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Tear Jerker / Raising Hope

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  • Burt's face in "The Sniffles" when he sees that Jimmy has taken a second job. Burt has been trying to get a big contract that would get the family health insurance and believes that Jimmy taking a second job (with guaranteed insurance) shows that Jimmy doesn't believe in him. Especially when it's revealed that he didn't get the contract and instead starts working for a rival to get the insurance.
  • In Don't Vote for this Episode Burt and Virginia realized Maw-Maw was getting dementia when she chastised them for being late for her birthday dinner (which was days before), didn't remember she kicked them out, was playing tic-tac-toe in the crossword (which Burt states she's been doing for a while), and was angry that Virginia's grandfather didn't call to tell her he was going to be late (he's been dead for years). Maw-Maw's reaction when Virginia told her he was dead is just so heartbreaking.
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  • The look on Jimmy's face when he's forced to hand Hope over to Lucy, after losing the trial is absolutely heartbreaking.
  • In "Poking Holes in the Story," Virginia laments that she's always wondered if Burt stayed with her for her or because of the baby, and if she held him back from something bigger in life, not knowing the Burt is listening. Burt admits that he poked a hole in the condom so that she would get pregnant because he was so in love with her and afraid she would leave him otherwise.
  • The flashbacks/flashforward in "Arbor Daze", watching both a young Sabrina and an older Hope get neglected by their parents. With Sabrina's treating her as a nuisance at best and Hope's working two jobs each just to afford her Christmas presents. Then we see each talking to a doll about how things would be different with their own children, how they'd be there for them and be better parents than their own. With Hope, it's worse, since her doll promptly blasts her in the face with an antidepressant cloud.
    • Sabrina's backstory as a whole: her parents were rich enough to be able to buy her anything she wanted, but they treated her as a nuisance/bartender at best, often shooing her away when she tried spending time with them. There's also the fact that she had to watch them slowly come to openly despise one another. It's no wonder she so quickly latched onto the Chance family, because their loving family is something she never had growing up.

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