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Literature / Nine Tomorrows

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Genre Anthology of Isaac Asimov's works, first published in 1959 (printed by Doubleday). An alternate title is Nine Tomorrows: Tales of the Near Future.

Two works of comic poetry begin this collection, both playing with the difficulties of writing. The nine numbered Science Fiction stories each provide a different perspective on what the future might be like. Every story was chosen from the past three years of publishing. This collection was republished in the Omnibus titled The Complete Stories, Volume 1.

Works published in this collection:

  1. "Profession" (1957)
  2. "The Feeling of Power" (1958)
  3. "The Dying Night" (1956)
  4. "I'm in Marsport Without Hilda" (1957)
  5. "The Gentle Vultures" (1957)
  6. "All the Troubles of the World" (1958)
  7. "Spell My Name with an S" (1958)
  8. "The Last Question" (1956)
  9. "The Ugly Little Boy" (1958)

Nine Tomorrows contains examples of: