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"Too Weird For Words".

Moments pages are Spoilers Off. You Have Been Warned.

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    Series I 
The End
  • The higher ranked officers paying their respects to George Macintyre - as "See You Later, Alligator" plays in the background. A guy in the background and one of the skutters are dancing along to the tune.
  • Gordon Bennet, yes Chen, everybody. Everybody's Dead, Dave.
    "I should've never let him out in the first place..."
  • "I've been eating half the crew!"
  • Lister having gone to some lengths to smuggle the cat onboard and hide it from the rest of the crew, only to be foiled after he took a photo of himself with the cat and sent it down to the photography lab to be developed. It's kind of hilarious to think that THIS one event is what set the entire plot of the series in motion. The book explains that he did this on purpose because he WANTED to get caught with the cat and nobody had caught him out yet.
  • A good early grasp of just how sad and pathetic and wavering Rimmer's grasp on reality is.
    Rimmer: I submitted an essay on porous circuitry that was too... radical, too unconventional, too mould-breaking for the examiners to accept.
    Lister: Yeah, you said you were a fish.
    • Lister's advice before Rimmer's exam: "Remember, Rimmer: F - I - S - H, then you keel over."
      • And then Rimmer takes his exam, only to find that he's smudged the notes written on his skin. What does he do? He puts his palm on the smudged ink, then presses it onto the exam paper before getting up, performing his own invented salute, and keeling over. It gets better in the novel, which explains this as him putting ink to paper in the hope that it would spontaneously form the right answer. In the history of test-taking, that's a new one.
      • And to cap it off, Lister passes Rimmer being stretchered off to the med bay after fainting. He deludes himself into thinking he did quite well.
  • Amidst Rimmer and Lister's bickering:
    Rimmer: Is that a cigarette you're smoking?
    Lister: Naw, it's a chicken.
  • In the midst of Rimmer and Lister's argument, Toddhunter shows up to talk to them. The conversation drifts to Lister calling Rimmer a smeghead.
    Rimmer: Lister, do you have any idea of the consequences of calling a superior officer a "smeghead"?
    Toddhunter: Oh, Rimmer, (places a hand on his shoulder) you are a smeghead.

Future Echoes

  • Rimmer's reaction to Lister rationalizing his apparent death:
  • Lister going through his morning routine, working over his armpits with what he thinks is deodorant. He then picks up another can and sprays it to his face, only to get a spray of aerosol instead of shaving cream. He stops for a second, checks that his armpits to see that they are now covered in shaving foam and applies it directly from his pits to his face.
  • Holly messing with Rimmer's hair after he insults him, for not fixing his hair.
    Rimmer: You are how you look, Lister, and I look - (he sees himself in the mirror) Like a complete and total TIT!
    • And at the end of the episode, Rimmer insults Holly again. Cue Rimmer with a Beatles haircut.
    Rimmer: (Future Lister, age 171, has just trolled Rimmer and disappeared) You goit! (turns to Present Lister) No, YOU goit- no- YOU’RE ALL GOITS, I’M SURROUNDED BY GOITS! Holly, you’re a goit!
    Holly: I’m a what?
    Rimmer: You heard.
  • Holly is a little distressed by going at the speed of light.
    Holly: We're going at the speed of light. That means by the time we've seen something we've already passed it. Even with an I.Q. of six thousand it's still Brown Trousers Time. (reacts to something) Gordon Bennett, that was a close one!
  • This one exchange:
    Rimmer: You can't whack Death on the head!
    Lister: If he comes near me I'm gonna rip his nipples off!
  • “Well it probably ''is'' déja vu, it sounds like it.”

Balance Of Power

  • FISH! Today's Fish is Trout a la Creme. Enjoy your meal! (repeat 5 more times)
    • "I've been fished to death!"
  • When Lister is lamenting why Rimmer of all people was brought back to keep him company:
    Holly: He's the best person to keep you sane.
    Lister: Oh, crap!
    (A space-toilet pops out of the wall)
    Lister: Not you!
    Toilet: I do apologise, I wasn't paying attention. See you later!
  • Holly allowing Peterson's arm to beat up Rimmer after he insults Holly's face.
  • “And what’s this, learning drugs? They’re illegal, matey! I’m afraid you’re in serious, grave-deep trouble, Lister. Where’d you get them? (ticking off fingers) I want names, I want places, I want dates.” “(likewise ticking off fingers) Arnold Rimmer, his locker, this mornin’!

Waiting For God

  • The whole ‘Captain’s remarks’ scene:
    Rimmer: Holly, give me access to the crew’s confidential reports.
    Holly: Those are for the captain’s eyes only, Arnold.
    Rimmer: (checking his watch) Fine, well we’ll give him ten seconds to come back from the dead, and if he hasn’t managed it, we’ll presume I’m in charge, yeah? (looks around facetiously for a few seconds, then checks his watch again) Nope, he hasn’t managed it.
    Holly: Whose do you want?
    Rimmer: Give me... Give me Lister’s, just the remarks.
    Holly: ‘David Lister, Technician Third Class. Captain’s remarks: Has requested sick leave due to diarrhoea on no less than five hundred occasions. Left his previous job as a supermarket trolley attendant after ten years because he didn’t want to get tied down to a career. Promotion prospects: zero.’
    Rimmer: I always liked Captain Hollister! Such a great reader of men, was Captain Hollister. A marvelous, marvelous man and a tragic loss to us all. Alright, Holly, give me... give me mine.
    Holly: ‘Arnold Rimmer, Technician Second Class. Captain’s remarks: There’s a saying amongst the officers, “If a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well. If it’s not worth doing, give it to Rimmer. (cue shocked reaction from Rimmer) He aches for responsibility, but constantly fails the engineering exam.’
    Rimmer: (cutting Holly off) Whoa, whoa, whoa, Holly, Holly, I want my report. Rimmer, two M’s, E-R.
    Holly: (continuing as though uninterrupted) ‘Astoundingly zealous, possibly mad, probably has more teeth than brain cells. Promotion prospects: comical.’
    Rimmer: Nononono, Holly, I want Rrrrrimmer. That’s two R’s, one at the front, one at the back.
    Holly: Arnold, this is your report.
    Rimmer: I always hated that pus-head Hollister! He always resented my popularity! That’s why he never put forward my proposal to reduce the minimum haircut length by an eighth of an inch. Small-minded, petty-thinking modo!
  • Lister's rebuttal to Rimmer's claim by inferral that aliens built the Egyptian Pyramids:
    Lister: They had massive whips, Rimmer. Massive, massive whips.
  • Lister stumbles across the dwelling of the last Cat priest, and threatens The Cat with a giant model sausage to make him not spill the truth to the blind priest.
  • Rimmer finds out the truth about the "Quagaar coffin", as the credits roll:
    It's cold outside, there's no kind of atmosphere-
    Rimmer: It's a garbage pod.
    I'm all alone, more or less-
    Rimmer: It's a smegging garbage pod!
  • Lister's reaction to some of the tenets of the Cat Religion.
    Lister: I'm supposed to have given them five sacred laws! I've broken four of them myself! I'd have broken the fifth but there's no sheep on board.
  • The exchange between Cat and Lister when Lister is trying to convince Cat that he's "Cloister the Stupid":
    Cat: Listen, you stupid monkey! Cloister's another name for... for God!
    Lister: That's what I'm sayin'! I. Am. Your. God!
    Cat: (beat) OK. (pushes his bowl of cereal across in front of Lister) Turn this into a woman.
    Lister: I'm serious.

Confidence and Paranoia

  • "Hey monkey, you're sick! Sick, helpless and unconscious! (beat) If you weren't my friend, I'd steal your shoes."
  • "Oxygen's for losers!"
  • "In space, no one can hear you cha-cha-cha."
  • This exchange:
    Rimmer: What's more important, a man's life or your smegging lunch?
    Cat: That doesn't even deserve an answer. [Begins to eat his lunch]
  • This line:
    Confidence: Ding dong! Another great idea from the people who brought you beeeeeer milkshakes!
  • Just the way Lister says this line:
    Lister: "What do you mean you killed him, cha cha cha?!"


  • The entire scene at the end where Rimmer laments about Gazpacho Soup day. After Lister promises Rimmer that he would never bring the topic up again, Rimmer suggests that they go and have a drink. Lister's response: "Souper".
    • Even better when you see the Smeg-Ups version, where they just kept the camera rolling, and all the actors cracked up giggling.
  • Rimmer and his double fighting in the movie theater, culminating in one Rimmer making a shadow puppet (which is even funnier if you watch the extended version)
    Rimmer: [high-pitched voice] Hello! What do you think of Arnold Rimmer? [blows several raspberries]
  • After his initial argument with his double, Rimmer (or one of them at least) goes to hang out with Lister and makes a valiant effort to pretend that nothing has happened:
    Lister: It's just that I thought I heard raised voices.
    Rimmer: It's quite an amusing thought, isn't it? Having a blazing row with yourself.
    Other Rimmer: [From the next room] Hit the wall! Go on! Hit the wall! Go on! Yeah! Yeah!
    [A skutter begins to hit the wall]
    Other Rimmer: Can you shut up, Rimmer?! Some of us are trying to sleep!
    Rimmer:... Obviously we have professional disagreements. But, I mean, nothing with any side to it. Nothing malicious.
    Other Rimmer: Shut up you dead git!
    Rimmer: ... Excuse me a second, Lister.
    [Rimmer gets up from his bunk, walks to the doorway, and screams down the corridor:]
  • While Lister's minding his own business, the Cat comes into the room, on roller skates, holding a bouquet and using a megaphone calling for lady cats.
    Lister: What are you doing?
    Cat: (affluent accent) I'm courting.
    Lister: Courting who?
    Cat: Whoever shows up!
    Lister: I keep trying to tell you, there's no women on board.
    Cat: If I believed that for one second, I'd go crazy!
  • The NORWEB scene, helped by Holly's deadpan throughout the entire scene, up until it turns out he's messing with Lister.
    Holly: They want you, Dave.
    Lister: Me? Why, what for?
    Holly: For your crimes against humanity.
    Lister: You what?
    Holly: Seems when you left Earth three million years ago, you left two half-eaten German sausages on a plate in your kitchen.
    Lister: Did I?
    Holly: You know what happens to sausages left unattended for three million years?
    Lister: Yeah, they go mouldy.
    Holly: Your sausages, Dave, now cover seven eighths of the Earth’s surface. Also you left £17 50p in your bank account. Thanks to compound interest, you now own 98% of all the world’s wealth, and because you hoarded it for three million years, nobody’s got any money except for you and NORWEB.
    Lister: Why NORWEB?
    Holly: You left a light on in the bathroom. I’ve got a final demand here for 180 billion pounds.
    Lister: A hundred and eighty billion pounds?! You’re kiddin’!
    Holly: (Groucho Marx glasses) April fool.

    Series II 
  • Holly's opening monologue:
    "As the days go by, we face the increasing inevitability that we are alone in a godless, uninhabited, hostile and meaningless universe. Still, you've got to laugh, haven't you?"
  • The dog's milk gag, sold (as ever) by Norman Lovett's deadpan delivery.
    Lister: Dog's milk?!
    Holly: Nothing wrong with dog's milk. Full of goodness, full of vitamins, full of marrowbone jelly. Lasts longer than any other other type of milk, dog's milk.
    Lister: Why?
    Holly: No bugger'll drink it. Plus, of course, the advantage of dog's milk is that when it goes off it tastes exactly the same as when it's fresh.
    Lister: Why didn't you tell me, man?
    Holly: What, and spoil your tea?
    Lister: Dropping the cup. Huh!
  • The result of Cat's preparations for meeting some real life women.
  • The crew of Red Dwarf finally meet the lovely ladies of the Nova 5 - "I think the blonde one's giving you the eye." And then Kryten comes back back from making the tea and is informed all three are dead:
    "My god... I was only away two minutes!"
    Lister: Listen, girls, I don’t know whether this is the time or place to say this, but my mate Ace here is incredibly-credibly brave.
    Rimmer: Smeg off, dog-food-face.
    Lister: And he’s got just tons and tons of girlfriends!
    Rimmer: I’m warning you, Lister.
  • This quickfire dialogue qualifies:
    Lister: Drop dead, Rimmer.
    Rimmer: Already have done.
    Lister: Encore.
  • Lister, having accidentally left the iron on his best pair of trousers, proceeds to cover up the resulting hole by spray painting his exposed buttock with black paint.
  • The Androids theme tune, which is not unlike the one from Neighbours.
  • Kryten's rebellion, while mainly a Moment of Awesome, is also hilarious, especially with Chris Barrie clearly struggling to keep a straight angry face.
  • Lister reveals he has had an education, including art college. Rimmer asks him how this is possible.
    Rimmer: How did you get into art college?
    Lister: The normal way you get into Art College. The same old, usual, boring, normal way you get in. Failed me exams and applied. They snapped me up!
    • And following up to that, Lister reveals how long he was there: 97 minutes.

Better Than Life

  • Better Than Life; the game that gives you all of your fantasies. And Rimmer breaks it.
    Rimmer: Our faces have been smeared with jam and we're about to be eaten alive by killer ants.
    Cat: Why?!
    Rimmer: Why not?
  • Or earlier during the same episode. Rimmer, in the game, finally sees his father.
    Rimmer's Dad: I just wanted to say...
    Rimmer: Yes?
    Rimmer's Dad: I just wanted to say... you're a total smeghead!
    Rimmer: What? This isn't my fantasy!
    Cat: No, it's mine. (steals Rimmer's cigar and exits)
  • And between the two:
    Lister: Rimmer, how did you fantasise having seven kids and a mortgage?
  • Rimmer sits down in a restaurant next to Lister and The Cat and takes some food.
    Lister: Whoa Rimmer, you can touch things!
    Rimmer: I know, why do you think I was so late? (makes a sexually obscene arm gesture)
  • The scene in the Observation Dome cemented Rimmer's status as Jerkass Woobie, but it's also a cavalcade of graveyard humour:
    Rimmer: [Father] had this fixation that we all had to get into the Space Corps. At meal times he'd ask us questions on astronavigation. If we got them wrong — no food.
    Lister: God, Rimmer, how did you cope with that?
    Rimmer: I didn't, I nearly died of malnutrition.
    • Lister's story of when his own adopted father died, especially because of the very natural and low-key way he tells it:
    Lister: I remember when my dad died, y'know. I was only six. I got loads of presents off everyone, like it was Christmas. And I remember wishing— I remember wishing a couple more people could die so I could complete my Lego set. My grandma tried to explain, y'know — she said that he'd gone away and he wasn't coming back. So I wanted to know where, like, y'know. And she said he was very happy, and he'd gone to the same place as my goldfish... so I thought they'd flushed him down the bog. I thought he was just round the U-bend, y'know? And I used to stuff food down, and magazines and that for him to read. They took me to a child psychologist in the end, when they found me with my head down the bowl reading him the football results.
    • At the end, after Rimmer, has finally opened up about his father, the Cat enters yowling and destroys the moment.
    Cat: (singing) My-stomach-has-been-pumped-and-now-I'm-hungry! Hey, there you are! Hey man, I'm so hungry, I just have to eat!
    Lister: Shhhhh. Rimmer's dad's died.
    Cat: I'd prefer chicken.
  • At the start of the episode there's a news report about a newly discovered missing page from The Bible, a Dedication that states This Is a Work of Fiction.
  • “It’s all junk mail, yours, you know. You’ll send away for every bit of tat just so you’ll have some mail to open. ‘Please rush me my portable walrus polishing kit. Four super brushes that can clean even the trickiest of sea-bound mammals. Yes, I am over eighteen, although my IQ isn’t.’”

Thanks For The Memory

  • This:
    Lister: Do you know what I fancy right now?
    Rimmer: A big, fat woman with thighs the size of a hippo's?
  • Rimmer (about the 'sandwich'): I feel like I'm having a baby!
    • Lister can't remember where he got the recipe, but says that he thinks it was "a book on bacteriological warfare."
  • Rimmer’s description of alien communication and the Cat’s reaction:
    Rimmer: Maybe... Maybe... Okay. Breaking your leg hurts like hell, okay? Hell. They do it below the knee. Low. Hell-low, get it? They do it twice. Twice- two. Hell-low two. And jigsaw must mean you. Hello to you.
    Cat: I wouldn’t like to be around when one of these suckers is makin’ a speech!
  • "This is impossible, it could be anywhere. It's like trying to find a fart in a Jacuzzi."
  • When a highly sloshed Rimmer starts telling Lister embarrassing things, Lister warns him that when he sobers up in the morning, he'll realise what he's done and be in total horror. Sure enough, when Rimmer comes to... he even does the exact gesture Lister said he'd do.

Stasis Leak

  • Any time when Past Rimmer sees anything from the future, leading up to two separate nervous breakdowns. One of which involves thinking Hollister, dressed up as a chicken, is a hallucination, and the other involves responding to three Listers, two Future Rimmers, the Cat and Kochanski showing up in his quarters arguing.
    Rimmer: THREE Listers! Splendid! Perhaps Lister here would like to go over to the fridge and open a bottle of wine for Lister and Lister! Rimmer here doesn't drink, because he's dead, but I wouldn't mind a glass!
    Rimmer: Before anyone says anything else, I'd just like to make a little speech: GO AWAAAAYYYYYY!!!!
  • Bonus points for:
    Future!Rimmer: No, look. I'm you from the future. I've come to warn you, in three million years you'll be dead.
    Past!Rimmer: Will I really?
  • The Cat gets confused by the multiple Listers.
    The Cat: (to both Listers, while holding a chicken leg) If he's you and you're him, and you're him and he's him, am I still me?! Who's eating this chicken?!
  • Holly defending his supposed intelligence. "6000's not that much. It's only the same as twelve thousand car park attendants."
  • On testing the stasis leak, they discover a problem: Anything brought back crumbles to dust.
    The Cat: (to Rimmer) Who were you thinking of bringing back?
    Rimmer: (smug grin) Me!
    The Cat: (to Lister) Let's do it!


  • Queeg on Holly's intelligence.
    Queeg: There is a six in it, but it isn't 6000.
    Lister: Well what is it then?
    Queeg: Six.
    Holly: Six?! Do me a lemon, that's a bad IQ for a glass of water, that is!
  • Holly uses Tottenham Hotspurs in his Unusual Euphemism lines when Queeg continually puts him down.
  • Holly revealing that he was Queeg all along.
    • "We are talking jape of the decade." Witness how long Norman Lovett rides the laugh on that line.
    • "And the moral of the story is, "Appreciate what you've got", because basically I'm fantastic."
  • Holly calling on the crew, forgetting what he was going to tell them, then telling them after the event has occurred, "Look out, a meteor is about to hit the ship."
  • Lister's Queeg enforced rations: A piece of bread and a single, solitary pea. Which Lister manages to lose.
    Lister: I've lost me pea!
    • He then launches into a tirade about how it's his pea, and he doesn't care where it's gone. Right up until Rimmer points out it's gone into his sock basket.
    Lister: Oh I'll just 'ave the toast...
  • Queeg testing Rimmer:
    QUEEG: Compute.
    RIMMER: Compute.
    QUEEG: The product of the corellation of vx/dy minus the sum of the set v1 over the sum of R, given that R is a ratio of D over f, given that they are constants, and S is an integer variable.
    RIMMER: Just one small question...
    QUEEG: Yes?
    RIMMER: What does "compute" mean?

Parallel Universe

  • "Tongue Tied". The entire smegging song!
  • Cat's face after the Dog shows off his dancing skills.
  • Cat's face after he first meets the Dog.
  • This exchange, as Lister is taking a pregnancy test after sleeping with his Distaff Counterpart.
    Rimmer: What colour is it supposed to turn?
    Lister: Blue for not pregnant, which is the colour it's going to turn.
    Rimmer: And red for pregnant?
    Lister: Yes.
    Rimmer: Come on, you reds!!!
    • And as the test almost finishes:
      Rimmer: It's blue for not pregnant, right?
      Lister: YES!
      Rimmer: Oh, good news! Excellent news, Listie!
      Lister: Oh, thank god!
      Rimmer: I'm going to be an uncle!
      (Cue Oh, Crap! look on Lister's face.)
  • Arnold and Arlene's reaction after they find out that Deb and Dave have slept with each other:
    Arnold: You pieces of filth! How could you commit an act of carnal knowledge?
    Arlene: In my bunk? On my sheets? Using my springs? How could you even contemplate making... love... to yourself?
    • “Ooohhhh, Listy! Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear! If I understand this correctly, it seems that, in their universe, it’s the men who give birth to the babies. And as we are in their universe, you could very well possibly be up the duff, laddie!”

    Series III 
  • As the episode opens, we learn that Lister and the Cat are starting to feel starved for female companionship, resulting in an improbable target of their Perverse Sexual Lust:
    [Lister and Cat are in their bunk, watching television]
    Lister: Cat?
    Cat: Mmm?
    Lister: Y'ever see The Flintstones?
    Cat: Sure!
    Lister: ... d'you think Wilma's sexy?
    Cat: Wilma Flintstone?
    Lister: Maybe we've been alone in deep space too long, but every time I see that show, her body drives me crazy. Is it me?
    Cat: I think, in all probability... Wilma Flintstone is the most desireable woman who ever lived.
    Lister: [sighs in relief] That's good. I thought I was goin' strange.
    Cat: She's incredible!
    Lister: What'cha think of Betty?
    Cat: Betty Rubble? Well, I would go with Betty... [sighs] But I'd be thinkin' of Wilma...
    Lister: ... this is crazy! Why are we talkin' about goin' to bed with Wilma Flintstone!?
    Cat: You're right! We're nuts! This is an insane conversation!
    Lister: ... she'll never leave Fred and we know it. [Cat shakes his head sadly]
  • Rimmer has been giving Kryten driving lessons in Starbug so that the two of them don't have to depend on Lister and the Cat to leave the ship.
    • The test gets off to an inauspicious start:
      [Kryten is miming pulling levers and pushing buttons as Rimmer walks up to him]
      Rimmer: [holds up one hand] Holly? Clipboard and pen, please! [the items appear in his hand] Well, Krytie, today's the day!
      Kryten: But sir, I'm just not ready! Six weeks - it's just not long enough!
      Rimmer: [checks his watch] 10:30. Name?
      Kryten: ... you know my name!
      Rimmer: Look, if this comes off, it'll be a whole new lease of life for both of us. We'll be independent! But we've got to do it by the book.
      Kryten: It's just that when you go into Official Mode, my Anxiety Chip goes into overdrive.
      Rimmer: Name?
      Kryten: [like a stuck CD, with video to match] K-K-K-K- [continues stuttering for several seconds]
      Rimmer: [disdainfully] I'll just put "Kryten". [Kryten stops stuttering as Rimmer writes on his pad] Now, can you see that space vehicle? [points at Starbug 1]
      Kryten: Where? [looks over his shoulder] Oh, that one. Yes, sir!
      Rimmer: And can you read the registration for me, please.
      Kryten: "Starbug 1"?
      Rimmer: Right, if you'd like to show me to your vehicle, please.
    • Things go even less smoothly once they're inside Starbug:
      Rimmer: Right, in your own time, if you'd like to start the space vehicle, proceed through the cargo bay doors, and off into outer space. [Kryten fiddles with the controls and accidentally switches on the windscreen wipers; he makes "No, no, stop it!" gestures and finally switches them off] Once through the doors, proceed directly to the nearest planet. Once there, I want you to bring the vehicle to a halt and then carefully reverse into the planet's orbit, remembering of course at all times to pay due care and attention to any other space users. Right, in your own time! [Kryten flips a few more switches and pulls a lever - which causes the roof of the cockpit over Rimmer to open; Kryten and Rimmer both look at the opening with expressions that scream Oh, Crap!, and Rimmer is summarily ejected from the cockpit]
      [later, Rimmer re-enters the cockpit, clearly quietly angry at Kryten, but trying to remain professional; Kryten looks horribly embarrassed as Rimmer takes his seat again]
      Rimmer: ... in your own time!
      Kryten: I've failed, haven't I.
      Rimmer: Just proceed.
      Kryten: You're going to hold it against me, aren't you! That one mistake!
      Rimmer: Please.
      Kryten: [we see an exterior view of Starbug as it slowly lifts off the cargo bay floor] Anti-grav... check. Retro... check. Boosters... check. [back inside the cockpit] And very gently... ease forward. [he pulls on a lever - and he and Rimmer are blown back in their seats as Starbug shoots forward, clipping the cargo bay doors on the way out] I... think there's something wrong with the gearbox. The thing is, I learned to drive in Starbug 2 - I'm not used to the controls in Starbug 1!
      Rimmer: [confused] They're exactly the same.
      Kryten: Yes... that's the problem. [in an exterior shot, Starbug makes a turn with a squealing tyre sound effect]
      Rimmer: Next, I'd like you to transfer to autopilot while we conduct the recognition- [Kryten pulls a lever, and there is a horrible noise of grinding gears] ... tests.
      Kryten: [to Holly] Uh, engage autopilot!
      Holly: Autopilot engaged. [testily] Well, I say autopilot, it's not really autopilot, is it, it's me, it's Muggins here who has to do it!
    • The recognition tests are soon derailed by the following epic exchange:
      Rimmer: (points to book of space road signs) What's that one?
      Holly: (looking through windscreen) A time hole!
      Rimmer: Don't help him!
      Kryten: (also now looking through windscreen) It's a time hole!
      Rimmer: No it isn't, it's nothing like a time hole!
      (the camera angle changes to show a swirling orange mass into which Starbug is now heading)
      Holly: It's a time hole.
      Kryten: It is! It's a time hole!
      Rimmer: (impatiently) A time hole is a phenomenon rarely seen in space, which legend would have us believe transports us into another part of space and time. (points to book) Whereas that is quite obviously a blue giant about to go supernova! (points through windscreen) THAT is a time hole. (points to book again) Right, what's this? (Rimmer's eyes widen and he slowly turns back to look at the time hole)
      (Starbug enters the time hole and emerges in the backwards Earth; we see a bird flying backwards, a rabbit moving backwards, and steam falling onto the surface of the lake into which Starbug has crashed; cut to inside, where fish are swimming backwards past the window as Rimmer taps his clipboard against his hand and shakes his head)
      Kryten: I suppose you're going to fail me for this?
  • Rimmer's attempt to establish where and when the time hole has deposited them leads to a brilliant moment of Comically Missing the Point from Holly:
    Rimmer: Holly? Is it possible? Could this be Earth?
    Holly: [on the round screen in Kryten's torso] Certainly seems that way. Constellations match, gravity exactly 1 g...
    Rimmer: What's the time period?
    Holly: Well, it's difficult to pin it down exactly, but according to all the available data, I would say it's around about... lunchtime, maybe half one!
    Rimmer: [rolls eyes] What period in history, dingleberry breath!? I mean, can we expect to see Genghis Khan and his barbarian buddies sweeping across the hill? Or a herd of flesh-eating dinosaurs feeding off the bones of Doug McClure? What is the year?
    Holly: Well, I'd need some more data before I could give you a precise answer.
    Rimmer: Like?
    Holly: Well, this year's calendar'd be handy!
  • The conversation about life in a world where time flows backwards:
    Kryten: Take war. War is a wonderful thing here! In fifty years time, the second world war will start — backwards!
    Cat: And that's a good thing?
    Kryten: Millions of people will come to life. Hitler will retreat across Europe, liberate France and Poland, disband the Third Reich, and bog off back to Austria!
    Rimmer: We're smash hits here! We'd be crazy to leave.
    Lister: Rimmer, we don't belong here! This place is crazy!
    Rimmer: Crazy? Death, disease, famine — there's none of that here.
    Kryten: There's no crime! The first night we were here, a mugger jumped us and forced 50 pounds into my wallet at knifepoint!
    Lister: Okay, okay! But look at the flipside of the coin. It's not all good. Take someone like, say... St. Francis of Assissi. In this universe, he's the petty-minded little sadist who goes around maiming small animals! Or Santa Claus — what a bastard!
    Rimmer: Eh?
    Lister: He's the big fat git who sneaks down chimneys and steals all the kid's favorite toys!
  • As revealed in the Smeg Ups special (and in a DVD extra), the Manager's rant is merely the actor (Arthur Smith) ranting about how sad anyone would be to play this in reverse to make sense of what he's saying.
  • Three words: Backwards bar fight. "Unrumble!" Cue a glass of lager being sucked off a man's face, Lister being dragged backwards along the bar as glasses and bottles re-assemble in front of him, pieces of a chair flying into Cat's hands as he stands over the backs of two other patrons, bottles re-assembling as a man jumps from behind the bar (and the barmaid re-appears from under the bar, looking nonchalant), a window re-assembling as Lister backflips through it into the hands of two men on the inside, and Lister replacing a man's missing tooth with his fist.
    • Special mention for the amusing exchange just before the window reassembles:
    Rimmer: Where are you going, you coward? (hiding beneath the table since the beginning of the fight)
    Lister: I just worked out what happens to me back.
  • The Cat's bathroom break at the end of the episode.
    [as Kryten enters the still-cloaked Starbug 2, Rimmer and Lister look across backwards 20th-century England one last time]
    Rimmer: [sighing] You know, it could have worked... it really could. Where's the Cat?
    Lister: He won't be long, he's... y'know, in the bushes.
    [Rimmer nods. It takes a few seconds before he and Lister realise the implications of Cat's situation; they look at each other in horror]
    Lister: We've GOT to stop him!
    [too late; Cat stands up from behind a bush, his hair sticking straight up and a grimace combining pain and an intense desire for Brain Bleach on his face as he staggers toward the stairs to Starbug, his arms, legs, and torso moving completely rigidly. He passes Lister and Rimmer]
    Cat: [not making eye contact] DON'T ASK. [Lister and Rimmer try not to laugh]


  • The episode opens to sirens blaring and Holly making a broadcast.
    Holly: Abandon ship, this is not a drill. This is a drill.
    (cue the sound of a jackhammer)
    • Shortly thereafter:
    Holly: Abandon ship. (siren cuts out) Oh, God, now the siren’s bust! Awooga! Awooga! Abandon ship!
  • Holly's explanation for how she managed to miss five black holes all at once. "The thing about space, the colour of space, your basic space colour..."
  • Lister and Rimmer talking about how they lost their virginity:
    Lister: She took all her clothes off and stood there in front of me completely naked. I was so excited I nearly dropped my skateboard.
    Rimmer: Skateboard? How old were you?
    Lister: Twelve.
    Rimmer: TWELVE? Twelve years old? You lost your virginity when you were twelve?
    Lister: Yeah.
    Rimmer: Twelve? ... You can't have been a full member of the golf club then.
    • Rimmer then admonishes Lister further.
      Rimmer: I hope you raked the sand back nicely when you were finished. That'd be a hell of a lie to get into, wouldn't it. Competition the next day and your ball lands in Lister's buttock crevice... You’d need more than a niblick to get that one out.
      Lister: You sayin’ I’ve got a big bum?
      Rimmer: ‘Big’? It’s like two badly parked Volkswagens!
    • The same conversation continues with Rimmer describing how the only thing he lost when he was twelve were his favourite shoes:
      Rimmer: Porky Roebuck threw them in the school septic tank behind the rugby pitches. I cried for weeks. I was wearing them.
  • Rimmer's claim that in a past life he used to be Alexander the Great's chief eunuch.note 
  • Lister and Rimmer debating whether or not to burn the last copy of The Complete Works of William Shakespeare.
    Rimmer: So that's it, then, is it? Toodle-pip, King Lear, farewell, Macbeth, bye-bye, Hamlet.
    Lister: Rimmer, have you ever actually read any of these?
    Rimmer: (embarrassed pause) I've seen West Side Story, that's based on one of them.
    Lister: But have you ever actually read any of them?
    Rimmer: ...Not all the way through, no... But I can quote some, though!
    Lister: Well, go on, then!
    (Rimmer hunches over and adopts a strangled-sounding Shakespearean voice)
    Rimmer: "Now..." (stands up) That's all I can remember.
    Lister: What's that from?
    Rimmer: (rolls eyes) Richard III, you moron. That brilliant "Now" speech at the beginning. "Now... something something something something something, something something." Oh, brilliant! Unforgettable!
  • Also Holly's lines at the end of the episode: "Well, the thing about grit..."
  • “Kryten, get the hacksaw and follow me.” “Where are we going?” “We’re going to do to Lister what Alexander the Great once did to me.


  • The scene where the polymorph turns into Lister's underpants... and then Lister puts them on. Kryten then has to pull off the contracting underpants while still wearing his groinally-attached vacuum hose. The underpants are really tiny when the thing is done. To top the cherry, Rimmer walks in half-way through and silently watches Kryten and Lister's struggles - which, to the unaware observer, might look like something a bit kinky - with a look of pure disgust on his face. Then, when they're finished, he merely says "Well, I can't say I'm totally shocked." (The audience apparently found this so funny that they kept on laughing for 10 minutes, forcing Chris Barrie (Rimmer) to wait until they had calmed down to deliver his line.)
  • They then top this when they show them trying to organize, post-polymorph attack, a final assault, each with a different negative emotion sucked out. One acronym: C.L.I.T.O.R.I.S.
    • “Maybe if I hand you guys over, it’ll let me go. MOVE IT, SUCKERS!”
  • Lister about to eat dinner with various medical devices in place of regular eating utensils. Including a cow inseminator.
    • “Hey, you think I got nothin’ better to do than to hang around watchin’ you serve Chicken Chaucer in the stool bucket?!”
  • "It's insane!"
  • The Bazookoid heat-seeker chase was quite amusing.


  • Rimmer steals Dave's body and escapes in Starbug, but crashes, leading to this memorable exchange:
    Rimmer steps out into the doorway, his jacket is torn below the shoulder.
    Lister Me arm! You've lost me arm!
    Rimmer I've lost your watch too.
    Lister You bastard!
    Rimmer No you're right. It's my fault. My hands are up... well my hand is up.
    Lister You think this is funny?
    Rimmer No. But this is.
    (reveals that the 'missing' arm was behind his back and makes obscene gestures with both hands)
  • Rimmer tells Lister not to touch anything because one of the service robots has gone nuts and rewired everything and anything could trigger the ship's self-destruct mechanism.
    Cat: So we can't touch anything?
    Lister: Nothing electrical, not until we get the all clear.
    Cat: Well how long's that gonna take?
    Lister: God knows. (clicks on the (very much electrical) snack machine) A milkshake and a crispy bar. (turns to the cat) We were supposed to be playin’ poker tonight. That’s gone for a burton.
    Snack Machine: Auto destruct sequence initiated. (flashes the texts "ABANDON SHIP" and "AUTO DESTRUCT")
  • After a last desperate effort to turn off the ship's self-destruct fails, everybody waits in horror for the last seconds before the explosion.
    The ship: Detonation in five seconds. Four... three... two... one. Initiate self-destruct.
    (rolls out a milkshake and a crispy bar)
    The ship: Thank you for using auto-serve dispensing machines.
  • When the bomb turns out to be a dud:
    Kryten: It must have been wired up to the warning system, but not the bomb.
    Rimmer: So where's the bomb?
    Holly: We haven't got a bomb. I got rid of it ages ago.
    Cat: Why didn't you say?!
    Holly: You never asked!
    Cat: Fine(!) Terrific(!) But remember this: you’re gettin’ my underwear bill, buddy!
  • The scene where Rimmer, in Lister's body, weighs in, revealing that he's put on weight and is trying to hide it by wearing a girdle.
  • "Keep this safe, it's Lister's mind." Bloop.
    • Rimmer’s grimace really sells it, as does Cat’s sheepish expression as he fishes Lister’s mind tape out of his tea.
  • Holly's three realistic options when the ship is about to self destruct: 1. Sit here and get blown up; 2. Stand here and get blown up; 3. Jump up and down, shout at her for not being able to think of anything, then get blown up.
  • Jozxyqk.


  • "Written by Rob Grant and Doug Naylor. Tonight's Guest Star: Adolf Hitler as himself"
    • True to their word, Hitler does appear, delivering his Nuremburg speech, which Lister interrupts.
    Lister: Ignore him! He's a complete and total nutter! And he's only got one testicle!
  • "I nicked his briefcase!"
    • One of the items Lister pulls out is a pair of suspenders, similar to the ones the Cat finds in "The Last Day".
    • Each of the crew have an individual Oh, Crap! moment when they realise Lister's holding a bomb meant for Hitler. Lister responds by kicking it back into the picture before it explodes. Holly ducks with him.
  • Rimmer's failed attempt to make himself rich and famous somehow ends with him not being a hologram anymore. Cue him going on about how he can feel and touch things - and then he puts his fists through two huge boxes of explosives.
    • “Kryten, unpack Rachel and get out the puncture repair kit!”
  • Rimmer justifying changing the timeline back. "It's my duty. My duty as a complete and utter bastard!"

The Last Day

  • "Human heaven? Goodness! Humans don't go to Heaven! No, someone just made that up to keep you from all going nuts!" Worth noting, "Better Than Life" says the Bible is fictional, so Kryten's got a point.
  • "Well at least he gets 24 hours notice. That's more than most of us get. All most of us get is 'Mind that bus' 'What bus?' SPLAT!" Remember - Rimmer is speaking from experience.
  • At the end of the episode: "I knew something he didn't - I was lying! 'No silicon heaven', that's just absurd! Why, where would all the calculators go?"
  • Lister watching female topless boxing.
    Kryten: So, which one are you rooting for?
    Lister: I'm just praying it goes the distance.
    • Kryten observes that "they're not even hitting each other! They just seem to be standing in the centre of the ring jiggling up and down." Followed by Lister grinning and nodding.
  • Lister declines the elaborate breakfast Kryten made for him, prompting it to go in the bin. As soon as Kryten leaves, Lister gets it back out using his hat as a plate.
    Kryten: Bon appetit, bin.
  • “I remember the first time I got drunk. School trip to Paris. Drank a couple bottles of cheap red plonk and went on a guided tour of the Eiffel Tower. I was okay til I got to the top, but then I couldn’t keep it in anymore. Apparently it landed on Montmartre. That’s five miles away! Story I got told is, some pavement artist sold it to a Texan tourist, told ‘im it was a genuine Jackson Pollock.”
  • Hudzen 10's advertisement, which culminates in him breaking a brick in half with his groinal socket.
  • This exchange:
    Lister: We're on a mining ship. Three million years into deep space. Can someone explain to me -
    (Reaches under duvet)
    Lister: - Where the smeg I got this traffic cone?
    Cat: Hey, it's not a good night unless you get a traffic cone.
    Pulls on hat
    Cat: It's the policewoman's helmet and suspenders I don't understand.
  • This moment after the Dwarfers resolve to get rid of Hudzen 10:
    Kryten: But you would not profit by it. You would gamble your safety for a mere android? Is this the human value you call... friendship?
    Lister: Don’t give me this Star Trek crap, it’s too early in the mornin’.
  • The crew try to get rid of Hudzen 10, pointing out he can't harm a human... only they've forgot that Cat and Kryten aren't human, Rimmer's a hologram, and as for Lister...
    Hudzen's readout: Barely human. What the hell.
    Hudzen 10: You are all viable targets.
    Rimmer: (looks down) Well, it's been a long time since that happened.
  • Kryten responds to the news solemnly:
    Kryten: The only really terrible thing is that, as my adopted owner, you will have to die with me.
    Lister: What?!
  • Kryten explains to Lister what will happen when it's time for him to shut down.
    Kryten: ...and all mental and physical operations will cease.
    Lister: Then what?
    Kryten: I don't know. Maybe I'll get a job as a disk jockey.

    Series IV 
  • "Small off-duty Czechoslovakian traffic warden!"
    • “Kryten, man, you can do it!” “(smug tone) No I can’t!” “Yes you- whoa, whoa, nice one!” “Well, I can’t hang around here. I’d better go away and take the penguin for a walk!”
  • "He's a smeeeeeeeg... heeeeeaaaad!"
  • "You taught him that?! That's terrific! You two should audition for 'What's My Fruit?'!"
    • Made even funnier because there's no trace of sarcasm in the Cat's voice here; he genuinely seems to think it's neat that Kryten is correctly identifying fruits.
  • "I was glad to get rid of him; he's flipped! He's got mad droid disease; he kept waving a banana in front of me and calling it a female aardvark!"
  • "You're a smeeee" "A smee." "A smeeeee heeeeee." "A smee hee..." "A complete and total one!"
  • The Cat discovers his ideal mate: himself.
    • “Can you think of anybody more deserving?”
  • Kryten convincing Camille to come with him by mentioning the crew:
  • “We’ve gotta rebuild the human race. As quickly as possible. D’you wanna start now or d’you wanna clean your teeth first?” “And they say romance is dead.” “Hey, the prospect of makin’ love to a complete an’ total stranger is just as gallin’ to me, y’know. We’ve gotta be completely professional about this, totally clinical and unemotional. So just lie back, relax, and I’ll go and slip into my Spider-Man costume.


  • Kryten and Rimmer find the skeleton of a mutated crew member on the deserted spacecraft.
    Lister: (into communicator) Go, Kryten.
    Kryten: (over communicator) We found something, sir.
    Lister: Yeah?
    Kryten: I think it's one of the crew. A hideously malformed, triple-headed skeleton. With putrefied flesh hanging from it. It fell through Rimmer as we opened the lift door.
    Lister: Is he all right?
    Kryten: I believe he's just discovered what shirt tails are for.
    Rimmer: (over communicator) All right Kryten, you don't have to make me sound like a complete cowardly gimboid git! I'm fine now.
    Kryten: So shall I cancel the order to find your mother?
    Rimmer: Is that thing still on?
  • Following the above scene, Kryten and Rimmer inspect the skeleton they have found:
    Kryten: Curious. The skeletal form appears to be basically humanoid in structure.
    Rimmer: He's got three heads!
    Kryten: Wait! (reaches into the pocket of the skeleton's ragged jacket) Here's some kind of wallet. (flips open the credit card pockets) Look, the artifacts are human! A pilot's licence, ID, even a video club card!
    Rimmer: Are you telling me this guy belonged to a video club and he needed a card so they'd recognise him? He's got six eyes and three noses! If it were me, I'd remember him! (addressing skeleton) "Aren't you the bloke who came in here last week, sneezed, and caused a monsoon?"
  • "Oh, wait a minute... no. My brain is part organic. And therefore it is entirely possible for the machine to transmogrify my physical condition. Engage panic circuits... panic circuits engaged. (wails) AHHH-HAH!"
  • Lister is restored to human form after being transformed into first a chicken, then a hamster.
    Rimmer: Are you OK?
    Lister: ... yeah, I think so.
    Cat: What was it like being a hamster?
    Lister: It was better than being a chicken! I mean, you've seen the size of an egg? You've seen the size of a chicken's bum? That's what all the cluckin' was about! I was tryin' to say in chicken talk, "For God's sake, give me an epidural!"
    • Rimmer's mocking amazement at the Chicken-Lister.
    Rimmer: Listy! *makes clucking noises* It's incredible, it really is him! Look, it’s even got his little beer gut!
  • The newly-human Kryten's conversation with his spare heads (included the droid rot-affected, Yorkshire-accented Spare Head 3) and spare hand.
  • The part where Kryten gives Lister a picture of his... junk. Especially when he gives him two pictures of what happened after he browsed though an appliance catalogue, Lister's expression is priceless (Best of all, his expression is genuine, though one wonders what he saw...)
    Lister: No vacuum cleaner should give a human being a double polaroid!
    • Apparently, they gave him pictures of random objects up until they were actually shooting, when they used a picture of an actual person's junk.
    • Not to say this earlier exchange isn't also hilarious...
    Kryten: I wanted to talk to you about something. Something about, um, well, something I know we humans get a little embarrassed about. It's a bit of a taboo subject - not the sort of thing we like to sit around and chat about in polite conversation.
    Lister: Kryten, I'm an enlightened twenty-third century guy. Spit it out, man..
    Kryten: Well, I want to talk to you about my penis. [Lister just stares and smirks] I knew it, you've gone straight into smirk mode. Aren't we both two human adults? Can't we discuss our reproductive system without adolecent sniggering?
    Lister: Well yeah, of course we can.
    Kryten: Thank you. [hands Lister a polaroid, which obviously disgusts him] Well?
    Lister: "Well", what?
    Kryten: Well, what do you think?
    Lister: I'm not quite with you here, Kryten. What am I supposed to say?
    Kryten: I want to know, is that normal?
    Lister: What, taking photographs of it and showing it to your mates? No, it's not!
  • Lister yelling at The Cat to get Kryten when he's messing with the D.N.A. machine. He gets progessively loouder everytime Cat messes with the buttons.
    • Cat's reaction to inadvertently causing a countdown: "Hey, I got an idea... how about I go get Kryten?"
  • Rimmer and Kryten discussing which person in horror movies dies first, the guy at the front or the one in the rear. Rimmer's solution: Asking Kryten to go in the front and the rear so he can go in the middle. Cue the two of them shuffling in front of each other to stay in the middle.
  • Holly managing to accidentally create a vindaloo monster. How do they defeat it? Lager, that's how.
    Lister: Of course, lager! The only thing that can kill a vinadloo!


  • The climax of this episode has the crew being chased by a homicidal android into an area called the "Justice Zone", leading to a confrontation between Lister and the crazed Simulant on a walkway. While the two of them meet to discuss terms under a supposed truce with no weapons, it turns out the two of them have been lying through their teeth:
    Simulant: Guess what? (Produces a knife from behind his back) I lied.
    Lister: Guess what? (Produces a steel pipe from behind his back) So did I.
    Simulant: But I lied... (Produces an assault rifle from behind his back) Twice.
    Lister: (Pause) Didn't think of that.
  • Shortly after this, the Cat whacks the Simulant around the head with a shovel. As they are still in the Justice Zone and the consequences of any crimes committed happen to the perpetrator instead of the victim, you can guess what happens next. Well, Cat could've toppled over arse-over-tit, but his face freezes in mid-'victory' as he falls backwards, which is what makes it really funny.
  • Kryten's "The Reason You Suck" Speech is a close contender, as he proposes that Rimmer could not be deemed guilty of any crime as he is far too incompetent to be responsible for his actions. Especially when Rimmer objects to Kryten's defense, which Kryten presents as further evidence of his point.
  • The entirety of Rimmer's re-trial is hilarious - Lister taking the stand is laugh out loud funny all on its own.
    Kryten: Name?
    Lister: Dave Lister.
    Kryten: Occupation?
    Lister: (thinks a second) Bum.
    • And then:
    Kryten: (To Lister) Would you describe the accused as a friend?
    Cat: Take the fifth!
    Kryten: Now please, answer the question. Remember, you are under polygraphic surveillance. Would you describe the accused as a friend?
    Lister: No, I'd describe the accused as a git.
    • Followed by:
    Kryten: And are there no others who have shared moments of intimacy with him?
    Lister: Only one, but she's got a puncture.
    • “Objection!” “Overruled.
  • The end of the 'space mumps' sequence. Rimmer's slide-show about engines is interrupted by a squelch from offscreen, and Cat enters covered in gunge.
    Cat: (almost paralysed by shock) His — head — burst.
    Lister: Oh, that is so much better. I feel good! Talk about a weight off your mind.
    Cat: I don't wanna live! Please, somebody - shoot me in the head!
    • Also the slide-show itself, especially Kryten's expression during the following exchange:
      Kryten: Sir, can we just take a break for a while? My intelligence circuits appear to have melted.
      Rimmer: Well, we're not going to get through them all if we have a second break!
      Kryten: Sir, that's a gamble I'm willing to take.
  • The exchange when Rimmer discovers Lister and the Cat have started thawing the pod:
    Rimmer: (returning from the diesel decks) Listyyy, what are you doing up? Shouldn’t you be down in the greenhouse with the rest of the cantaloupes? (notices the countdown on the pod) Who started the R.P.?!
    Cat: What’s the problem? [Barbara Bellini]’s in there, let’s get her out!
    Rimmer: The problem, Pussycat Willum, is this capsule was ejected from a prison ship, on which the convicts mutinied. There was a pitched battle, with only two survivors: one prisoner and one guard- the erstwhile Ms Bellini. One of those two got into this pod and escaped. But of course, you’ll know all this, having familiarised yourself with the black box recording.
    Lister: So if it’s not Bellini in there, who is it?
    Rimmer: One of the prisoners. And considering the ship was transporting forty psychotic, half-crazed, mass-murdering, super-strong androids, we thought it prudent to work out who the smeg was in there before we woke them up.
    Kryten: With respect, sir, they’re not androids, they’re Simulants.
    Cat: What’s the difference?
    Kryten: Well, the basic difference is that an android would never rip off a human’s head and spit down his neck.
  • And at the very end of the episode, the conclusion to Lister's long moralistic rant:
    Lister: ...That's why in our universe there can never be true, eternal justice — good things will happen to bad people, and bad things will happen to good people. It's the way it's got to be. Life, by its very nature, has to be cruel, unkind and unfairrrr...!
    (He falls down an open maintenance shaft.)
    Cat: Thank God for that. (slams the shaft's cover-hatch shut.)

White Hole

  • One of the best moments of the episode is Talkie Toaster, a sentient toaster that wants everyone to do nothing but eat toast and other bread products.
  • The repeating time scene was truly outstanding, especially as they came to realize it and struggled to overcome the random time skips and repeats, not helped by the Cat's inability to focus, so that after several repeats and finally deciding on a plan (or at least a way to get a plan):
    Cat: So what is it? (the start of the loop talk for the Nth time)
    Lister: Oh, somebody punch him out.
  • From the same episode the reveal that Lister used a trick shot, and the toaster's constant badgering of people for well, toast, even in the face of an impending disaster. Or using something 6ft long, fairly sturdy, with a flat top, or Rimmer's sneering dismissal of Captain Oates, revealing what he would have done were he Scott. Frankly the whole episode was like a Crowning Moment for the series.
  • There's also Rimmer's reaction when asked to sacrifice his life for the rest of the crew.
    Kryten: Well the Space Corp directive 195 clearly states that in an emergency power situation a hologramatic crewmember must lay down his life in order that the living crewmembers might survive.
    Rimmer: Yes, but Rimmer Directive 271 states just as clearly: No chance you metal bastard.
  • The best part was right at the end when time is all put right and the Reset Button is slowly causing everything to revert back to what it was before, and Kryten uses the fact that they won't remember anything to deliver one last awesome insult towards Rimmer.
    Kryten: We'll cease to be here, because none of this will have occurred. But we will exist back on Red Dwarf before all this began, with, of course, no memory of these events, which, of course, never happened. And as these events never happened, we'll have no memory of them. In which case, Mr. Rimmer, sir, I should like to take this opportunity of saying that you are the most obnoxious, trumped-up, farty little smeghead it has ever BEEN MY MISFORTUNE TO ENCOUNTER! Ha!

Dimension Jump

  • “Lights.” (Lister and Kryten, dressed for fishing, freeze) “...What?” “What are you doing?” “What am I doin’?” “Yes, what are you doing?” “Just nippin’ down to the cinema to catch the midnight movie.” “What, dressed like that?” “Yeah. We’re gonna see Jaws.” “You’re going fishing, aren’t you? That ocean planet we passed two days ago, you’re going fishing without me.” “Oh come off it man, don’t be ridiculous!” “Hey, what’re you doin’ with the lights on? Come on, let’s get out of here before- (smiles nervously)” “I don’t believe it, all three of you!” “What’s he talkin’ about?” “I dunno, he’s got this crazy whacked-out idea that we’re all goin’ on a fishin’ holiday.” “A fishin’ holiday?!” “‘Dear Rimmer, we have gone on a fishing holiday... to the ocean planet we passed two days ago. We tried to wake you, but couldn’t. See you in three weeks, L, K & C.’”
  • Lister describing the 'fishing' he did in Liverpool... which involved no fish.
    • The Call-Back to it by the Cat when Rimmer is boring everyone with his ideas of fun.
    The Cat: Has anyone seen the keys to the medical cabinet? I have a sudden urge to suffocate myself with a two pound black ribbed knobbler.
  • Ace telling Lister that he's about to do something sissy. He faints and immediately regains consciousness.
  • Bongo propositioning Ace.
    • “I’m sorry, Bongo. Lunch is... on Mellie.”
  • Rimmer's incredulous reaction to Ace giving Lister a nickname-


  • This scene:
    Lister: Hang on, these guys aren't Nazis. They're all wearing different period costumes. There's one who looks like Al Capone, there's one like Mussolini, Richard III, Napoleon! Smeg, it's like all the worst people in history have been gathered together in one place. Oh my God, there's James Last! I recognize him from Rimmer's record collection!
    Cat: What are they doing?
    Lister: They're all just lining up in... in some kind of firing squad. (sounds from outside) Whoa, whoa, 'ang on, 'ang on, someone's being brought out! They're tying him to a stake. It's Winnie-the-Pooh!
    Cat: What?!
    Lister: Winnie-the-Pooh, I swear. He's refusing the blindfold.
    Cat: They're tying Winnie-the-Pooh to the stake?
    Lister: (slumps to the ground, evidently shell-shocked) That's something no one should ever have to see.
  • Anything with Caligula.
    "RASPUTIN! Bring hither the skin-diving suit with the bottom cut out, and unleash the rampant wildebeest!"
    • Particularly the way Caligula, whenever Cat says anything insulting or idiotic, slaps Lister in response.
      Lister: [To Cat] SHUT! UP!
  • The end of the episode, where Lister takes Rimmer's Light Bee and swallows it in revenge for what Rimmer put them through.
    • “Does anyone fancy a vindaloo?”

    Series V 
  • The whole "Binks to Enlightenment" scene but especially the moment when, after Lister finishes talking into his cigarette box, he eats the cigarette that's sticking out.
    Lister: (mimicking Binks' communicator with an open cigarette box) Lister to Red Dwarf, we have in our midst a complete smegpot. Brains in the anal region, chin absent - presumed missing. Genetalia, small and inoffensive. Of no value or interest.
    Binks: Binks to Enlightenment, evidence of primitive humour. The human shows knowledge of irony, satire and imitation. With patient tuition, could maybe master simple tasks.
    Lister: Lister to Red Dwarf, displays evidence of spoiling for a rumble. Seems unable to grasp simple threats. With careful pummelling, could possibly be sucking tomorrow's lunch through a straw.
    Binks: Binks to Enlightenment, the human is under the delusion that he is somehow able to bestow physical violence to a hologram.
    Lister: Lister to Red Dwarf, the intruder seems to be blissfully unaware that we have a rather sturdy holowhip in the munitions cabinet, and unless he wants his derriere minced like burger meat, he'd better be history in two seconds flat! (takes out a cigarette and eats it)
    Binks: (having displayed signs of nervousness following mention of the holowhip) Binks to Enlightenment, recon mission complete. Transmit. (Lister is now approaching as though to punch him) With speed. Enlightenment, quickly, please.
  • When the Holoship first beams Rimmer over:
    Kryten: They've taken Mr. Rimmer! Sir, they've taken Mr. Rimmer!
    Cat: Quick, let's get out of here before they bring him back!
  • Faced with an unknown signature, the Cat makes a suggestion:
    The Cat: Am I the only sane one here? Why don't we drop the defensive shields?
    Kryten: A superlative suggestion, sir, with only two minor drawbacks: 1) We don't have defensive shields, 2) We don't have defensive shields. Now, I realise that, technically speaking that’s only one flaw, but I thought it was such a big one it was worth mentioning twice.
    • Even better is the Cat's completely annoyed expression when he realises what Kryten's doing.
    • A similar thing later on:
    The Cat: Well, I say let’s break out the laser cannons and give ‘em both barrels.
    Kryten: An adroit suggestion, sir, with just two minor drawbacks:-
    The Cat: (annoyed) Okay, forget it!
  • Kryten rails against Rimmer joining a holoship:
    Kryten: Sir, if you join that ship you will be forced to have sex with beautiful, brilliant women, twice daily, on demand. Now, am I the only one who finds that just a little bit tacky?
    (We see Lister and the Cat are now completely frozen in contemplation)
    Kryten: Well, quite clearly, I am!

The Inquisitor

  • From the end:
    Kryten: I do believe this is an appropriate juncture for you to give me five, sir.
    Lister: Give you five? I can do better than that. (holds up severed hand) I can give you fifteen.
  • “Logically, sir, there is only one way you could possibly have opened that door. I feel quite nauseous. Where is it?” “Where’s what?” “Oh, sir!! You’ve got it in your jacket!!” “I got us out of the hold, didn’t I?” “Sir, you are sick! You are a sick, sick person! How can you possibly even conceive of such an idea!” “Cheer up! Or I’ll beat ya to death with the wet end!” “Sir, if Mechanoids could barf, I’d be onto my fifth bag by now!
  • Cat's defence to the Inquisitor (who has taken on Cat's image and voice):
    Inquisitor: I have to ask you the question: justify your existence. What contribution have you made?
    Cat: I have given pleasure to the world because I have such a beautiful ass!
    Inquisitor: That's true!
    Cat: Can I go now?
    Inquisitor: That's your case?
    Cat: You need more?!
    Inquisitor: I might say, that's a pretty shallow argument!
    Cat: Some might say I'm a pretty shallow guy. But a shallow guy with a great ass!
    Inquisitor: Sometimes, you astonish even me!
    Cat: Heh, thank you.
    • Even funnier, it works.
  • Lister's commentary on the Trojan Horse (based on reading a comic book of the Iliad):
    Lister: I mean, the Greeks have been camped outside Troy, kerpowing, zapping, and kersplatting the Trojans for the best part of a decade, yeah?
    Rimmer: So?
    Lister: So all of a sudden they wake up one mornin' and the Greeks have gone. And there outside the city walls they've left this gift; this tribute to their valiant foes: a huge wooden horse, just large enough to happily contain 500 Greeks in full battle dress and still leave adequate room for toilet facilities? Are you telling me not one Trojan goes, "Hang on a minute, that's a bit of a funny prezzy. What's wrong with a couple hundred pairs of socks and some aftershave?" No, they don't — they just wheel it in and all decide to go for an early night! People that stupid deserve to be kerpowed, zapped and kersplatted in their beds! You know what the big joke is? From this particular phase in history we derive the phrase, "Beware of Greeks bearing gifts," when it would be much more logical to derive the phrase, "Beware of Trojans, they're complete smegheads!"
  • Rimmer's Oh, Crap! (or rather, "Oh smeg") upon learning he'll be judged by himself.
    • Rimmer's argument doesn't go well.
      Rimmer: Well, first, I -
      Inquisitor: Liar!
      Rimmer: I've done good things.
      Inquisitor: No, you haven't.
      Rimmer: In my heart, I've always tried to do good things.
      Inquisitor: No, you didn't.
      Rimmer: Look, in my way, I've tried to lead a good life.
      Inquisitor: When?
      Rimmer: ... (points to the corner) Ah, what's that in the corner? It's the archangel Gabriel! Well, that's me converted, I'm a new man. Hallelujah.
      Inquisitor: You are a slimy, despicable, rat-hearted green discharge of a man, aren't you?
  • Kryten is asked how he's heard of the Inquisitor:
    Kryten: Only as a myth, a dark fable. A horror tale told across the flickering embers of a midnight fire, wherever hardened space-dogs gather to drink fermented vegetable products and compete in tales of blood-chilling terror!
    Rimmer: A simple "yes" would have sufficed.


  • Holly informs Lister there's a problem.
    Holly: Well, I don’t want to spread any panic or alarm.
    Lister: (now alarmed) What d’you mean you don’t wanna panic and alarm?
    Holly: Well, you’ve always had this thing against tarantulas, haven’t you?
    Lister: (looking about in alarm) Tarantulas?!
    Holly: I mean, you've never been overly fond of them as a species, have you?
    Lister: Well, no!
    Holly: And the thought of one clambering over your clammy, naked, helpless body has always filled you with a sort of cold dread?
    Lister: Well, yeah! What are you trying to say to me, Holly?
    Holly: I'm saying it might not be your night.
  • Lister thinks a tarantula (actually one of Kryten's hands) is crawling up his leg, and is too scared to talk so he types out requests for help:
    Lister: > Something is crawling up my leg. I think it's a taranshula [sic]
    The Cat: You're playing that dumb adventure game.
    Lister: > It's in my boxers. I think it's making a nest
    The Cat: Then buy a potion from Gandalf, the master wizard. That's what I usually do.
    Lister: > I'm SERIOUS.
    (The Cat looks down, then starts typing)
    The Cat: > It has an eye the size of a meatball
    Lister: > Kill it
    The Cat: > How?
    Lister: > I can't think straight. I've got a taranshula with an eye the size of a meatball setting up home in my joy department. Help me.
    The Cat: > I'm scared
    Lister: > YOU'RE scared. How d'you think I feel?
    The Cat: > You haven't SEEN it!
    Lister: > The lower half of my body has gone numb.
    The Cat: > That's probably for the best.
    Lister: > It's moving
    The Cat: > Oh *#%^**!!
  • “Sir, just a couple of brief points. One: you are not a qualified service engineer and, consequently, sawing me in two will invalidate my guarantee. And two: I wouldn’t trust you to open a can of sardines that was already open!” *THWACK*
  • “Remember, it’s Rimmer’s mind out there. (readies a bazookoid) Expect sickness.”
  • Kryten calmly and politely telling Rimmer all the reasons why he would hate himself for over a minute. And then complaining about Rimmer interrupting him halfway.
  • As Rimmer is held hostage on the moon, two scantily clad women are oiling him. As to why...
    Woman: [The master] always likes his victims to be oiled. An oiled body is so much better for conducting the electricity.
    Rimmer: Not the best news, but it could've been worse.
  • It's brutal, but the utterly nonchalant bluntness with which the other members of the crew confirm Rimmer's suspicion that everything they said to free him and themselves from the psy-moon that was trapping them there via Rimmer's self-loathing is also hilarious.
  • “Okay, I say let’s get into the jet-powered rocket pants and Junior Birdman the hell out of here!” “An excellent and inventive suggestion, sir, with just two minor drawbacks: A- we don’t have any jet-powered rocket pants, and B- there’s no such thing as jet-powered rocket pants outside the- outside the fictional serial Robbie Rocketpants.” “Well, that’s put a crimp on an otherwise damn fine plan.”


  • This:
    Ax-Crazy hologram: Hello, My name is Dr. Hildegaard Langstrom, and I am quite, quite mad.
    Rimmer: (with fake enthusiasm) Are you really? How absolutely splendid!
    Ax-Crazy hologram: I have a riddle for you. What is dead, and dead, and dead all over?
    Rimmer: (his fake smile vanishes) I give in, Dr. Fruit Loop, do tell.
    Ax-Crazy hologram: (singsong) Youuuuu! (the console explodes)
    Rimmer: ... well, we know what to get you for Christmas! A double lobotomy and ten rolls of rubber wallpaper!
  • "Mr Flibble's very cross."
  • Kryten gets an axe in the back, and takes the Non Sequitur, *Thud* to the next level. Watch it here.
  • Rimmer's Creepy Monotone is what truly sells this scene:
    Rimmer: You don't think there's anything amiss? I'm sitting here wearing a red and white checked gingham dress... and army boots... and you think that's un-amiss?
    The Cat: No, of course not! It’s just, we thought you’d gone nuts. We were tryin’ to humour you.
    Rimmer: I was just doing a little test. A little test to see if you’d gone crazy. FLEUUUGHH!!! (back to monotone) If there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s crazy people.
    Lister: Well we've passed the test, Rimmer. You can let us out.
    Rimmer: I can't let you out.
    Lister: Why not?
    Rimmer: Because the King of the Potato People won't let me. I begged him. I got down on my knees and wept. He wants to keep you here. Keep you here for ten years.
    The Cat: Could we see him?
    Rimmer: See who?
    The Cat: The King.
    Rimmer: Do you have a magic carpet?
    Lister: Yeah, a little three-seater.
    Rimmer: So, let me get this straight. You want to fly on a magic carpet to see the King of the Potato People and plead with him for your freedom, and you're telling me you are completely sane?
    • Also, Lister's Oh, Crap! face on realising he's walked right into Rimmer's trap.
  • Holovirus-Rimmer is what everyone seems to remember, but the three other Dwarfers get some pretty good moments just by being stuck together in the quarantine chamber before learning how crazy Rimmer's gone.
  • This exchange:
    Rimmer: ..And fulfilling all Space Corps dietary requirements, dinner tonight, gentlemen, will consist of sprout soup, followed by sprout salad, and for dessert, I think you'll like it, rather unusual, sprout crumble.
    Lister: Rimmer, you know damn well sprouts make me chuck.
    Rimmer: Well this is awful! I've got you down for sprouts almost every meal! [shakes head] I tell a lie, it is every meal!
  • The bit at the beginning where they're exploring the abandoned medical facility is pure gold, thanks to Robert Llewellyn's absolutely perfect delivery:
    Kryten: There is no need for alarm, sir. If there were any dangerous viral strains in the atmosphere, the Psi-scan would have picked them up by now. (beat) [whacks scanner]
    Kryten: .... It's never done that before. Stupid cheap damn Martian power packs...
    The Cat: (freaking out) So what's the news?
    Kryten: Well, if I could just beg your indulgence for a few seconds more, sir, the old 345 takes a little time to warm up... [shakes scanner a few more times] Still, it out-performs the 346 in eight out of nine bench tests. Small wonder, then, that it secured "Psi-scan of the Year, Best Budget Model" three years running. Ah. Now here are the results. Yep. And we're going to... live!
    Lister: We're a real Mickey Mouse operation.
    The Cat: Mickey Mouse?! We ain't even Betty Boop!
  • Lister and The Cat's reaction to being attacked by Lanstrom:
    Lister: Why can't we ever meet anyone nice?

Demons And Angels

  • “Rude Alert! Rude Alert! An electrical fire has knocked out my voice-recognition unicycle! Many Wurlitzers are missing from my database! Abandon shop! This is not a daffodil! I repeat, this is not a daffodil!” “Well, thankfully, Holly’s unaffected!”
  • Kryten is looking in the Low Red Dwarf fridge. "Eugh, toastie toppers. Cinema hot dogs! Oh, sweaty kebabs with stringy brown lettuce coming out! Ugh!"
    • Then they find the Lows' videos.
      Cat: Look at this movie collection. Revenge of the Mutant Splat Gore Monsters. Die Screaming With Sharp Things In Your Head.
  • When the Lows begin attacking the High and the regular crew.
    High Cat: Brother, there is a grievous fault with thine weapon. It keepeth shooting people!
    He is shot in the chest and begins to bleed copiously.
    High Cat: (with absolutely no change in tone) See, there it goes again!
    • Then High Kryten is shot and dragged away from danger by the regulars.
    High Kryten: The poor man has a faulty gun! He's accidentally shot me five times! Oh, how I love him!
  • In order to contain a Low-controlled Lister, the crew try to think of a way to incapacitate him. Rimmer suggests an axe:
    Lister: That'll kill me!
    Rimmer: Not if [Kryten] does it gently!
    • The Cat eventually takes matters into his own, er, hands.
    Lister: Incapacitate me in a painless way.
    (There's an incredibly loud "crunch" as Cat kicks Lister down there)
    Lister: That was unnecessary.
    The Cat: Unnecessary? Look what you did to my neckline. This stuff never springs back!

Back To Reality

  • Kryten, Lister and Cat are dosed with a despair-inducing toxin while inside a "seeding ship" at the bottom of an ocean while Rimmer remained aboard Starbug:
    Rimmer: [There's something large] Directly above you, about 2000 fathoms and diving.
    Lister: Oh, thanks a lot, Rimmer. You know the state we're in and you have to go and give us news like that. You couldn't have lied?
    Rimmer: I was lying. It's only 1000 fathoms.
  • The effects of the toxin manifest quite suddenly:
    Kryten: Some kind of sea creature, a life form we have never encountered before attacked this ship. Its defence mechanism is a curious one. It secretes a venom, a poison, possibly even a hallucinogenic, which dysfunctions its prey by inducing despair. That's why the crew-members, and even that fish, committed suicide. Unfortunately, we have become contaminated. It's a greatly reduced dose but we may find that we do experience [Sudden sobbing] moments [Recovers; back to normal] of despair and anguish.
    Rimmer: What about Lister and the Cat?
    Lister: I'm okay; I don't seem to have been affected. [Suddenly snivelling] It's true, I don't think anyone's ever truly loved me in my entire life, but there's nothing new about that.
    The Cat: What's gotten into you guys? This is like Saturday night at the Wailing Wall! Why is it always me that has to be the strong one? [Weeping] Without me, you guys would just fall apart!
  • The boys waking up:
    Rimmer: I’m not a hologram!
    Kryten: I’m half-human!
    The Cat: And what the hell happened to my teeth?! I can open beer bottles with my overbite!
  • When we first see the crew out of the hallucination, during the 'car chase'.
  • The Cat's alter ego Duane Dibbley. Any time. Every time. In this episode, he is so shocked that he does nothing but say "Duane Dibbley?" at intervals for five or ten minutes.
    • When the nurse reveals Duane Dibbley's name. Nobody knows who that is, then the camera cuts to the Cat's face as it sinks in.
  • Rimmer's hair.
  • Kryten learns he is a cyborg detective, working for the police department's Cybernautic Division — and his real name is Jake Bullet.
    Kryten: "Jake Bullet, Cybernautic Detective". I like that! That sounds like the kind of hard-living flatfoot who gets the job done by cutting corners and bucking authority! And if those pen-pushers up at City Hall don't like it, well, they can park their overpaid fat asses on this mid-digit! (extends his mid-digit) And swivel. Swivel 'til they squeal like pigs on a honeymoon!
    Rimmer: On the other hand, "Mr Bullet", perhaps the Cybernautic Division is in charge of traffic control. And you just happen to have a rather silly macho name.
    • And indeed, when they meet the government agent, Kryten tries pulling rank and is told he is part of traffic control.
  • The fact that the evil fascist government have posters advertising themselves.
    Lister: "Vote Fascist for another glorious decade of total law enforcement"?
    Kryten: "Be a government informer, betray your family and friends, fabulous prizes to be won"?
  • "Why would a haddock want to kill itself? ... Why am I even asking that question?"
  • Lister assesses Starbug's chance of defending themselves against the Squid:
    Lister: [The venom] penetrated the hull of a Class-C Seeding ship. In comparison we're a sardine tin.
    • Working out the squid's likely motivation:
    Lister: It's either gonna kill us, hump us or eat us. Now either we convince it we're not that kind of oceanic salvage ship or scarper pronto.
    The Cat: To be diddled by a giant squid on the first date? Think how we'd feel in the morning!

    Series VI 
  • An amnesiac Lister hears about Rimmer from Kryten.
    Lister: Rimmer? He's my best mate, isn't he?
    Kryten: Sir, you are sick!
  • We finally get to see that Rimmer does in fact have some small supply of charisma. Which is concentrated entirely within his right pinkie finger.
    • "Oh, that Rimmer."
  • After everyone's woken up, Rimmer decides to bring everyone up to speed:
    Rimmer: Now, gentlemen, as we are all aware, we have lost Red Dwarf. Now, this is not the time for small-minded, petty recrimination. The time for that is when we get back to Earth and Lister is court-martialled.
  • The gory writing on the floor leads to some discussion:
    Kryten: The poor devil must have written it using a combination of his own blood and even his own intestines.
    Rimmer: But who would do that?
    Lister: Someone who badly needed a pen.
    The Cat: What I wanna know is why he went to the trouble of using his own kidney as a full-stop.
    Rimmer: I don't think he meant to do that. I think it just... plopped out.
  • Kryten pointing out how much trouble the crew is in after the Cat nearly falls for the Psiren's first ploy of being a clan of buxom women in desperate need of male genes:
    Rimmer: Well, if that's the best they can throw at us, we're hardly in danger of being bewitched.
    Kryten: If I may, sir, that was the level of sophistication required to ensnare the Cat. And it worked. Had we not been here, he would now be crawling around on one of those asteroids trying to write "oh, boy was I suckered!" with his own intestinal tract.
  • "A little survival tip, bud: never play your guitar in front of a man with a loaded gun."
  • The initial reason the crew lost the Dwarf? Lister forgot where he parked it.
    Lister: They're all the same, those blue-green planetoids! Blue, green and planetoid-y!
  • After Kryten is proven right about the illusion of a giant flaming meteor:
    Kryten: Ah, smug mode.
  • Kryten's reaction to being made to climb inside the garbage disposal and crush himself by a psiren:
    I'm almost annoyed!
  • The Cat raises an important flaw with the theory of someone stealing Red Dwarf:
    Who'd steal a gigantic red trash can with no brakes and three-million years on the clock?
  • Rimmer’s attempt to quote the Space Corps Directives:
    Rimmer: Kryten, you’re forgetting about Space Corps Directive 1742.
    Kryten: 1742? ‘No member of the Corps should ever report for duty in a ginger toupee’? Well, thank you for reminding me about that regulation, sir, but I- I can’t see how it is pertinent to our present situation.
    Rimmer: 1743, then!
    Kryten: Oh, I see. ‘No registered vessel should attempt to transverse an asteroid belt without deflectors.’
    Rimmer: Yes! God, he’s pedantic!
    • From the extended version:
      Rimmer: [There are two Listers, one outside Starbug’s airlock, one inside, each insisting the other is a Psiren] What are we gonna do?
      Kryten: We can’t tell which is which. We’ve got to let [outside Lister] in.
      Rimmer: Then we’ll definitely have a Psiren on board, a brain-sucking psychotic temporal lobe slurper!
      Kryten: There’s a 50% chance we’ve already got one on board. We can’t risk killing Mr Lister. We’ve got to let him in.
      Rimmer: [extended part starts here] Kryten, what about Space Corps Directive 5796?
      Kryten: 5796? 'No officer above the rank of mess sergeant is permitted to go into combat with pierced nipples'? Pardon me, sir, but how does that possibly pertain to our present situation?
      Rimmer: 5797, then.
      Kryten: To hell with the regs, sir! I’m letting him in. [presses the door release as in the main version]
      Rimmer: On your square head be it. [extension ends]


  • That lightbulb gag: along with the above "Polymorph" scene, it's Red Dwarf's equivalent of Del Boy falling through the bar. Even a Dalek appreciated it!
    Rimmer: Step up to red alert.
    Kryten: Sir, are you absolutely sure? It does mean changing the bulb.
  • On the ship being seized, Rimmer takes charge:
    Rimmer: This is acting senior officer Arnold J. Rimmer of the Jupiter Mining Corporation transport vehicle Star Bug. Now hear this, 'cuz it's only coming once: We surrender totally and without condition, thank you for listening. O, additional: Sorry for taking up your valuable time. Sorry! Thank you, sorry, bye, bye, sorry, thank you, bye.
    Lister: Rimmer, you've got a longer yellow streak than a stampede of diuretic camels.
  • This exchange:
    Rimmer: May I remind you all of Space Corps Directive 34124?
    Kryten: 34124: No officer with false teeth should attempt oral sex in zero gravity.
    Rimmer: Damn you both, all the way to Hades! I want to go to blue alert!
  • "...The light switch."
    • "... I couldn't buy it, then." "Not really. I need it to turn the lights on and off."
  • "Did you truly believe I would be deceived by that schlock plan from Revenge of the Surfboarding Killer Bikini Vampire Girls?"
  • At the end of the episode, Kryten defeats Legion by violently knocking out Lister and Cat and getting Rimmer to deactivate himself (since his new hard-light form makes him impossible for Kryten to knock out, although not for lack of trying, which is hilarious in itself). The REAL funny part comes when Kryten explains to Legion, now reduced to a perfect copy of himself, that he's defeated because Kryten cannot harm the crew and therefore neither can Legion. The Refuge in Audacity is staggering.
    • Kryten trying to get Rimmer alone is ridiculous enough:
    Rimmer: (backing away as Kryten advances towards him) Kryten, there has to be a more effective escape plan than this.
    Kryten: Sir, come here, you're just delaying the inevitable.
    Rimmer: I can't help it, I'm allergic to being hit!
    Kryten: You won't feel a thing, sir. I'm going to render you unconscious using the Ionian Nerve Grip.
    (Rimmer allows Kryten to approach, and closes his eyes. Kryten then smashed a vase over his head.)
    Rimmer: That's not an Ionian Nerve Grip, that's smashing me over the head with a vase!
    Kryten: There's no such thing as an Ionian Nerve Grip. Now stand still while I hit you.
  • Legion forcing the gang to comply, on the grounds that any pain he suffers, they suffer, so...
    Legion: The next hint of insurrection, and the scalpel ends up here.
    Kryten: That kind of tough talk doesn't scare us!
    Lister, Rimmer and The Cat: YES IT DOES!
  • The beginning of the episode has Rimmer and Kryten going over the dire food situation:
    Kryten: We've no meat, no pulse and hardly any grain. Worst of all, the only liquorice allsorts left are those little black twisty ones that everybody hates. If that weren't bad enough, space weevils have eaten the last of the corn supply.
    Rimmer: So what's that under the grill?
    Kryten: Space weevil.
    • “You can’t serve space weevil, Kryten. I mean, not even Lister with his single remaining taste bud will knowingly sit down and eat insectoid vermin. Well, let’s face it, with him, it’s practically cannibalism.”
    • How Kryten manages to trick Lister into eating the space weevil:
    Lister: Kryten, what's this?
    Kryten: Sir?
    Lister: (picks up an artistically styled slice of carrot) Raw carrot? Kryten, you know how I feel about fresh vegetables. They're for health psychos! Vitamin freaks! People who exercise!
    Kryten: I’m sorry, sir.
    (Lister then begins eating the space weevil without hesitation)
  • Rimmer's speech to Legion about joining them, helped by his sincere attitude:
    Rimmer: Legion, let me be frank. In our travels we have encountered thirty-one individuals. Three-one, and we have never felt moved to invite any of them to join us. True, most of them wanted to suck out our brains, or erase us from history altogether, but still, we just felt they never had the right stuff.
  • This exchange during the changeover just after the Cat complains about Lister’s lack of cleanliness in the cockpit:
    Cat: What the hell is all this down the back of my chair?! Peanuts?!?
    Lister: No, I’ve been trimming my verrucas.
    Cat: ...You have personal habits that would make a monkey blush!
    Lister: [amused] You really think I’m psychotically disgusting, don’t ya? They’re peanuts, okay?
    Cat: [cheerfully] Real peanuts?
    Lister: Yeah.
    Cat: Where’d you get ‘em? [pops a peanut in his mouth]
    Lister: Derelict a couple o’ months back. Found ‘em in the captain’s old donkey jacket.
    (Cat looks alarmed and turns to Lister)
    Lister: Don’t look at me like that. You enjoyed that mint imperial, didn’t ya?
    Cat: Where’d you get that?
    Lister: He was suckin’ that when he got shot. I had to prise his jaws open with a car jack.
    Cat: Eheh, you think I’ll buy anything you say, don’t ya? Well, wrong, buddy! Now get outta here. I gotta keep my eyes skinned for that asteroid shaped like a dancing moose you told me about yesterday.

Gunmen Of The Apocalypse

  • Lister as a Vindaloovian, with googly eyes on his chin.
    • Taken Up to Eleven with an old Red Dwarf roleplaying game, which reveals in one alternate universe, the Vindaloovian Empire actually exists, and they all match their, uh, "depiction" here.
  • Rimmer facing the Simulant Captain:
    Rimmer: I’ve no idea who you are, but boarding this vessel is an act of war. Ergo, we surrender. [stands ostentatiously to attention] And as prisoners of war, I invoke the All-Nations Agreement, article number 39436175880932/B.
    Kryten: "39436175880932/B"? ‘All nations attending the conference are only allocated one car parking space’? Is that entirely relevant, sir? I mean, here we are in - in mortal danger, and you’re worried about the Chinese delegates bringing two cars!
    Rimmer: Can’t you let just one go? I was talking about the right of PO Ws to non-violent constraint.
    Kryten: But that’s ‘75-double-8-0932/C, sir.
    Rimmer: It’s embarrassing as much as anything else. Here you are, totally humiliating me in front of this xenophobic, genocidal maniac! [placting gesture to the Simulant captain] No offence.
  • Faced with no options for fighting the Simulants, the Cat suggests attacking, because it's "the last thing they'd expect".
    Rimmer: No, the last thing they'd expect is for us to turn into ice-skating moongooses and dance the bolero. And your plan makes as much sense.
  • Rimmer, Lister and Cat enter the AR Western saloon, and go to order drinks.
    Rimmer: I've seen Westerns. I know how to speak cowboy. Leave the talking to me.
    (swaggers up to the bar)
    Rimmer: Dry white wine and a Perrier, please. And what about you two chaps?
    Lister: Rimmer, what Westerns have you seen? "Butch Accountant and the Yuppie Kid"?
  • “A man beans up in the hat of Bear Strangler McGee, he’s either mighty brave or mighty stupid. Which’re you, boy?” “Sorry, what were the choices again?” “You’ll have to forgive our friend, he’s a couple of gunmen short of a posse. (hands Mc Gee some money) Here.” “That pays for the hat. Now what about the insult?” “Okay, you’re a fat, bearded git with breath that could knock out a grizzly.” “(hands Mc Gee the rest of the money in a panic) Take the lot, man!”

Polymorph II: Emohawk

  • "I'm just gonna go and slip into something more comfortable. It's called Starbug."
  • "You may now kiss the bride, sir." "Without a bag?!"
  • The group go looking for the Emohawk, with Lister freaking out and firing at random objects. Kryten tries to defuse this:
    Kryten: Sir, try and remain calm - you're experiencing a classic knee-jerk paranoid reaction to a terror situation. It's essential at this time that we - IT'S THE WALL!!!! *blasts the wall, then composes himself* Shame overload. I-I-I-I... sorry.
  • After Starbug takes a hit:
    Rimmer: Damage report?
    The Cat: It’s bad, bud! Looks like Starbug’s been hit!
    Rimmer: Details, halibut breath!
    The Cat: According to the Damage Report Machine, there are lots of small fires in the cockpit, lots of smoke, and the navicomp’s fizzing. (BANG) ...Oh damn! Now the Damage Report Machine’s exploded!
  • After the crash, Rimmer notes that most of the cargo and stock has been destroyed, leading to this:
    Kryten: At least Mr. Lister's guitar survived intact!
    (Cat grabs it from Kryten and smashes it against the floor, handing him back the destroyed instrument)
  • On being confronted by the justice 'bot and accused of plundering, Lister pleads their case:
    Lister: But we don't loot Space Corps derelicts! We just hack our way in and swipe what we need!
    Rimmer: ... Lister, if this goes to trial, I demand separate lawyers.
  • "Five Hannukah? That only gives us twenty-eight hours!"
  • Rimmer quotes another Space Corp Directive, but there's a problem:
    Kryten: 68250? But sir, surely that's impossible without at least one live chicken and a rabbi!
    Rimmer: Forget it, forget I was ever born!
    Kryten: Sir, I am only too happy to perform the ritual, but I fail to see how sacrificing poultry will clear up the screen problem.
  • “It’s stolen my cool! It’s taken all my style! [emerges above the countertop and feels his teeth] I need a mirror. [opens a cabinet, knocking his head in the process] Oof! Look at me! [continues checking cabinets throughout the next exclamations] I’ve got no grace! No élan! No poise! [clatter of pans falling from the third cabinet] What’s it turned me into?! [picks up one of the fallen pans] Duane Dibbley? DUANE DIBBLEY?! AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!”


  • Possibly the best subversion of the Zany Scheme ever.
    Lister: There's got to be a way out. There hasn't been a prison built that could hold Derek Custer. Why don't we scrape away this mortar here, slide one of these bricks out, then using a rope weaved from strands of this hessian, rip up a kind of a pulley system so that when a guard comes in, using it as a trip wire, gets laid out, and we put Rimmer in the guard's uniform, he leads us out, we steal some swords, and fight our way back to the 'Bug!
    Kryten: Or we could use the teleporter.
  • After escaping the derelict Simulant ship:
    Cat: All in all, a 100% successful trip!
    Kryten: Sir, we lost Mr. Rimmer!
    Cat: All in all, a 100% successful trip!
  • Also, as Rimmer's escape pod is zooming out of range:
    Rimmer: That's ridiculous! You've got to find a way of getting me back!
    Kryten: Well, we could try to bring you down with a round from a laser cannon, sir.
    Cat: Form an orderly queue behind the gun-sight!
  • Before they board the ship, the discussion about whether it's safe for Lister. Rimmer's expressions make it even funnier:
    Kryten: This foolhardy trip beggars logic.
    Rimmer: Lister, we'd be fools not to listen to him. When is he ever wrong? All right, he may have a head shaped like an inexplicably popular fishing float, but he does operate from a position of total logic, and we'd be fools to ignore his sage counsel.
    Kryten: At least let me and Mr Rimmer go in your place. We are, after all, merely electronic life-forms and therefore expendable.
    Rimmer: And what the smeg would YOU know, bog-bot from hell?!
    • Also the bit just before this:
    Kryten: Sir, can’t you see your behaviour is totally irrational?
    Rimmer: In which case, we can remove him from duty as per Space Corps Directive 196156.
    Kryten: 196156? “Any officer caught sniffing the saddle of exercise bicycle in the women’s gym will be discharged without trial”? Hmm. I’m sorry, sir, that doesn’t quite get to the nub of the matter for me.
  • On meeting the last simulant left onboard the derelict, the Cat takes the time to stress that he is wearing a completely different outfit from last time. Kryten then takes him aside.
    Kryten: That was an important speech, sir, and it needed to be made, but might I suggest that from this moment the rest of the discourse is conducted by those with brains larger than a grape.

Out Of Time

    Series VII 
Tikka To Ride
  • This episode brings the best solution to the Kennedy Assassination ever.
    Lister: Well, come with us back to Dallas, November 1963, be a second gunman. The gunman behind the grassy knoll.
    Kennedy: You mean, assassinate myself?
    Lister: It'll drive the conspiracy nuts crazy, but they'll never figure it out.
  • After they accidentally pull Lee Harvey Oswald out of the fifth-floor Texas Book Depository window:
    Lister: 'Ey, what's going on down there? What are all those people doing gathered round that... giant pizza?
    Kryten: That is not a giant pizza, sir.
  • Lister attempts to explain exactly how they survived the end of the last season. The camera explodes from his god-awful and confusing grammar.
  • The ending of the normal film is brilliant Black Comedy, where, after all's said and done, Lister complains he still doesn't know where to find a curryhouse in Dallas. Cue the others promptly dragging Lister behind a fence and delivering a grand old curbstomping — even Kryten, currently disguised as a police officer, starts belting Lister over the head with his truncheon!
  • After learning about the damage he's done, Lister asks an important question:
    Lister: Kryten, what have I done?
    Spare Head 2: Well, sir, you've brought the human race to the very brink of extinction. Gum?
  • Rimmer attempting to figure out why the timedrive isn't working.
    Rimmer: Do you think it's because the sub-space conduits have locked with the transponder calibrations and caused a major tachyon surge that has overloaded the time matrix?
    Kryten: No, sir. I've just been jabbing it too hard.

Stoke Me A Clipper

  • Ace Rimmer vs Those Wacky Nazis. See the Awesome entry for more details.
    "That was Ace Rimmer! We're lucky to be alive!" CRUSH
  • "Has anybody got any whipped cream?"
  • Rimmer attempts to be "the cougar running free and unfettered"... and conjures up a hamster on a wheel.
  • While the ending of the episode is mostly heartwarming, it goes out on a laugh: The new Ace Rimmer makes his dramatic exit... only to botch his own catch phrase (doing a Title Drop in the process) and then accidentally ejecting himself from his ship.
  • Lister's knightly nom-de-guerre? Lister of Smeg. This episode had Brian Cox as a guest star, as the King of Camelot in Lister's simulation. His reaction to the name is quiet confusion.


  • "It's an obscene phone-call sir. I think it's for you."
  • Lister's reaction to the reappearance of his GELF wife from "Emohawk: Polymorph II".
    Lister: Oh smeg, it's the missus!
    • Kochanski gets the wrong idea:
      Kochanski: (points at photograph) He married this?!
      Cat: He had to!
      Kochanski: You mean...? (mimes a pregnant belly)

Duct Soup

  • Kryten's Imagine Spot where Lister and Kochanski hook up and they end up kicking him off the ship, with the leaving present of a keyring with a 'C' on it.
    Kryten: A keyring with a "c" on it, unbelievable! Thank you with a capital "r"(!)
  • Kochanski getting revenge on Kryten for the day's antics with the wrench - and having him say the different noises the pipes were making earlier each time she hits him.
  • "I'm too mature for this. I'm just gonna sit 'ere and read me comic-book."
  • Near the beginning of the episode, Kochanski's improvised earmuffs somewhat resemble a certain famous pair of hair buns. Kryten snarks under his breath:
    Kryten: Oh, my goodness, it's Princess Leia. Mr Skywalker went that way, ma'am.
  • Kochanski objects to the men's method of keeping house. Just not for the reason you'd think.
    Kochanski: Look at this! Women would never have fridges like this! (she reaches into the fridge and removes something: a pair of shoes.) Chilled trainers! It just wouldn't happen!
  • “Look, wigstand-head, me and Dave, it’s all in the past.” “In which case, ma’am, why does he look at you the same way a starving man would look at a packet of roasted peanuts?” “Well, it’s because-“ “It’s because, ma’am, he can’t wait to get the wrapper off and taste the salty goodness!”


  • The "Rimmer Song" which is equal parts hilarious (the lyrics) and terrifying (the visuals).
    • Just before the song, this exchange:
      Lister: I feel sick.
      Kryten: I'm sorry, sir, it is a bit bumpy.
      Lister: No, it's what I'm seeing is what's making me sick.
    • Now, it's longer. With an Introduction from Kryten. What could be better?
    • "The Rimmer Experience" in general, really.
      RE!Cat: Say, Rimmer's really a great guy, isn't he?
      RE!Lister: I owe my life to him!
      (The two turn to the camera with shit-eating grins.)
  • The dream sequence. Craig Charles was demanding he kissed someone. So that's exactly what he got.
  • Lister's flashback to the Locker Game with Rimmer. It ends with Rimmer getting a face full of fire.
    Lister: There's a note. "People who steal from lockers deserve everything they get, you double-crossing slimeball". (looks at Rimmer) Sounds like they know you.
  • The ultimate result of the Rimmer Experience:
    Lister: I never want to see or hear from that scum-sucking, lying, weasel-minded smegger in my entire life!
    Kryten: Sigmund Freud, eat your heart out!

Beyond A Joke

  • Kryten stalking Lister and the gang and setting various traps for them in the virtual Pride and Prejudice, before finally just blowing them up. With a tank.
    Kryten: Perhaps I didn't make myself clear! I said supper is ready!
    Kryten: Is anyone still unclear as to the supper situation? No? Excellent!
    Lister: I didn’t know androids got PMT!
  • The development of the episode can be considered one, given it was co-written by Kryten's actor Robert Llewellyn, who originally intended it to be a Kryten-light episode to avoid the arduous make-up process... only to end up playing both Kryten and his "brother" Able.
  • Kryten's dig at Lister wanting to experience Jane Austen World with Kochanski and the Cat.
    Kryten: Of course, sir, you're well known for your love on penetrating novels about middle class women. After all, just because you have a shirt advertising the rock band "Colostomy Explosion" doesn't mean you're not a master of erudition.
  • Able's process of recalling anything (including his own name) involves such intense concentration that he looks constipated.


  • This exchange just before Lister gets jumped by zombie-Carmen:
    Kochanski: (has just punched Lister out for trying to get her into bed under the misapprehension that zombie-Carmen was her) That’s your idea of seduction is it? Well forget it, Lister. Not if you were the last man alive!
    Lister: (still on the floor, holding his nose) I am the last man alive!
    Kochanski: I rest my case.
  • After Lister gets attacked by the reanimated corpse of Caroline Carmen.
    Lister: I’ve just been molested by Tutankhamun's horny grandma!
  • After Lister agrees to having his arm amputated.
    Kochanski: Okay, let's go! Chop-chop! (immediately realizes what she said) ...Sorry...
  • After Kochanski cuts off Lister's right arm:
    Lister: My left arm! My left arm, I said! That's my right! What kind of navigation officer can't tell left from right??
  • This exchange, after Kryten and Kochanski finally deal with the titular virus, but forget the slight fact that they stopped Lister's heart and forgot to revive him:
    Kryten: D'you know, I had you marked down as a bit of a madam, but I really have to accept that I'm going to have to get to like you at that. I mean, you do annoy me to some degree but...
    Kryten: MISTER LISTER!!!!
  • Cat doing a brilliant mid-sentence fall and remaining motionless while the above is going on.
  • Just after entering the crashed ship, Lister screams in horror... because a piece of ice managed to get down the back of his trouser legs.
  • Lister trying to explain why the virus killing him and his eating a chicken aren't the same thing.
    Lister: I'm a human being. I have certain qualities that elevate me above poultry! I can think. I can play the guitar!
    The Cat: Better than a chicken? Are you crazy?!
  • As Epideme explains he absorbs the knowledge of his victims:
    Epideme: (To Lister) So as you can imagine, killing you ain't exactly a career highlight. Not to be rude, but when you're me there's not much call for knowing how to open a lager bottle with your anus.
  • Lister, Kochanski and Kryten are in sickbay, observing Caroline Carmen's frozen body.
    Lister: The temperature's been a constant 90 degrees, and yet she's still completely cold and unresponsive.
    Kryten: But what about Ms Carmen? (silently giggles to himself)
    Lister: (tries not to crack up) I was talking about Ms Carmen.


  • The entire sequence where Lister tries wearing a mechanical arm, only to have his subconscious constantly use it to try and beat up Kryten.
  • Cat trying to make Lister feel better by comparing him to a three-legged pitbull terrier while playing draughts. Lister keeps asking him to make his move and he misinterprets Lister's shouting of "Move!" as a rejection.
  • After finding the nanites, they do restore Lister's arm... then they go too far. When the others come in to see Lister, the nanites have made his body super, super buff.

    Series VIII 
Back In The Red
  • Anytime Rimmer doses himself with the Sexual Magnetism Virus. Cue the porn guitar!
  • Lister annoying the absolute hell out of Rimmer for a bet in the opening scene, by telling him that he'd previously hooked up with Yvonne McGruder. What really sells it is Rimmer getting visibly more angry by the second.
    Lister: Broke up in the end. Really hurt me... still got the scars today. (pause) They never heal, carpet burns, do they?
    Rimmer: (shudders with barely-contained rage)
    Lister: (smiles and leans in) BOTH CHEEKS, MAN! She nearly wore them down to the bone! (leans back in his chair and humps air, making lewd squeaking noises)
    Rimmer: (with all the fury of a volcano erupting) WILL YOU SHUT UP?!
    Lister: WHAT'D I TELL YA?! Twenty big ones!
  • Starbug accidentally flying into a giant rat, briefly getting stuck and carrying it with them. Then Holly deadpanning: "Hope we don't get stopped by the cops. They don't like it when you're rat-arsed."
    • Just before that:
    Kryten: "We're on Red Alert!"
    Cat: "Never mind Red Alert, we're all the way up to Brown Alert!"
    Kryten: "There's no such thing as Brown Alert, sir."
    Cat: "You won't be saying that in a minute!! And don't say I didn't alert you!"
  • We find out how Hollister got his commission:
    Capt. Hollister: "I also suspect someone, possibly Lister, has given Rimmer access to the ship's confidential files, and is using this information to blackmail his way up the chain of command. It's sickening. It's unforgivable. But it's a technique that can work. I should know, I used the same method myself to become captain. If the crew find out I'm really just Dennis the Doughnut boy, I'm finished."
  • Rimmer's extra-special salute. It takes about a minute to complete.
  • Lister, Cat, Kochanski and Kryten disguise themselves as the Dibbley family using mop-heads and false teeth. And then top it off by parodying Reservoir Dogs.
  • How the Dwarfers bribe the new Rimmer to come along with him: A console with as many as five whole buttons at his command. The Cat points out how Rimmer would have to be completely stupid to go along with the idea.
    Rimmer: Five buttons, you say?
    • The Cat's commentary on bringing Rimmer along is good too.
      Cat: Him, come with us?! That's so dumb, I should have said it!
    • And when he agrees to come:
      Cat: He's in? Great! I'll break open the bottle of cyanide!


  • "A-one! A-two! A-onetwothreefour!" "You are the sunshine of my liiiiife..."
  • Just after being "volunteered" Ackerman tells a reluctant Rimmer to man up.
    Rimmer: A man! (to himself) A man? If you just remind me, I'm sure it will all come back.
    (Knot looms over Rimmer, and grabs his groin. There's a loud crunching noise)
  • Kill Crazy psyching himself up for the mission only to knock himself unconscious charging out of the diving bell.
  • Rimmer finally gets into bed with Kochanski, knowing he dies by Lister harpooning him for this. Right as Lister walks through the door with a harpoon gun.
    Rimmer: This must be the night they set the clocks forward!
  • This exchange when they firsy meet Cassandra
    Cassandra All Canaries will be dead in one hour, except for Rimmer...
    Rimmer: YES!!
    Cassandra: ...Who will be dead in 20 minutes.
    Rimmer: <cue epic Oh, Crap! expression>
  • Rimmer bemoans his fate:
    Rimmer: A career, fortune, friends. I had everything and I threw it all away.
    Lister: Rimmer, you had none of them.
    Rimmer: You're right. I had nothing and I threw it all away.

Krytie TV

  • Any time Rimmer shrieks, screams, or growls "THE APPEAL".
  • In the prison theatre, the innmates are forced to watch such wonders as "Attack of the Giant, Savage, Completely Invisible Aliens!". After a few seconds glimpse of the trailer, it cuts to the Dwarfers watching and looking disgusted.
    The Cat: Why do [the prison staff] always show us these lousy B-movies?
    Rimmer: To sap our morale. Next week is the George Formby season. (In an imitation of Formby) Git yer hanging rope now while there's still some left! Hey-hey!
  • Ackerman's rant at the prisoners when his glass eye is stolen.
    Ackerman: I have a date with Ms Patricia Carling from Supplies on Saturday night. She thinks my eyes are my loveliest feature. If I go like this... I'M ONLY HALF-LOVELY!!


  • Lister and Rimmer spiking the guard's drinks halfway through a rigged basketball game.
    "Seven HOURS!"
  • The delayed fight, where Rimmer and Lister feel the effects of getting beaten up much later, while in the Captain's Office. The flying leaps make for some good physical comedy, even if Series 8 is unpopular.
  • Lister trying to contact Bob the Skutter for help, via tapping out a message on the old pipes. A long back and forth ensues, then...
    Lister: Damn!
    Rimmer: What, can't he help us?
    Lister: Naw, wrong number. Got the Chinese laundry.
  • Lister and Rimmer trying to get out of two weeks spud duty with a virus designed to take the skins off. It works... and then starts on Rimmer's clothing, followed by his hair. Then it goes for Lister. Cut to a butt-naked and completely hairless Lister and Rimmer being marched to the captain's office. At the end of the subsequent scene, where Captain Hollister threatens to throw them in The Hole the next time they screw up, Rimmer inexplicably shakes Hollister's hand on his way out.
    Capt. Hollister: (with his hair already starting to fall out) TWO MONTHS! IN THE HOLE!
    • “Sir, what about me athlete’s hand?”
  • Lister and Rimmer are introduced to a mad fellow prisoner holding a sparrow:
    Prisoner: They call me...Birdman.
    Lister: Oh. (beat) Why's that?
    Rimmer: Because he really likes instant custard, why d'you think?!
  • The Cat's response to seeing a giant T-Rex in front of them.
    Cat: There's an old Cat saying which I feel has particular relevance. It goes like this: "We are all gonna die."
  • This exchange:
    Lister: Hol: need some advice, mate. We've been cornered by a T-Rex that was formerly a sparrow, and the only thing that can turn it back into Woody Woodpecker is in its stomach. What's your take on the situation?
    Holly: What do you want, the long or the short version?
    Lister: Oh. Long.
    Holly: You're finished.
    Cat: ...What's the short version?
    Holly: Bye.
  • Kochanski asks Kryten if he can figure out when the T-Rex will expel the Time Wand:
    Kryten: Sorry, Miss Kochanski, but for some reason when my creators were making me, T-rex bowel movement time-tables just didn't come up. Imbeciles!
  • Lister sets a trap for Pete the T-rex with a giant vindaloo made from a whole cow as the bait. Rimmer is sceptical:
    Rimmer: T. Rexes don't like curry.
    Lister: They're hard, aren't they? Of course they like curries! If a T. Rex was a bloke, he'd be a Geordie - the kind of guy who wears T-shirts in winter and his nipples don't even get hard.
    Rimmer: A seven-ton theropod is not gonna eat Indian food. They like flesh, preferably living, liberally coated in blood with a side order of intestines and an extra portion of blood. A bit like the French in that respect.
  • The entire scene of Hollister recounting the aftermath of "cow vindaloo".
    "A tidal wave! Fifteen feet high! I will be in therapy for the rest of my life!"
  • The Trauma Conga Line Lister and Rimmer inadvertently subject Captain Hollister to throughout the episode, culminating in a Heroic BSoD rendering him mute. But the best bit is when the Dwarfers think they're being sent to solitary confinement again.
    Hollister (using cue cards): Where the hell are you going?
    Rimmer: The hole, sir.
    Hollister: You're not going to the hole, I am. (Smiles) See you in twelve months!

Only The Good

  • Lister and Rimmer's drunk scene.
    Ackerman: Okay. Who fancies a kebab?
    Lister & Rimmer: Aw yeah!
    (Rimmer promptly falls over on his face)
    • The fact that it only takes one sip of the moonshine to get them both too smashed to even stand.
  • Rimmer kneeing Death in a sensitive area.
  • "Have a Fantastic Period!"
  • Rimmer stealing a chocolate bar from a dispensing machine and his desperate attempt to silence it.
    Rimmer: (after leaving the Captain's quarters) Me, not "make it"? What does he know, the big stupid yellow idiot. He doesn't see my good side. My guile. My weasel cunning. When the going gets tough, my ability to find good hiding places. (inserts a rigged coin on a string into the vending machine) He thinks I'm an imbecile, he really does. (punches his order in, retrieves his chocolate bar, and chuckles) Me, an imbecile. (pulls his rigged coin out of the slot)
    Dispensing Machine: (lights flashing) ALERT! ALERT! A choccy-nut bar... a choccy-nut bar has been removed without payment! (Rimmer puts his hand on the speaker) A choccy-nut bar has been removed without payment! ALERT! ALERT!
    Rimmer: Shut up!
    Dispensing Machine: No, I shan't! ALERT! ALERT!
    Rimmer: If you don't shut up, I'll pour beef soup into your speaker and you'll drown.
    Dispensing Machine: Take your hand off me speaker then.
    Rimmer: Promise to shut up?
    Dispensing Machine: Promise. (Rimmer takes his hand off the speaker and the Dispensing Machine laughs manically) I had me circuits crossed! (Rimmer begins stuffing papers into the speaker) ALERT! ALERT! Chocolate abduction on Floor 3-4-1! ALERT! Ooh, I say, you will... you will not get away with this! I may not be able to see you, but I know your taste in confectionery! And I also... I also know... I also know, ha haa, erm, no, in fact that is all I know, just your taste in confectionery. But no matter, because one day, I'll hear your voice again, and I'll expose you for the chocolate thieving dog you are!
    Rimmer: I'm really scared! I'm being threatened by a dispensing machine! (Unbeknownst to him, Captain Hollister approaches from behind) What are you gonna do, leave a horse's head made out of marzipan in my bed? "Oh, mummy, help, help, help! I'm really scared!"
    Captain Hollister: Rimmer! (Rimmer practically jumps out of his skin) You forgot your tray. (hands Rimmer said tray)
    Rimmer: Thank you, sir.
    Dispensing Machine: He stole some chocolate! He stole...
    Captain Hollister: (He is about to speak to Rimmer, but insteads waves him off and walks back towards his quarters)
    Dispensing Machine: (to Rimmer) You are my nemesis! One day, our paths will cross again, and I... I will destroy you!
    Rimmer: And on that day, I will be the Captain of this ship.

     Back To Earth 
  • The ludicrously over-the-top Enhance Button scene in Part 2. After getting a photo of their actors they spot a business card for one of the crew, but need the address on the other side. Cue an extremely long and complicated scene of Rimmer using the H on his head, then a droplet on a lamp post and lastly reflection of a glass door, filled with zooms, enhances, rotations and flops to finally get the address of the owner of Nose World. Only for Kryten to say...
    Kryten: Sir, wouldn't it have been easier to look him up in the phone book?

    Series X 
  • The entire moose Running Gag.
    • Cat finds a book of random trivia that Lister was reading.
      Lister: Did you know, in the 1970s, in Sweden, twenty percent of all traffic accidents involved a moose?
      Cat: A moose? Well, if they're stupid enough to let 'em drive, what the hell do they expect?
      Lister: No ... the moose aren't driving...
      Cat: You just said they were.
      Lister: No, they're not driving, they're just causing the accidents.
      Cat: You mean they're in the back, fooling around, distracting the driver? That's insane! Why're they giving them a lift in the first place? Let 'em walk, they've got legs!
      Lister: No! The moose aren't in the car, with their antlers out the sun roof! They're on the roads, moosing around, crossing roads, and causing accidents.
      Cat: You mean they're not looking left and right?
      Lister: Exactly.
      Cat: Not using the pedestrian crossing? Not paying attention to whether it's the little red man or the little green man? Of course they're not, they're mooses! Sheesh! These Swedes, they expect too much.
    • Later, while preparing for an exam, Rimmer reads out a lateral thinking problem: "It's 1971. A Swedish man drives into a tree. What causes the accident? Nothing medical, nothing wrong with the car." Lister immediately starts playing up what a hard question that is: "I bet you gotta be pretty damn smart to get a question like that right." He then guesses a moose. Rimmer scoffs at it, only to be shocked when he looks at the answers. He then reads it to Kryten, who gets it right (despite not being involved in the first conversation, but had glanced at the trivia book), and then to Cat, who gets it right before he even finishes the question. "The moose is in the road, by the way, not in the car driving." Rimmer's reactions each time are priceless.
  • Kryten's tirade upon being left on hold, and Lister's own tantrum when he faces a dilemma between answering the customer service complaint call or not getting shot to death: "THIS ISN'T ABOUT THE STIR-MASTER ANYMORE, KRYTEN!"
  • All of the resentment attacks.
  • Rimmer confessing that he lied to his dying brother.
    Arnold: Howard, I too have a confession. You know when I told you I was an officer in the space corps, this is my ship, I've been married three times and I've got two Lamborghini's Sesto Elementos?
    Howard: Yes?
    Arnold: It was a lie... I've only got one (watches Howard die, turns to Kryten) I feel so much better now.
  • "Turning right NOW, ma'am!"
    Cat, Kryten, Lister and Rimmer all lean right.
  • Whilst introducing "his crew" to Howard, Rimmer reaches Kryten:
    Rimmer: When we found Kryten he was a burnt out wreck on a junk heap.
    Howard: And you rebuilt him? Gave him something to live for?
    Rimmer: No, we just hosed him down and gave him a hat.
    Kryten looks extremely put out.
  • The Cat's reaction to finding the crashed Rimmer is to draw on his face.
    Cat: Can you tell who it is yet?
    Lister: Aw, you can't do this, it's immoral, it's... it's... Salvador Dali, my god!
    • It's then revealed that Rimmer was out for three hours. "It took longer than we thought to rub off all the felt-tip."
  • In the middle of Kryten explaining to Rimmer on why his hard drive crashed:
    Kryten: The average human has over three-thousand thoughts a day.
    Lister: [Points at Cat] He only has three.
  • After losing the opportunity to buy a Stir Master, Lister turns Crawford into one.

Fathers and Suns

  • Lister using a combination of the new computer's predictive abilities and alcohol-induced amnesia to have a The Tape Knew You Would Say That-style conversation with himself as a father and son.
  • Lister's amusing Father's Day ritual in which he writes himself a card a year in advance, gets completely blotto so he can't remember what he wrote in it, then gets Kryten to take it and deliver it back to him a year later.
  • "Kryten, as the highest-ranking Officer of this ship, I order you to give the new computer 36D breasts!"
  • Rimmer discovering that the new ship computer is programmed to predict his orders in advance and carry them out. Leading to the destruction of B-deck in the attempt to repair it.
    Rimmer: Are you telling me that you knew I'd cock it up, so you cocked it up for me?!
  • Rimmer referring to the new female computer as a "mad goth bastard!"


  • A line so good, they had to put it in the trailer.
    Lister: Really? Jesus...
    Jesus: Yes?
  • Lister and Jesus getting into a slap fight.
  • "You make a lot of people happy! Look at me. I presumed that throughout history all famous people were amazing. And then I met you! And then I realised they're not. In fact, you're a bit of a knob!" Keep in mind that Lister says this while delivering a pep talk to the man he thinks is the Son of God.
  • The fact that, of all the possibilities, Jesus has a Sunderland accent.


  • Kryten drying the cutlery with his, ahem, heat outlet.
  • Kryten tells Rimmer that Lister has lost him in a poker game:
    Cat: We're all deeply sorry, bud. Except for me and him and him.
  • Rimmer finds a woman who's interested in him only for Lister to accidentally flush her out an airlock.
  • The Cat's CV (nice beat):
    "Does not work!
    Does not clean!
    Will have sex with a-ny

Dear Dave

  • The vending machine who has always dreamed of seeing around the corner. And Rimmer's reaction to seeing Lister on top of the vending machine trying to lift it from the ground.
  • Lister giving a long and heartfelt speech about what a wonderful person his ex-girlfriend Haley was and how he knows she will have been a wonderful mother regardless of who fathered her children, while trying to nerve himself up to open the envelope which will tell him whether or not he was the father of her baby (and still unsure whether or not he hopes it was him). Followed by a beat while he opens the envelope, followed by:
    Lister: What a total slag!
  • The entire Charades sequence.
    Rimmer: Your clothes are hanging on the line, and the mail pod crashed into them? How’s that two words?
    Cat: Cos when it happened, I said, "Oh man!"

The Beginning

  • Rimmer being every bit the pompous Rules Lawyer in trying to surrender, even when the rogue simulants are firing on his ship. And then awesomely subverting it.
  • The effects of Kryten's ship-wide search of weapons. Two forks and a pencil sharpener.
  • The crew are reminded of how they got out of other problems, such as the ending to "Only the Good". Rimmer gets cut off by Cat before he can say what happened.
  • Subverting You Have Failed Me.
    • (After the subordinate disembowels himself) "Firstly, polish my Sword of Spite".
    • "Secondly, write me a formal letter of apology."
  • The Dominator ordering his subordinate executed for questioning his orders after asking them to question his orders.
  • After ten series of self doubt Rimmer is finally able to save the day thanks to amazing advice from The Cat.
  • The inversion of the I Am Your Father trope. Rimmer and the Dwarfers discover that the man Rimmer thought was his father was not, and that his real father was 'Dungo', the family gardener:
    Rimmer: But he was a babbling imbecile!
    Lister: A billion piece jigsaw suddenly falls into beautiful place.
  • The flashback to Rimmer's time at Io Polytechnic, with the lecturer (his father) using him to demonstrate social pressure by having everyone else give the wrong answers to questions. And when one of the other students tries to give him a warning note, he thinks "You're a guinea pig" is an insult, and responds in kind. Made all the funnier by how smug Young Arnold looks about insulting the one person trying to stop him looking like an idiot.

    Series XI 
Lister: Kryten could not be more fried if he were a Mars Bar in Scotland.
  • Kryten's oft-mentioned nipple nuts finally make a physical appearance... with Lister using them to recharge Kryten by hooking him up to the ship like a car battery.
  • The discussion over what Albert Einstein is doing in the altered reality.
    Harmony: He pushes this pram full of string around. Even got this whole theory about it.
    Cat: Pram theory?
  • Harmony mocking one of the cops.
    Cop: Just how dense do you think I am?
    Harmony: You really wanna know? Just divide your mass by your volume.


  • The first part of the episode has Lister and Rimmer playing a board game. If Rimmer rolls a 2 and a 1 (possibly a callback to Rimmer rolling that exact roll back during his Risk stories in the early seasons), then Lister wins. Rimmer proceeds to roll a 2 and a 1 five times in a row.
    • The board game is also part of a bet. If Rimmer wins, Lister has to wear a nightdress until he's able to play a piece of classical music off by heart. If Lister wins, Rimmer isn't allowed to complain or criticize Lister for a full week. Lister wins.
    • Rimmer's boasting about his skill at the game is shot down in classic Lister fashion.
      Rimmer: They used to call me "the Mine-otaur".
      Lister: Is that because you were half a man who was full of bull?
  • Lister and Rimmer discussing the latter's bad luck.
    Lister: Smeg happens, Rimmer. You just gotta roll with it.
    Rimmer: I've been rolling in smeg my entire life! So don't tell me how to roll!
  • "Bing bong! Sorry, sirs - the bing bong machine is being serviced this evening. I'm afraid we're on manual."
  • The Cat's utterly garbled knowledge of history. Apparently Archimedes was sitting under a tree one day when a bath fell on his head, which caused him to shout "Formica!" and invent gravy. His attempt to explain this is too bonkers for words.
    "You can lead a hearse to water, but you can't make it sink!"

Give & Take

  • Kryten forgetting who Rimmer is, due to having deleted all knowledge of him in order to free up hard-drive space. It gets even better when, before undeleting the information, he lets slip that all of the information pertaining to Rimmer was stored in the Captain Bollocks folder.
    Kryten: Oh, have no fear, sir! I only trashed information I considered frivolous and idiotic.
    Rimmer: Without consulting me, first?!
    Kryten: [turns to look over at Rimmer] ...and you are?

Officer Rimmer

  • Upon getting promoted, Rimmer decides to implement a class system on Red Dwarf. For him, the elevators have comfortable chairs and chilled champagne, while the Grunts' lift is hot, uncomfortable and has a deliberately rude AI controlling it. It's further elaborated with the officers' corridor, complete with conveyor belt so Rimmer doesn't even have to walk.
  • Rimmer makes so many copies of himself for the officers' club, he decides to make a barbershop quartet all consisting entirely of him.
  • Lister and Cat see that Rimmer's done something to their TV package, and decide to go yell at him. Most of the first half of the episode is just Lister and Cat being immediately done with Rimmer, even more than they usually are.
  • How do the boys kill the monster of the week? Distract it by mentioning it hasn't made a to-do list about what it's going to do once it's finished killing Rimmer and then blasting it with their Bazookoids.


  • Kryten's mid-life crisis. He starts the episode contemplating the futility of life, and when you see him next, he's covered himself in flashy gadgets and given himself a Ferrari red paint job. It's as ridiculous as it sounds.
    • Kryten's glee over all these new gadgets is hilarious. His new walking speed is - get this - a full TWELVE miles per hour! He spends the rest of the scene running around in glee.
    • "Now, check out these subwoofers!"
  • The boys go find another 4000 Mechanoid who hasn't evolved like Kryten to try and help Kryten come to terms with his crisis. They find Butler upon the Nova 3. Not only is he as evolved as Kryten, he's also a Renaissance Man who's a painter, musician, novelist and expert chef. Also, the godfather of an alien warlord's daughter. Everyone spends the rest of the Starbug scene back home trying to learn the alien's language. It results in everyone going "Maaaah" over and over again for about half a minute.
  • Kryten gives The Universe itself a mid-life crisis.
  • The Universe's parting words to the Dwarfers: "Kryten, take off that suit. It really sucks."

    Series XII 
  • Hitler tries to bond with Lister by inviting him to jam with him. Understandably, Lister is very reluctant to do so. Hitler is well aware of this, and asks "Is it because I'm Hitler?". And then they jam together.


  • The boys are informed that a nearby ship has outlawed criticism. In the spirit of politeness, they attempt to follow this law. You know how this goes. It takes Rimmer under a minute to start criticizing, and the rest of the boys quickly follow.
    • This leads to them in a Criticism Removal Machine. The idea is that they just remove your critic, and all you have left is happiness. The first person they try this on is Rimmer. As it turns out, Rimmer is physically incapable of criticizing himself - and his furious rant breaks the machine within a matter of seconds.
    • Rimmer starts quoting a Space Corps Directive and as soon as he rattles off the regulation number, adds an immediate "Shut up, Kryten!"


  • During the election campaign for President of the machines aboard Red Dwarf, the polls indicate that Kryten and Rimmer are neck and neck. Lister and Kryten end up having to go to the one machine who can break the deadlock, Talkie Toaster.
  • And to follow up, right after the election, Rimmer is locked into the garbage hold with Talkie Toaster for several days.


  • Reminiscent of "White Hole"'s "So what is it?" scene, Lister trying to get Cat to wrap his head around the fact that they must say the opposite of what's they want to happen. Cat, naturally, takes a few goes at this.
  • After much searching, Rimmer finally finds a reality where he has everything he wants; He's an officer, is married, and has sons. And then he meets his new commanding officer, Captain Lister.
  • Rimmer and Holly in one reality doing a word-for-word recreation of the "Everybody's Dead" scene from the first episode, except they're now discussing how the entire crew is not dead.


Smeg Ups

  • Any and all moments from the outtakes, which include Chris Barrie doing random impersonations of Kenneth Williams, every kind of screw-up on the part of the cast, and Craig Charles taking abuse from everyone.
  • A particular moment, during the filming of "Terrorform", where the Dwarfers are taking a boat through a swamp. Craig Charles stands up in the boat (trying to light his cigarette on one of the flame jets coming out of the swamp) and we hear the stern voice of one of the crew:
    Crew Member: Craig!? Craig - Craig, don't bugger about!
    Craig Charles: [in a high-pitched voice] Nehnehneh, don't bugger about!
  • From "Gunmen", Craig Charles attempts to walk away from the AR machine, but forgets to remove the groinal attachment first.
  • From "Emohawk", Bobby mixes up his words and dubs a prop 'Mr Guitar'. This is followed by a song and dance and an in-character explanation of the mistake.
    You see for me everything's mister; (points at a flask) Mr Flask, (points at Danny) Mr Cat, (points up) Mr Microphone, (points at his groin) Mr Rather-Sad-Knob!
    • Also from "Emohawk", Danny John-Jules (as Dwayne Dibbley) has to recite a Long List of items, which he actually pulls off...only for Chris Barrie (as Ace Rimmer) to corpse. Repeatedly.
  • From "Meltdown", the entire exchange from the scene where they've teleported into the chimney:
    Craig Charles: Stone. (knocks on wall, which makes a very obvious hollow wooden sound)
    (audience laughs uproariously; Danny John-Jules starts laughing too)
    Danny John-Jules: (knocks on wall too) "Stone"!
    Craig Charles: Yeah. (shouts at audience) They were gonna sort that out in the dub!
  • Robert Llewellyn's various deadpan reactions to forgetting his lines:
    "Relocating Red Dwarf's vapour trail, at present speed and course... we're going to be doing something else. (normal voice) No idea what the rest of that line was. Might as well be doing a song and dance routine. (starts singing) New York, New York, it's a wonderful..."
    "We can't just surrender, sir! They... do something very complicated."
    (walks in carrying tray) "I wondered if you'd..." (stops and walks out again. Craig waves him goodbye)
    • The best part is that he always manages to stay in character as he does so.
  • And when Danny forgets his lines:
    Robert: (in Kryten's voice) "Anything else coming Mr. Cat?"
    • An epic flub in the episode "Rimmerworld" - after Rimmer's shocked response of "600 years?!" it cuts to Danny, and, having forgotten his line, a giant smirk crosses his face.
  • "Lister she's just a computer... p-pa-pussy!" (Chris is supposed to say "Computer sprite".)
  • From the "Polymorph" smeg ups: "It's sleeping off a four course meal of fiv, ven... (laughter) [sigh] and dyslexia."
  • From the Series V smeg-ups: Well, it is one of the risks of wearing a full-body robot costume...
    Robert, with a scrunched-up face and in the Yorkshire accent he uses for Spare Head 3: "I've just cacked me pants." (Audience laughs their heads off; Hattie starts doing the same face in the background.)
  • "The Inquisitor": The main four start flipping the V's at the camera and at John Docherty (Inquisitor) at the other end of the set, all the while pulling funny faces. Eventually, John gets fed up of waiting and joins in.
  • A blooper from the scene in "Rimmerworld" where Rimmer learns he has severe health problems. "I knew it! It's the heart attacks– well, not the heart bloody attacks." (audience laughs as Chris mimes having a heart attack) He was supposed to say "headaches".
  • From the episode "Terrorform", where Craig Charles is operating a blowtorch with a welding mask lifted up off his face. Director Juliet May asks him to lower the mask.
    Craig: See, thing is, I can't see out of this mask.
    May: That doesn't matter, we don't know that.
    Craig: Yeah, but I could cut me [bleep]ing knob off, you know what I mean?! "It doesn't matter, we can't tell." Well, when you smell the burning flesh you might, y'know!
  • From "Meltdown" — not only does Chris Barrie flub his lines, but the shoot keeps getting interrupted by the sound of aircrafts overhead ruining perfectly good takes.
    Chris: Well, Sartre, we don't like existentialists around here. And we certainly don't like French philosophers poncing around in their black polo-neck sweaters filling everyone's heads with their theories about the bleakness of absurdity and the exenshista— f[bleep]k there's an aircraft overhead as well Sartre. (actor playing Sartre nods)
    • This particular flub from the same episode stands out, with Chris Barrie getting through a lengthy speech at the first time of asking, only to immediately blow the much shorter line which follows:
    Chris: Across that valley lies an army of darkness such as mankind has never seen. The only thing that lies between them and total victory is this pathetic pocket of resistance, without a plan, without a leader. And into this bleak arena steps a man, the man for the moment.
    Robert: Who?
    Chris: Me, Pat Boone— oh, [bleep], sorry! [audience laughs] I do lessons on how to blow gags, you know.
  • The climactic scene at the end of "Out Of Time", Rimmer sees the others die and gets to his feet, grabs the bazookoid, kicks open the door... and bounces off the doorframe as the bazookoid is too wide to fit through. What really makes it funny though is Chris doesn't stop and runs through the door as if he's continuing the scene.
  • During the location filming for "Better Than Life", Lister and Cat get on a motorcycle, don some sunglasses, then flip Rimmer the bird before Lister starts the bike... and only manages to drive two feet before stalling.


  • Norman Lovett being the Butt-Monkey of the cast as they comment on every single flaw in his appearance.
  • "It's Tony Hawwwks!" (Also adopted by fan podcasts.)
  • Chloe Annett's many crazy hairstyles.
  • "Other Xs are available."
  • Impressions of Doug Naylor and the rest of the crew. "Yeah, no, yeah. It's funneh."
    • The brilliant conversation during "Psirens" about Doug justifying filming asteroid scenes in a quarry off the M25 rather than somewhere more exotic:
      Danny (impersonating Doug): Yeah, it's funny because the word "quarry"'s funny.
      Bobby (impersonating Doug): Yeah, what's funny about filming in Morocco? No!
      Chris (impersonating Doug): Although we don't say the word "quarry", it's still funny, yeah.
    • During "Quarantine", the whole conversation about Rob, Doug and Rocket:
      Danny (as Rob) We-we've got a scene 'ere — i-i-i-i-i-i' IS a scene, isn't it, Doug?
      Danny (as Doug) Yeah, I think so, it is a scene, yeah.
      Danny (as Rob) Right, Rocket, now — is that — what's that? A camera, isn't it?
  • Mocking the dark lighting in which Danny becomes invisible. It turns out they had the contrast turned down.
  • Some of the "alternative" cast introductions are hilarious:
    Chris: Hello, I'm Chris Barrett, the star of Red Pilot.
    Craig: I'm Craig David.
    Danny: I'm Daniella Westbrook.
    Bobby: And I'm Roberta Lou-Ellen. I used to be in Dallas.
  • All the rest of the cast impersonating Craig Charles on the Series V commentaries, where he was absent due to being ill. "So, Craig, what do you think about this episode?" "Ehh, I dunno, y'know, I thought it was a bit pony..."
  • From "The Bodysnatcher Collection": Doug Naylor's anecdote about the time he went to see a taping of The Young Ones (directed by Red Dwarf executive producer Paul Jackson). After one too many screw-ups, Paul stormed onto the set and loudly berated the cast in front of the audience in such an over-the-top hilarious way that Doug thought to himself, "Oh, what a brilliant example of Breaking the Fourth Wall! They've even got the director in the show playing this horrendous Prima Donna Director character!" It wasn't an act.
  • "Chris makes his missus wear WD-40 so she smells like his Bentley."
  • The end credits of "Justice", where the cast all sing along with the theme song. Then, right at the end:


  • When Lister and other recruits meet Holly for the first time and are allowed to test his knowledge by asking him anything:
    They all began shouting questions: "Who was the ... ?" "How many ... ?" "When did... ?" and, one by one, Holly got them right.
    Finally Petersen asked a question. "Why is the room going round and round?"
    "Because you're drunk," said Holly.
    "That's riiiiight!" Petersen clapped, delighted.
  • "Spaghettification. Let me guess. I can see only two options: one — due to the bizarre effects of the intense gravitational pull, and because we're entering a region of time and space where the laws of physics no longer apply, we all of us inexplicably develop an irresistible urge to consume vast amounts of a certain wheat-based Italian noodle conventionally served with Parmesan cheese; or two — we, the crew, get turned into spaghetti. I have a feeling we can eliminate option one."
  • Rimmer's first speech to the Z-Shift he commands. He focuses far too much on dramatic pauses, treats "the sonic super-mop" like some mighty sword, and ends up getting his head repeatedly bashed into a chair because he tried to attack a much bigger man for not listening to him.
    • Lister asks if he can be transferred to another shift, because he thinks Rimmer is mentally unstable.
    Rimmer: There's always one, isn't there? Some moron, some imbecile?
    Lister: Yes sir. But he's not usually the one in charge, sir.
    • Rimmer also takes time to mentally critique Lister's salute, and notes that his own Rimmer Salute is far superior.
  • "The Hopper's suspension was completely shot. Lister was beginning to wish he'd never stolen it."
  • Lister's stuck on Mimas after a Monopoly-board pub crawl for his birthday, during which he'd went searching London for a Monopoly board, and woke up in a burger bar on Mimas with no clothes and a license in the name of "Emily Berkenstein."
    • His legitimate home address on Mimas: a luggage locker. For six months.
      • He later tries to take full advantage of having a real bed once he joins Red Dwarf, and is surprised to discover he can only sleep if he's curled up in a ball, luggage locker style.
  • Rimmer's complaints in the Android Brothel: "She nearly pulled the damn thing off! It was like being trapped in a milking machine!"
    • "It'll be out of action for at least six months! If you hadn't heard my screams..."
      • Rimmer had told Lister (who drove his cab) that he was going to a restaurant. When he realises Lister has walked in on his complaint, he immediately starts acting as if he just realised this isn't a restaurant.
      • He's wearing a very bad false mustache and claiming to be Todhunter. He's still using a purse with "Arnold J Rimmer, B Sc, S Sc" embroidered on it.
      Lister: Hey, whoremonger!
  • Kryten gets trapped in Better Than Life because it presented him with a pile of dirty dishes. And a new mop.
  • Kryten turns his hearing up to maximum when Rimmer asks him if he can hear anything and can only hear a beetle several decks away shuffling around. For simplicity he says he can't hear anything.
  • The novel's version of the funeral scene listed at the very top of this page uses the equally-funny "Heaven is 10 Zillion Light Years Away."
  • The book "Zero-G Football: It's A Funny Old Game" is apparently so terrible that Holly routinely questioned it's existence during the three million year gap.
    • The sheer hatred Holly has for it cannot be understated: In the seconds following the disaster, Holly checks every piece of human literature on religion and spirituality as he guns Red Dwarf out of the solar system, and still comes to the conclusion that this book is so fundamentally awful that he reminds himself of the writer's birthday every year, for three million years, just so he'll remember to hate it some more.
    • And that's the retconned version from the omnibus edition. In the original book, the book was Kevin Keegan's Football: It's A Funny Old Game. This itself was a gag on the show.
  • As he realises he might be going a bit peculiar, Holly notes that how much he's forgotten is "a source of perturbation," only to then realise he can't remember if perturbation is a real word or not.
  • As Lister attempts to repair and rebuild Kryten, who had dismantled himself when he realised the Nova V crew were dead, Rimmer is disturbed by the fact he's scattered bits of the mechanoid all over the bunkroom.
    Rimmer: What's this on my pillow? It's his eyes!
    • Lister later manages to get Kryten's head to spout random words unconsciously, and discovers a sandwich inside his head.
  • The first meeting with the Cat in the ship's hold has him tackle Lister. Because he thought he was food.
    • The Cat also has no idea what names are, because he can't comprehend that somebody might have no clue who he is.
  • During Better Than Life, Rimmer is coming to terms with the idea that he's living his fantasies, and allows that maybe, maybe his fantasy is a little unrealistic, with the bombshell wife, the grillions of dollarpounds, using time-travel to go on drunk booze-cruises and have his father serve as his chaufer, but not that implausible, surely... then he and Lister get to the Cat's fantasy: A mountain-top castle with a moat made of milk, staffed entirely by skimpily dressed Valkyries. And unlike Lister and Rimmer's fantasies, the Game hasn't bothered giving even a half-arsed justification for it. The Cat is so monumentally egotistical and shallow he thinks this could and would happen for him.

Online Interviews

  • In the Talkie Toaster interviews on the website, Talkie meets Legion, an entity that is composed of the consciousnesses of the people around him, even if it was only one person. This means that Talkie Toaster is stuck having his own toast obsession thrown back at him.
  • Doug Naylor on the Series X documentary is about to explain what happened at the end of Only The Good, only for the credits to roll.

Red Dwarf USA Pilot

  • Though the unsold American pilot is essentially a Flanderized version of the real show, the line "My baseball cards must be worth a fortune!" (shown during the pilot's profile in ABC's Best TV Shows That Never Were special) is kinda funny.
  • What does Lister want to do now that he's the last man alive? "Hang out here, have a few beers, die."
  • Kryten notes that Lister's cat is obviously pregnant. Lister thought it was just a beer belly.
  • Rimmer notes that being dead is "like being at an Amish bachelor party."
  • The crew expect to find a hideous feline mutant in the hold, and find the Cat, yowling his next song lyrics.
    • Lister notes that the Cat's existence is thanks to him. Cat responds with a pause, then "Thanks?"
      • When Rimmer complains that the Cat is going to drive them crazy, he simply responds that he doesn't care.
  • What has Kryten been doing for three million years? Reading a fire exit sign.


  • During the A-Z Of Red Dwarf feature, the two actors who played the Nazi soldiers who got the crocodile dropped on them complain that they were told they were starring in a historically accurate World War 2 drama only to find themselves on a silly sitcom where they have plastic crocodiles dropped on them. Immediately, the crocodile is dropped on them again.
  • The entire story of the explosion on Series 7's Beyond a Joke. Robert originally wrote in the tank expecting it to be changed, but no - Doug wanted it to stay. Then they set up the gazebo to blow on army lands, with some residential areas nearby and the Army insisted that the production team not inform the neighbours about the explosion "because if you do it, then we'll have to every time we have an explosion." Problem is, no one knew quite how large the blast was going to be and it was quite substantial. So much so, that a lot of windows in the nearby residential parts were blown out from the shockwave, leading to panic and a few phonecalls to the police.


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