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Falcon is a science-fiction Gamebook series by Mark Smith and Jamie Thomson, featuring a special agent codenamed Falcon who is a psychic member of the Time Police in the year 3033. You are graded in each book on how well you maintain the timeline, or at least a Close-Enough Timeline if everyone would otherwise have died.

In the year 3033, mankind mostly lives for fun. Few people work, and fewer still have to. One thing very heavily monitored, however, is time, which is policed by TIME, the Temporal Investigative and Monitoring Executive, one of the most important agencies in the Space Federation.

Yes, the Space Federation. Earth shares the galaxy with several species, and most have agreed that since Time Travel is possible, then having a planet be RetGoned would be a bad thing.

There are six books in the series, consisting of:

  • 1. The Renegade Lord
  • 2. Mechanon
  • 3. The Rack of Baal
  • 4. Lost in Time
  • 5. The Dying Sun
  • 6. At the End of Time

Falcon provides examples of: