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  • Gang-Hui from Divine Bells. This matches with his fiery powers.
  • The eponymous heroine of Anime News Nina has demonstrated her ability to mimic Kamina's epic stances over the smallest setbacks.
  • Axe Cop will chop your heads off.
  • Casimiro of Hanna Is Not a Boy's Name goes from playful to raging to a nice Tranquil Fury all in his very first scene.
  • MAG-ISAKyle has a passion about changing this <bleep>'d up world.
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  • Largo in MegaTokyo is like this most of the time.
  • Devil Girls in Sinfest. At least, Fire Succubus subtype. All of them seems to fall back into pyro-Tsundere mode when annoyed.
  • The eponymous Vattu, who has no respect for authority and can hold her own against a muscle-bound giant three times her height.
  • Katamari's Ichigo, in sharp contrast to Gentle Giant Macho, is hot-tempered, quick to suggest action and violence, and snarky to boot.
  • The Guy in Tellurion gets riled up by the church guards easily, and has to be held back on occasion. Given the opportunity he'll pick a fight even if outnumbered and outgunned.
  • Never Satisfied: January Singh.
    • "January just caught something too. Or just destroyed someone's property. Hard to tell with her."
    • However she caught the zebra finch in the third test involved breaking its wings.
    • She deliberately misused the quartz shooters, explicitly powered down by design to prevent injury, to fire magic shots strong enough to crack tree bark.
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    • When Rascal complained that she was refusing to shoot an easy target on account of a crush, she suplexed them with no hesitation.
    • Once the fourth test concluded, she was raring to confront a husk alone with no backup, no gems, and no plan.
    • When Seiji threatened her over her treatment of Sylas, her response was to punch him in the gut, kick him in the face, and stomp on his back before Friday brought her to her senses.
  • El Goonish Shive:
    • Elliot is like this naturally though he ruthlessly suppresses it, resulting in his notorious "wooden reserve", because he considers it a character flaw.
    Elliot: Have I ignored non-violent solutions because I wanted a fight?
    • Ellen shares Elliot's excitability but exhibits less control over it.
    • Catalina is very excitable which is not surprising given that she's a redhead.


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