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Season One

  • Jimmy's family has just found out Lucy is a serial killer. She comes back from the bathroom and sits down, smiling. Virginia, Jimmy's mom, gets up, walks over to the television... then picks up the television and whacks Lucy in the head with it. Then says, "Someone call the cops." All very nonchalantly.
    • And then she does it again.
  • "Dream Horders": Maw Maw moving the items in the greenhouse like a Jenga puzzle to "Istanbul (Not Constantinople)", to help get Hope out.
  • Burt smacking Smokey Floyd over the head with his guitar. "Smoke on that jerk."
    • And then it gets an autotune remix.
  • Sabrina cannonballing through the attic roof to take down a shotgun toting Maw-maw.

Season Two

  • The Chances cheating on the G.E.D. so Jimmy can rub it in his old teacher's face. Everyone in the family is Book Dumb except for one subject which they do best in, and by working together Jimmy turns in a passing test.
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  • The part where it's revealed that Lucy Escaped from Hell (and indeed death itself) by sheer willpower!
  • Lucy finally being put out of the worlds misery, courtesy of Smokey Floyd's tour bus.
    • In Season Three, it's revealed that she survived and in a fit of rage, attempted to crash Jimmy and Sabrina's wedding. Luckily, Burt and Lucy's father managed to incapacitate her.

Season Three

  • Despite getting hit with a tranquilizer dart seconds afterward, Sabrina ATTACKING A BEAR that had started to maul Jimmy in "If A Ham Falls In The Woods..."
  • Burt and Virginia succeeding in making sure that Jimmy and Sabrina's wedding isn't a total disaster.
  • This moment from "Yo Zappa Do" part 2.
    Burt: Which one of you is from NBC?
    Man raises hand, and gets kicked in the nuts.
    Burt: That's for cancelling My Name Is Earl!
  • The My Name Is Earl cast reunion in "Making The Band".


Season Four

  • Sabrina turning around the scheme Virginia and Burt planned to help them get through a rough patch.
  • Maw-Maw's Batman Gambit in "Hey There Delilah" to get Virginia to take the promotion at her job.
  • The series finale, where Virginia's estranged father gives her the wedding she always dreamed of since she was a young girl watching Princess Diana's iconic wedding.

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