is this for Hideyoshi due to Hideyoshi having extremely low self-esteem caused by a lifetime of being constantly rejected and shunned by others solely because he was born a poor vagabond. He had basically given up on ever bettering himself until Nobunaga inspired him to turn his life around, and he subsequently bases his entire self-worth on serving Nobunaga and is willing to give up his entire life for him in a heartbeat.

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