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Jiggy Mccue series, by Michael Lawrence, is a series of children's books that center around a young boy named Jiggy McCue.

There are 13 (12 in the relaunch which took out The Curse of the Poltergoose) books in the series:

  • The Curse of the Poltergoose
  • The Killer Underpants
  • Toilet of Doom
  • Maggot Pie/The Meanest Genie
  • The Snottle
  • Nudie Dudie
  • Neville the Devil
  • Ryan's Brain
  • The Iron, the Switch and the Broom
  • Kid Swap
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  • One for All and All for Lunch!
  • Rudie Dudie
  • Murder & Chips

The series contains examples of:

  • Only Known by Their Nickname: Jiggy's real name is Joseph, but everyone calls him Jiggy. Similarly, Eejit's real name is Ralph, but everyone except from his mother calls him Eejit.
  • Protagonist Title: The entire series is called the Jiggy Mccue series, and every book cover has 'A Jiggy Mccue story' on it.
  • The "The" Title: 'The Curse of the Poltergoose', 'The Killer Underpants', 'The Snottle', 'The Iron, the Switch and the Broom'
  • Tomboy: Angie.
  • Two Guys and a Girl: The main characters consist of Jiggy, the protagonist, and his two best friends, Pete and Angie. They call themselves the Three Musketeers.
  • Unfortunate Name: When naming their house, Jiggy wrote down several joke names and unfortunately one of his ideas was chosen. Thus, 'The Dorks'.

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