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With the great focus on female characters, this might as well have been titled Nights of Les Yay.

Arnice & Lilysse


  • Both Lilysse and Arnice stay in the same room and share a large bed together, and they are seen sleeping next to each other on numerous occasions throughout the game.
  • A large number of characters in the game appear to ship them together.
  • The two share a Lady and Knight dynamic.
  • One of the Reminiscence stories (fittingly titled "Sleeping Beauty") featured in the Library section of the game details how Arnice and Lilysse first met. The black cat leads Arnice to where Lilysse is and Arnice falls for Lilysse the very moment she lays eyes on her while the latter was sleeping under a tree. The first thing Arnice notes about Lilysse is how beautiful she is.
    • In "Promise", after a fight, Arnice and Lilysse make up with each other by agreeing to go out on a date in the nearby town some time during the Saint Festival.
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    • During "Together", after finding out that Arnice is a half-demon, Lilysse refuses to talk to her for a while. Arnice thought that Lilysse was terrified of her but is surprised that when Lilysse talks to her again, she is reminded instead of a prior engagement that they planned in the previous story. There, Lilysse apologizes for not speaking to Arnice because she didn't know how to properly convey her feelings and thanks Arnice for saving her from the fiends. When Arnice tells Lilysse that she thought that the latter hated her, Lilysse loudly denies it and makes a scene that ends up embarrassing herself.
    • In yet another Reminiscence story, Lilysse's classmates told her how lucky she is to be so close to Arnice and that they're jealous that she pretty much has Arnice all to herself. Lilysse has to tell them that that's not the case.

Chapter 1

  • The chapter is titled, "Destined Reunion" making to clear Lilysse and Arnice's destinies are intertwined.
  • From the very moment they have their first interaction, it becomes clear they are more than just friends.
  • The moment Lilysse is captured, Arnice's first instinct is to rescue her regardless of recommendations.

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

  • Arnice receives a cupcake with a 'broken heart' on it from Lilysse.
  • Throughout the chapter, numerous characters, including Arnice's Servans, keep telling her that she should reconcile with Lilysse.
  • Christophorus outright says the two love each other, and neither of them deny it.
    • Christophorus states that even though it is raining, the thought of the two of them making up causes the area to feel both warm and cold.
  • While they are reconciling, Arnice hugs Lilysse from behind.
    • At one point, the two seem to share a Kissing Discretion Shot.
    • When they wake up the next morning, they've had a change of clothes and they continue to hold hands throughout the entire scene, giving a strong vibe of Did They or Didn't They?.
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  • Arnice and Lilysse share another Dance of Romance.
  • After reconciling, Arnice and Lilysse plan to have a picnic under the stars. After Arnice clears the Castle Ruins of fiends, they gaze at the stars together. During this scene, Lilysse tells Arnice that she knows that their friendship was orchestrated by the Curia but that she doesn't care because her feelings for Arnice are real. Arnice responds that the feeling is mutual. Lilysse then makes a Love Confession to Arnice by saying that she doesn't care that Arnice is a half-demon because Lilysse will always love her regardless.

Chapter 5

  • Arnice receives a new cupcake from Arnice that shows a heart that isn't broken.
  • Everyone in the hotel, especially Arnice's Servans, are pleased Lilysse and Arnice are no longer fighting.
  • Arnice is more than a little pissed at the idea of the Curia possibly removing her from being Lilysse's protector.
  • During the interlude, there is a scene that will cause a few people in the hotel to think that Lloyd and Arnice slept together. Lilysse of all people becomes upset and states that is impossible because Arnice sleeps with her every night. She means they sleep in the same bed, but it does cause a rather awkward silence. Arnice, while embarrassed, also doesn't deny the implication.
    • After the misunderstanding is cleared up, Lilysse states she hates how he more or less was stalking Arnice to satisfy his curiosity.

Chapter 6

Chapter 7



  • Some of Arnice's interactions with Christophorus cross into this territory.
  • Arnice shows 'great' admiration over Corrine's strength.
  • It's mentioned by Christophorus that Lady L was petrified by a demon that she fell in love with. With the reveal of the conspiracy, it's implied that this demon is either Ludegert (the first Saint and leader of the Curia, and the reason for the various Saints' sacrifices) or Corrine (who was sculpting the perfect body for Ludegert using the Saints' petrified body parts).
  • Mistral has made it no secret that she is attracted to Arnice. She outright tells Arnice that the longer they talk, the more difficult it is for Mistral to let her go.
    • In addition, during some of their conversations after their post-rematch tea session, Mistral attempts to convince Arnice to turn into a full demon while noting that Arnice would look very beautiful if she becomes one.
  • Not even the Servans are exempt as pretty much all the female ones seem particularly attached to Arnice. The Yfritte and Gnomid especially, with the former acting very flirty around Arnice and is stated to be 'very found of Arnice's looks' and the latter outright stating that 'No one has stronger feelings for [Arnice] than [she] does.

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