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Funny / Nights of Azure 2: Bride of the New Moon

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  • In one of Muveil's events, she immediately crushes a letter sent to her causing Aluche to try and calm her down. She then starts reading the letter (twice since apparently the letter is supposed to be read vertically) and after reading said letter, which states that the person is waiting for two dummies, she tells her captain to crush it again.
  • The Stunned Silence of everyone when Aluche introduces Arnice and that she's joining them, followed by a Big "WHAT?!" is a sight to behold.
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  • In a late game chapter after rescuing Rue, Aluche has to bite her neck because Rue's body is full of poison. Rue being Rue however, stops Aluche every time because she wants to make it a bit more romantic. Aluche gets fed up and bites Rue's neck causing to Rue to scream at Aluche that she's an idiot. And just for kicks, anytime Al tries to bite Rue with the music building up, Rue stopping Aluche stops the music.
  • After completing one of Eleanor's sidequests, Aluche tries one of Eleanor's chocolate drinks after Eleanor added some new ingredients. The drink is so good that Aluche can only stand there marveling how delicious it was and how she had glimpsed paradise. Meanwhile, Eleanor and Camilla are watching her, with Eleanor saying that Aluche's behavior is creeping her out. Camilla's response is utterly hilarious:
    Camilla: Your chocolate broke her. She's your problem now.

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