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Literature / Isaac Asimov: The Complete Stories
aka: The Complete Stories

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Made up of two volumes, these collections were intended to be an exhaustive series of Isaac Asimov's fiction. Volume 1 was first printed in 1990, and Volume 2 was first printed in 1992. No additional volumes have been created yet.

Three previous collections, Earth is Room Enough, Nine Tomorrows and Nightfall and Other Stories, were wholly republished to form the first volume (except for the preface of each story from Nightfall and Other Stories). No collections were wholly republished for volume two.

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Works collected in Isaac Asimov: The Complete Stories:

     Volume 1 

     Volume 2 

Isaac Asimov: The Complete Stories contains examples of:

  • Anthology: Dr Asimov, in conjunction with Doubleday, began this series with the intent of publishing all of the short fiction he had ever published. The introduction implies the goal of republishing his novels under this title as well.
  • Billed Above the Title: Regardless of which title or volume you're looking at, "Isaac Asimov" is sized at one-third of the cover, always making it larger than the rest of the title.
  • Divided for Publication: The UK printing by Harper Collins chose to split Volume 1 into their own volumes 1 and 2, without publishing additional volumes for Volume 2 of this collection. The Harper Collins volume 1 ends with "The Last Question" and volume 2 starts with "The Ugly Little Boy".
  • Doorstopper:
    • Volume 1 contains over 600 pages, and just under 50 stories/poems.
    • Volume 2 is slightly smaller, with over 500 pages, and only 40 stories/poems.
  • Mirrored Confrontation Shot: The Doubleday Volume 1 has two robots, each holding an hourglass, facing each other from opposite sides of the cover.
  • Multi-Volume Work: When the first volume was published, it wasn't certain how many volumes it would take to republish all of Dr Asimov's short fiction. The series, being obviously incomplete, may stay that way due to Dr Asimov's death the same year Volume 2 was published.
  • Numbered Sequels: The title for each collection is The Complete Stories, while Volume 1 and Volume 2 are subtitles to distinguish between volumes.
  • Title 1: Given the popularity of Dr Asimov, it was considered a good investment to try publishing all of his previously published works in a comprehensive format, which necessitated multiple volumes to produce. The second volume was published fifteen months after the first volume.
  • Omnibus: Volume 1 was created by choosing three previous collections and reprinting them as a single volume. The foreword is clear that this series was intended to be an omnibus for Dr Asimov's entire publication history.
  • Orphaned Series: The introduction of Volume 1 makes it clear that Dr Asimov was intending to work with Doubleday to republish all of his fiction in a format that would make finding stories easy, but having only 88 stories/poems when his short Science Fiction is more than two hundred shows that at least two more volumes would be needed. Once you add in the Mystery Fiction and Poetry counts, the two lonely volumes look very incomplete.

Alternative Title(s): The Complete Stories Volume 1, The Complete Stories Volume 2, The Complete Stories, Isaac Asimov The Complete Stories Volume 1