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First published in Beyond Fantasy Fiction (September 1953 issue), this Short Story by Isaac Asimov is a Fairy Tale about a fantasy genre writer who encounters an elf that wants to kidnap him.

An elf holds Blanche Prentiss hostage while talking to her husband, Jan. The elf was banished from the island of Avalon for their mutant ability to use their mental powers to generate electricity. It believes this mutation represents a new era for elfkind, because now they can take full advantage of the technological achievements humans have created. Once Jan junior is home, Jan senior is sent to the library to collect engineering books on electricity and the internal combustion engine. Once he gets far enough away, however, Jan junior is able to squash it, and everyone is fine.

This story has been reprinted six times; Beyond Fantasy Fiction (the UK March 1954 issue), Earth is Room Enough (1957), Galaxy (Italy #57, February 1963 issue), Sirius (Yugoslavia/Croatia magazine #106, April 1985 issue), The Complete Stories, Volume 1 (1990), and Faeries (1991).

Examples of tropes within this work: