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    Original Series (Chapter 6)
Perhaps the closest thing we have to an Official Couple. D'awwww!
  • #1: Gai in general calls the past Ultramen with the "san" prefix, hinting towards his respect to seniors.
  • #4: Naomi and the entire SSP nursed Gai in their office after falling from Earth as Ultraman Orb.
  • #5: The SSP offers Gai a refuge on their own office. Gai accepts their requests.
  • #6: Although a small moment, Orb prevents Aribunta from digging the into the Forbidden Forest due to its nature as an ancient graveyard.
  • #7: Gai and Naomi tries to convince Haruka that her future predicting abilities can be beneficial instead of harmful. Gai even takes this personal by telling her that he/Orb is neither a savior as well, having failed to save an important person in the past.
  • #8: Aside from being a Breather Episode, it focused on how a local fisherman went through all the the trouble to take care of a pair of Ragons. The SSP's interference has Shin nursing the baby Ragon, Naomi singing its lullaby and at the end, sending the two back to the sea after Ultraman Orb took care of Gubila's threat.
  • #9: After spending his time as an impostor of Orb, Alien Babarue Babaryu decided to Becoming the Mask by facing Cherubim instead of crushing the children. Even with his cover exposed and Orb saving him, Jetta and two other children he saved earlier thanked him as he finally settles his new life on Earth.
  • #11: Gai willingly helps Naomi by pretending to be her boyfriend during her mother's visit.
  • #12: Naomi once more took care of Gai after Orb's defeat by Maga-Orochi. A deleted scene has him embracing Naomi, briefly mistaken her for his Lost Lenore Natasha before succumbing to his injuries.
    • Naomi's mother helped the SSP and finally did so by reviving Tamayura.
    • Tamayura sacrifice her existence by Maga-Orochi, allowing Belial to gave in to Gai's help and forming Thunder Breastar.
  • #14: The audience were introduced to Kofune Works manager Soichi Kofune (his actor being Captain Hibiki of Series/Ultraman Dyna). This person becomes Shin's source of moral support from his childhood.
    • Bonus for the VTL Squad who were revealed to have fund the Kofune Works after the economy crisis affected their budgets.
  • #15: Troubled by Galactron's words towards life forms and Naomi almost lost her life from Orb Thunder Breaster's rampage, Shin is once more consoled by Kofune.
    • Not long after, Kofune's worker informs him that the Z-VTL pilot whose crash-landed by Thunder Breaster survived after ejecting with their factory's signature spring built into said jet.
  • #16: Gai's past: After heavily injured and resting in Rusalka, he was found and nursed by Natasha to health. While the two leisurely walks, Maga-Zetton appeared, forcing Gai to surrender his Orbnica as a keepsake before engaging in the fight. Just like how we seen in the first episode's Downer Beginning, Natasha seemingly loses her life in that explosion while Gai descends into a Heroic BSoD upon finding his Orbnica.
  • #17:
    • With Gai still believing that his presence is a trouble to everyone's lives, Naomi encourages him the opposite and that she is glad to meet him. She also did this to Orb Thunder Breaster, who almost killed her life from Galactron's battle without holding any signs of fears.
    • Gai discovers that Natasha survives the Rusalka explosion and migrated to Japan to continue her life. On top of that, she survived through her great-great granddaughter Naomi, to which Gai proceed to embrace her out of relief.
    • A small moment but one of the Z-VTL pilots still hold his doubt on open firing against Ultraman Orb, implying how he still have faith in the giant hero himself. Once Thunder Breaster shielded SSP from Zeppandon, it was Shibukawa (a VTL member himself) who can't hold his excitement over the event.
    • At the end of the episode, Gai swears upon Natasha that he shall look after Naomi in honour of her memories.
  • #18: Naomi and co. helps her cousin Tetsuko to spy Shibukawa in duty to prove him as a capable man. Gai even gave her a handful of advise.
    • What seems to be Shibukawa's Overprotective Dad moment when he confronts Takahiro (the man who Tetsuko falls for) was justified as he is revealed to be Alien Shaplay Katarohi, who harvested Tetsuko's energy to empower Bemular. Shibukawa goes into a Papa Wolf mode as he went against the alien himself.
    • The end of the episode has Tetsuko renews her relationship with her father Shibukawa.
  • #19: After accidentally unsealed Renki (with her jealousy for her colleague, Yoko's marriage), Naomi stopped Renki's assault with her own, apologizing for her jealousy. She even highlighted if all those years he granted couples romantic fortune he never had in life meant something to him, to which he replies by dropping his sword and allowing himself to be killed by Orb. Naomi even tearfully apologises to him before his disappearance.
    • Yoko (Naomi's soon-to-be-married colleague) revealed her reason why did she defended her hotel instead of running away: Despite how everyone seen her as a woman who has a perfect life (engaged to the son of a successful hotel owner), their parents never approved their relationship and the hotel building she stood upon was a result of their own saving. She even declared herself as Not So Different to Naomi, since the latter is always straightforward with her life while surrounded by her friends and a job she likes (managing SSP).
    • Renki himself. He was from the vengeful souls of a pair of lovers; a general and a princess from different sides of war that kept them apart and was sealed by a monk after attacking wedding ceremonies out of jealousy. In the sealed state, he ironically does the opposite: helps women search their ideal man ensure their happiness.
  • #20: Both Naomi and Gai took care and save Juggler from Tarude, who wanted to avenge the deaths of his comrades. Although Juggler later revealed that he was only using them to save his skin and retrieve his stolen Katana, he did not backstab them and just left alone.
    • The fact that Tarude is this, showing that Even Evil Has Loved Ones.
    • A meta example: Gai's actor, Hideo Ishiguro is a fan of Alien Metron and manages to meet and took a photo with the alien itself on set.
  • #21: Maya fought against her creator Maddock in an Internal Conflict to save her adopted parents. The fact that she at first started as a human shell for the alien who wanted to take advantage against Gai built her own will against her master, hence the front of a villain Becoming the Mask.]]
  • #22: This episode introduced us to another iteration of Commander Black from [1]. He is presented as a retired invader who wants to settle his life on Earth peacefully, although his partner Nova get him briefly sidetracked before its own death.
    • The fact that Black opens his cafe only to aliens but allows unsuspecting human customers to get in shows that he holds no discrimination, although he is at best trying to hide it as so to avoid conflict among humans and aliens. His shop also doubles as a neutral zone, so much so that Gai and Juggler had went to this shop together before without having a bloodshed in it.
    • After losing his partner Nova in their failed invasion attempt before leaving Earth, Black decided to take Gai's advise to his heart and started a new business, Ramen Black Star. Cue Gai hiding his smile in the end before SSP members and Shibukawa searched it in the internet.
  • #23: Haruka returns to give Gai a foreshadowing of a bigger threat. Gai simply assured her that things will be alright. Considering how it leads to the final episode (25), he's right.
    • Juggler defeated Orb Origin after the latter used himself as a shield to protect SSP and Shibukawa. After calling out the fallen warrior for protecting humanity as his strength, he proceed to gloat to SSP until Orb rises in his Heroic Second Wind and stands still to his ideology.
  • #24: Jetta and Shin visited Akie Kishine to refer to her original copy of Pacific Records. Not only she willingly gave them, it was also a wish from her late husband after seeing them as the rightful owners. Yet, they are revealed to be loyal followers of their site. Jetta and Shin's reaction were priceless.
  • #25: Kidnapped and about to be slayed by Juggler, Naomi tells Gai to stop Orochi and not worrying about her. [[spoiler:Not only Juggler hesitated, but he also saved her from a crash-landing Z-VTOL that was targeted by Magata no Orochi.
    • After the aforementioned rescue, Juggler was revealed to be the one who rescued Natasha a long time ago. Till this day, he saw it as a mistake and still wonders why until Gai punched him in the gut and hugs him, giving his proper thanks. To Gai, Juggler's action in the past has enough to redeem every atrocities he has done to this day. He even left the latter to Naomi before facing Orochi, meaning that Gai can now trust his former partner to take care of Naomi instead of seeing him as an Ax-Crazy murderer.
    • Still in a state of questioning himself, Juggler was brought to his senses by Naomi, reminding him of his promise to drink coffee together since #2. Juggler complies by joining Orb in the battle and seemingly sacrificed his life to save the entire Earth by holding Orochi while Orb launches a Wave Motion Gun. The final battle is this as a whole, seeing how the two space swordsman finally reunite for the sake of justice after being enemies for more than 4,000 years.
      • It gets better: Juggler survived his apparent Heroic Sacrifice, appearing in his human form without a nary strand of hair and saw Gai departing for the last time.
    • Naomi reveals that she already knows of Gai's true identity from the start but never brought it up until recently in fear of losing him. The final scene itself is, as stated by director Kiyotaka Taguchi is a recreation of Dan and Anne's final encounter.
    • Jetta reveals that SSP website has now gain a worldwide view. Every member's reaction are priceless, considering how they originally started from being non-popular and constantly flamed by others until their encounter with Gai changes everything.

    Film/Ultraman Orb The Movie Lend Me The Power Of Bonds (Chapter 7) 
  • Everything about Juggler in this movie, going from a simple anti-hero to a supporting character. First he assisted the SSP by saving Daichi and Gai, although his only interest is to reclaim the Dark Ring from Mulnau. He also try to use the power of Zeppandon to join Orb Trinity in his fight, proclaiming the former as The Only One Allowed to Defeat You before shortly fell to The Worf Effect due to SSP held hostages. His final act is to sacrifice his own Dark Ring, effectively freeing the petrified Ultra Warriors from Mulnau's grasp.
  • Sadeath, the alien that Gai defeated thousands of years prior accepts his defeat from being sliced in half, giving double thumbs up before falling. Doubles as a Funny Moment.
  • Before Deavorick can march to the defeated Gai/Orb, the SSP tried to stop the monster own their own, proclaiming to rescue despite his refusal. This allows the three petrified Ultras by Mulnau to provide Gai with their own power as Orb Trinity. Gai even gave his thanks, showing how he changes from initially seeing them as nuisances to his mission into True Companions.


    Ultraman Orb The Origin Saga (Chapter 1) 
  • As bitter as being not chosen by the light, Juggler accompanies Gai on his first mission as Ultraman Orb.
  • Although Juggler is a proficient swordsman, Gai has his own ability. What was it? The ability to sense someone in help or danger so accurate even if its faraway. No wonder he was chosen as Ultraman Orb.
  • Ricca still has her faith in Shinra after it seemed as though that he attempted to assassinate Amate. She's not wrong actually, in fact Raigou set things up so Amate can become the War God.
  • Every moment regarding Amate's contact with Shohei, such as their telepathy. His memories of her as well allowed the Tree of Life to grow on Earth after dying on Kanon and eventually plays an important part in helping the Ultra Warriors win against Psychi and Queen Bezelb.
  • Both Asuka and Musashi acted as seniors to Gai in his first duty. For those who watched Ultraman Dyna and Cosmos, its good to see how former rookies that are childish now becomes matured seniors.
  • For all his cold attitude towards Micott, Juggler did shows feelings for her. Its just that he's too late to realise this by the time she dies, so much that it broke him enough to awaken his Demon Form.
  • Juggler denounces his support to Gai after destroying the Tree of Life and race towards Earth. But of course, aside from trying to surpass the giants of light on his own way, he did save Gai multiple times from Psychi and the Queen Bezelb's own poison.
  • Juggler and Gai (while separated) were consoled by none other than Fujimiya and Gamu respectively. Both of their relationship are Not So Different in comparison to the two former rivals that eventually begin to understand each others.
  • Even after being betrayed by the Queen, Psychi went to her side and still help her by having Partel to combine the two.
  • Partel of all people, sacrificed herself to protect her master's enemies Shinra and Ricca from an incoming rubble.


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