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  • The Adventures of Dr. McNinja:
    • The title character's ninja clan were formed from Irishmen who fought off pirates with frozen shamrocks, which they used as shuriken. At one point, the doctor recreates the trick... though as he does, he laments, "This is so retarded."
    • Later in the comic the president of the United States fights off some mind-controlled secret service agents with a flagpole.
  • In Ball and Chain, Dorioth uses Silver's violin as a weapon during a fight with her father's hired goons. Silver is none too pleased about this.
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  • In Cuanta Vida, when Bleu and BLU Scout are attacked by Rojo, Scout uses his crutch as a weapon. And then gives a 'delightful' Slasher Smile.
  • In El Goonish Shive, Elliot, in his fight with the Bloodgrem, used a broom stick and a screwdriver.
  • Girl Genius:
    • Warrior princess Zeetha is delighted to make use of this trope in a "no weapons allowed" bar fight. ("Tankard! Not a weapon!")
    • Also, Higgs is lethally powerful and accurate with a wrench.
    • Klaus himself is not above using non-combat units when he hasn't got any siege weapons ready. Either he taught Gil to think the same way, or their talent for compilation and adaptation of ready solutions makes it automatic.
    • The Heterodynes have a book on the subject. Agatha makes use of it on the sixth panel. Here is an etext. (Note the sound effect: "TOME!")
  • Gnoph: Abbey threatens some gun-toting gang members with silverware. At first they laugh at her. Then comes the Eye Scream...
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  • Goblins. MinMax has "Weapon Proficiency: Furniture" (traded in his ability to wink).
  • In Godslave, at one point of fight between Edith and Turner, both use heavy metal door to fight.
  • Homestuck:
  • It's Walky!: Sal uses the door.
  • Conny tries to attack Korocassia with a glass shard in Luminary Children.
  • Adrestia from morphE makes good use of a broken floor tile.
  • Nature of Nature's Art: As well as spectacular acrobatics and surprising blood pressure strength, Lycosa occasionally uses stuff she finds lying around to beat the crap out of her enemies. The twist is that she - and her opponents - are spiders. Therefore, a piece of glass becomes a huge sword, and a pill becomes a gigantic club.
  • The Order of the Stick:
    • Thog uses a door.
    • O-Chul took a bar from his cage and Smite Evil'd Redcloak's right eye out, as well as offed Jirix and a demon-roach.
    • In a possible Shout-Out to The Chronicles of Riddick scene described in the film folder, Belkar once intimidated an angry mob into not attacking him... while armed with nothing but a pebble.
    • Belkar lists all the ways he can think of to kill someone with a "nonlethal" wooden sword. It's a disturbingly long and well-thought-out list.
    • In the prequel Start of Darkness Xykon beats Fyron to death with an award statuette.
  • In an early Questionable Content, Marten uses a stop sign to fight Vespavenger.
  • In Rusty and Co., Dorilys weaponizes a cake -- and without having to stop leaning on the wall.
  • When he was moved to his new maraca body way back in book one, Ennesby of Schlock Mercenary was given some very powerful localized gravitic manipulators to act as hands. He figured out a way to turn it into a maser weapon by focusing background microwave radiation, and he's been using it on and off since then.
  • Silent Hill: Promise used a curtain rod. It hasn't worked so well.
  • Sluggy Freelance:
    • When storming Hereti-Corp head-quarters, Oasis went from being unarmed to "sorta unarmed" after she killed two mooks with pencils.
    • See also the fight between Gwynn and Oasis, where the former uses her telekenetic powers to attack Oasis with... well, anything at hand, including the chunk of wood with which the assassin gets impaled, before being knocked off a cliff.
  • In Spying with Lana, Lana loves using objects to bash her opponents in the head.
  • Waterworks shows us that a laser pointer can be pretty menacing (to shine into your enemies' eyes, natch).
  • In Weak Hero, if it's on hand, then Gray can and will use it as a weapon: school bags, pens, books, chalkboard dusters, soda cans, bins, curtains, dirt, his phone, his belt, anything.


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