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Literature / The Watery Place

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First published in Satellite Science Fiction (October 1956 issue), this Short Story by Isaac Asimov is a Science Fiction Feghoot about foreigners from Venice.

The unnamed Deputy of Twin Gulch, Idaho tells how Sheriff Burt Cameron has turned the planet earth into a permanent off-limits zone. Poor ol' Sheriff Cameron was busy doing his taxes (which always gets him riled up), when two strangers come into the sheriff's office. They claim to have been watching for awhile and say they're from far away. How far? That watery place; Venus. Annoyed with them for interrupting when he's trying to finish his taxes, he yells at them to leave him alone and never come back.

That's why humanity will never encounter aliens again. Because a podunk sheriff thought he was being bothered by aliens from that watery place; Venice.

This story has been reprinted six times; Earth is Room Enough (1957), Science Fiction Verhalen 3 (1964), The Far Ends Of Time And Earth (1979), Sirius (Yugoslavia/Croatia magazine #55 January 1981 issue), Meine Freunde Die Roboter (1982), and The Complete Stories, Volume 1 (1990).

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