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  • Electric Six One-Man Band Dick Valentine is... interesting. Even more so in his songs.
  • Kai Hansen qualified on the first two Gamma Ray live videotapes (later released on DVD) where Ralf Scheepers was singing, giving Kai free rein to bounce around like he's high on crystal meth, grin maniacally at the camera, and generally act goofy and silly. Unfortunately he's much more restrained these days.
  • Brendon Urie in the video for "Nine In The Afternoon". He was basically running around in pajamas for a good portion of the video and kept picking up random objects like an alarm clock and a vacuum.
  • Iron Maiden's guitarist Janick Gers is noted for being reallyhyperactive on stage.
    • Minus Adrian Smith, the whole band counts, really. Especially Bruce Dickinson. It's possible to get tired just watching him. Nicko even more so, offstage even.
  • Awsten Knight, lead singer and guitarist of Waterparks, with his loud, cheerful nature, hyperactive stage moves and tweets in capslock
  • Bassist John Avila of Oingo Boingo is amazingly keet. Observe.
  • Sparks vocalist Russell Mael embodies this trope quite nicely with his hyperactive stage antics and high falsetto, in the band's initial heyday in the 70s and to this day(!).
  • Howlin' Pelle Almqvist of The Hives.
  • The band Structures' drummer. Seriously look at him! If you don't want to look, though, just know that every time he drums he has a massive smile on his face and puts everything he has into it without ever getting tired.
  • Several 'trouser roles' in opera—the character is a boy/young man, sung by a soprano—qualify.
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  • Kevin Talley is notoriously outgoing and hyperactive in person, in addition to having a highly energetic and theatrical playing style.
  • Syd Barrett before his mental breakdown.
  • In terms of Vocaloid, Kagamine Len was specifically designed to be this trope incarnate with his design and voice. This is also a common fanon portrayal of Kaito.
  • Armin Van Buuren is known for his very energetic stage presence and always appears to be having the time of his life whenever he performs.
  • There's a reason why Ryan Tedder of OneRepublic keeps sounding out of breath when performing live.


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