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  • The Episode "Spank Butts, No Spanks" involved Jimmy digging in Burt's pants in order to get his keys back.
  • This happens a few times. With Burt making elaborate tricks to manipulate Jimmy into hugging him, just to "feel your chest against mine". In one episode after Burt kissed Jimmy on the lips, Jimmy asks him not to try that again. Burt responds whispering "Stop making me want to." Later in the episode, Burt (while high on meds) got excited while Jimmy was shaving his genitals because he forgot who it was for a moment.
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  • This piece of dialogue:
    Sabrina: You need to tell me another secret. A big one. Something like a summer camp sexual experiment.
    Virginia: ...did you just tell me another secret?
  • Shelly (under the influence of a few margaritas) smacking Sabrina on the ass (who is also her cousin).
  • In "Kidnapped", we see the hippie that "kidnapped" Burt trying to warm him up to the idea of one of them pretending to be a girl (after he woke him up with a kiss).
  • "What Happens at Howdy's Dosent' Stay At Howdy's" Has Frank MARRYING Jimmy (who was heavily drunk at the time) to get him away from Sabrina and the two living together for most of the third act.
  • "Making The Band" has Andrew stated that he had a dream which Burt is a horse and Andrew ride him bareback. Even his wife Donna suspect he is gay. Though Donna's fellow band member Nadine mentioned that she also slept with Donna along with the other members who isn't Burt and Virginia.

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