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Spike holding up the infamous Eggbert.
During the show's original run, tie-in novels were published centered around a specific character. These include Spike, Joey, Melanie, Snake, Maya, BLT, Caitlin, Wheels, Shane, and Stephanie. The books are written mostly based on the characters' plotlines and from the show, although some can take a different turn altogether. A story novel called Exit Stage Left was also released, which involved the students of Degrassi staging a school play.


  • Exit Stage Left
  • Stephanie Kaye
  • Joey Jeremiah
  • Shane
  • Spike
  • Melanie
  • Snake
  • BLT
  • Caitlin
  • Lucy
  • Maya
  • Wheels

Tropes specific to the Degrassi Junior High novels:

  • Adaptational Expansion: Like below, when adapting plotlines from the show, the books actually expand them.
  • Adaptational Explanation: Some of the books actually give a better backstory to events in the show than the show itself. For instance, Spike explains how she even met Shane in the first place.
  • Adaptational Sexuality: Snake's book, based loosely from the episode He's Not Heavy about his gay brother, has him essentially being bisexual.
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  • Expy: In Caitlin, Caitlin meets and gets politically involved with a guy named Robert, who is totally an expy of Claude Tanner.
  • First-Person Perspective: Spike is written from her point of view; none of the other books (as far as are easily available) are written this way.
  • One-Word Title: With the exception of Exit Stage Left, Joey Jeremiah and Stephanie Kaye, every other book has the character's first name.

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