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Despite being being a Dark Fantasy game, Nights of Azure has quite a bit of funny moments sprinkled throughout the game.

  • Lloyd and Professor Alucard's proper introduction into the game. When Arnice reaches the source of the black butterfly outbreak in the carnival, she finds Lloyd and Alucard supposedly killed by a fiend. After defeating said fiend, it turns out that the two of them are alive and both thank Arnice for saving them. Alucard immediately makes some comments about Arnice that sound very wrong and Lloyd calls him out on it. The two then get into an argument over whose fault it is that they both nearly got killed. During this, Arnice decides to leave the two alone and go back to the Ende Hotel. When they turn around to ask Arnice for her opinion, they notice that she's gone ahead without them. To make things worse for them, the fiend that Arnice defeated turns out to be Not Quite Dead. Cue Skyward Scream.
  • Lilysse's attempts at making food. Every single attempt.
    • One of Lilysse's cupcakes will always be on one of the tables at the Ende Hotel. Interacting with it will make Arnice respond with this Visible Silence, that is Stunned Silence:
    • Lilysse's attempts at baking are so bad that whenever the topic of having to taste her cooking comes up, everyone cringes, including Simon. Whenever Lilysse asks them to taste the results of her efforts, they always come up with the flimsiest of excuses to get out of doing so. Said excuses somehow work.
    • One of the quests involves retrieving Lilysse's stolen recipe book. When word of this gets out, Lloyd, Alucard, Simon, and Arnice are all secretly happy. When Lilysse tells Arnice that the recipe book is one of the few things that she brought with her to the island and asks her to get it back, Lloyd, Alucard, and Simon silently plead Arnice not to give in but unfortunately for them, considering Arnice and Lilysse's relationship, Arnice has no choice but to accept. Their despair afterwards is a sight to behold.
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    • This gets taken Up to Eleven in a later event in the Ende Hotel Colosseum. Simon tells Arnice that there are a few Servans that are living in the Colosseum that have gone missing. As they try to figure out what happened, Lilysse comes in and asks the Servans if they want more cupcakes. Arnice and Simon's reactions and epiphany that, somehow, Lilysse's cooking managed to kill some of the Servans are priceless.

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