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Virginia is a Bluth
Just watch the first episode of season four. That would be why her father took off,he was with his other family. Or in Iraq...or in prison...

Hope will inherit the 'serial killing' gene.
In "Dead Tooth" the only thing that makes Hope laugh is making fun of people. Also, if it's not literally done, it'll be 'played with'.
  • The episode "Killer Hope" will apparently involve Hope getting a mean streak at daycare and the Chances fearing this.

Lucy is still out there
Maybe she has a twin sister who took her place for the execution. Or something. It doesn't matter, what matters is that she can still come back to kill Jimmy.
  • She was probably recruited by the government and is being forcibly trained as an assassin. After all there's no way they would execute the mother of a six month old baby.
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  • Actually confirmed in part one of the season two finale - Lucy's still alive somehow.

Greg Garcia is a Troper, or a fan of TV Tropes.
Since every WMG posted so far has basically become canon.

Lucy is still out there AGAIN
They did it once and she's more likely to survive the bus hitting herConfirmed again. she comes back for the wedding. Luckily, her dad and Burt managed to knock her out.

Lucys ghost will haunt the Chances
And Possess Maw Maw

Lucy is The Devil, or an incarnation of him.
She survived getting electrocuted lethally, ran away from the afterlife, she's hotter than Hell, oh, and her name is Lucy

Earl did finish his list and sold the rights to his story.
Raising Hope definitely takes place in the same universe. Earl selling the rights to his story is why The Movie poster and the show can be seen in some Season 2 episodes.

Virginia voice over in the second episode will be her telling the judge what happen during the two parter.
The preview for the third episode shows her with a gun and would of gotten her or the Chances get arrested.

Lucy is a descendant of Rasputin
It explains a lot, such as her craziness and how she survived electrocution...

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