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"I'm just saying that whatever happens here, I want you to know I really care about you."
  • Lister/Rimmer:
    • The fact that the two of them continue to share a bunk room even though they have the run of the whole ship is very telling.
      • Not only that but we see the bunkroom changes throughout the series, not only showing that Lister and Rimmer have continued to share a bunk, but also implying that they've upgraded together.
    • The whole of "Blue" is one big ho yay-athon between these two, with Lister sulking for the whole episode because he misses Rimmer and at one point having a dream about making out with Rimmer. It's also notable that this comes just one episode after he defensively told Kochanski that he's not gay, not even a little bit.
      • This also echoes how in "Confidence and Paranoia", Lister goes looking through Kochanski's dream recorder, and proudly tells Rimmer that she had three dreams about him, saying:
        Lister: It must mean something. You don't dream about someone you don't feel something for.
      • A comment from Kryten in Red Dwarf: Back to Earth suggests that everything imagined - hallucinations, dreams, or otherwise - continues on as an alternate universe somewhere. It's used to imply that we ourselves are an alternate universe alongside Red Dwarf, but considering the Lister/Rimmer dream that Lister has ...
    • In "Demons and Angels", you have Rimmer's 'low' self threatening to 'have' Lister. And considering that their low selves are made up of the worst parts of them, might there be some elements of this in the real Rimmer?
      • There's basically no other possible way you can interpret this.
      • In the same episode, we see Rimmer and Lister's high selves expressing their affection for each other, in the same flowerey language of the highs:
        High Lister: Have I told you today how much I love thee, brother? How much my heart glimmers like a new born star when I gaze upon thine beauteous countenance?
        High Rimmer: Thy love refreshes and cleanses me like a babbling mountain stream, brother.
      • This could just be the highs being the highs, however, it's noteworthy that it is specifically High Lister and High Rimmer who share this moment...
    • Rimmer taking on Lister's ex-girlfriend's form in "Balance of Power":
      Rimmer: It's Kochanski's body, it's Kochanski's voice. I mean, what's the difference? Come on!
    • In "Terrorform", part of Lister's attempts to convince (the temporarily-solid) Rimmer that he cares about him involves putting his hand on Rimmer's leg, Rimmer looks shocked by this but not in a negative way. He only reacts negatively when Kryten (who presumably doesn't understand what a hand on the thigh means and is just copying what he sees) does the same thing.
    • Rimmer himself insinuates this is going on between Lister and Ace, despite knowing that Ace is still him, just from an alternate universe (that turns out to not have changed quite as dramatically as Rimmer thought).
    • In Back in the Red, Rimmer complains about a prank of Lister's when Rimmer fell asleep naked after too much to drink and Lister took a polaroid photo of his penis, drew a face on it and stuck it on the bulletin board under Missing Persons, "Believed to be a French movie star". Lister responds that it doesn't really look like a French film star because it's "way too good looking". This is probably intended to be a dig at the French, but the flip side is - Lister just complimented Rimmer's penis.
    • In "Stasis Leak", there's the bunk scene where Rimmer finds out that Lister intends to stay back in the past with Kochanski. First he reacts almost like it's a romantic breakup: "What about me?! I've given you the best years of my death!" Then there's this whole exchange that makes Rimmer sound like a Tsundere right up until the punchline:
      Lister: Where are you coming from, Rimmer? You don't even like me!
      Rimmer: Don't I?
      Lister: No!
      Rimmer: Fine. (sits silently, fuming)
      Lister: (uncertainly) ...You don't, though, do you? You don't even like me.
      Rimmer: That's what you think, is it?
      Lister: Yeah!
      Rimmer: (heavy pause) I will tell you something that will probably stun you rigid.
      Lister: What?
      Rimmer: (quickly) You're right, I don't like you.
    • In Doug Naylor's solo novel, Last Human, Lister is given a symbiotic variant of the polymorph for his own personal use on his last night before being shipped out on the scout ship being sent to investigate the Rage. When Lister despondently tells it that he cannot function if it remains in Kochanski's form, it tries to please Lister by becoming Rimmer instead.
    • In "The Promised Land", Lister appears distressed by Rimmer's threat to switch himself off. He tells Rimmer, "We need you. I need you!" and continues with a very sweet analogy about moonlight, comparing himself and Rimmer to the sun and the moon, neither of which can make moonlight without the other.
  • Lister/Petersen:
    • These two don't share much screen time, but they do get a very close hug and a kiss on the lips in "Stasis Leak".
    • Lister apparently got a tattoo declaring his love for Petersen whilst drunk.
  • Kryten sometimes acts like he has a bit of a crush on Lister.
    • At one point, he says he loves Lister.
    • In "Duct Soup", he is jealous because he thinks Lister likes Kochanski more than him.
    • In "Beyond a Joke", Kryten is in a mood because Lister would rather spend time with the Cat and Kochanski in the AR suite than celebrate their anniversary (actually the five year anniversary since they rescued him from the Nova 5, but still...).